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Zenless Zone Zero Reroll Guide: Which Agent to Pick

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Zenless Zone Zero: Who to Reroll For

Welcome to our guide on how to reroll in Zenless Zone Zero. If you’re new to the genre, ZZZ is a “gacha” game, meaning you obtain characters and other in-game items through a random draw.

This article will cover the reroll process and what options you have. If you want to look at the ZZZ meta, you can check out our Zenless Zone Zero Tier List.

You can think of a toy vending machine or a slot machine. If you want a more detailed breakdown, check out our full Zenless Zone Zero Gacha System Guide.

First off, What is Rerolling?

Slot Machine

Rerolling is the process of making multiple accounts to “roll” on a character banner. Since these games have a gacha character acquisition system, you can abuse it by making new accounts over and over until you get the character you want.

By doing this, you will be able to start your account with multiple strong characters to carry you through the game. Or maybe you really like one specific character regardless of meta and want to start with them.

Should you Reroll?

Sad Slot Machine

When it comes to rerolling, there is no correct answer. If you have your eyes set on a specific character, for meta reasons or not, rerolling will guarantee you are able to get them. (Assuming you spend enough time)

It all comes down to what you value. If you’re willing to spend the time rerolling, there’s nothing wrong with it. If you don’t want to spend hours playing through the tutorial over and over, then don’t bother.

You can also choose not to reroll as a way to experience the game for what it is. If you get unlucky, you can take it as a challenge to tackle content with weaker characters.

How to Reroll?

For Zenless Zone Zero, you need to make a new account every time you want to reroll. Every account will receive pre-registration rewards, so you don’t need to worry about that.

However, if you are doing the Web Event, those rewards will only be given to one account. As such, if you reroll, you’ll want to do the Web Event after you settle on an account.

In order to reroll, you simply need to breeze through the game’s introduction to where you can pull. At this point, you’ll receive pre-register rewards and get to pull on a banner.

Use these pulls and keep restarting until you get the desired outcome.

Recommended Reroll Strategies/Banners

There are multiple different banners that you can roll on. Depending on how much time you want to spend rerolling, you can go for “harder” strategies. It won’t actually be harder, but on average, it will take you much longer.

Ultimately, your threshold for rerolling is up to you. If you get unlucky, you might settle with something easier. If you want to go all out, you can reroll for the absolute best start.

Standard Agent Reroll (Stable Channel)

Zenless Zone Zero Stable Channel

The first and easiest banner to reroll on will be the Standard Banner. This includes a roster of 6 S Rank characters, which will be available throughout the game.

With pre-registration rewards, you’ll be able to pull on this banner 20 times. There will also be a new player discount available at the start as well.

  • Your first 50 pulls will be discounted to only cost 40.
  • S Rank Guaranteed within 50 pulls.
  • After pulling your first S rank, pity will go back to the normal 80.

Rerolling on the Standard Banner accomplishes 2 things.

  1. You can reroll for your desired S Rank from the pool of 6. You’ll obtain many S Ranks as you play the game, but there is a chance you never get the specific one you want.
  2. If you hit your first S Rank within your 20 pulls, you reset the Pity. This will help you obtain your next Standard S Rank faster than if you needed the full 50.

Overall, the Standard Banner reroll is the easiest method, and has decent value. With the S Rank rate of .6%, it will take on average 9 tries to hit an S Rank within 20 pulls.

If you play further in the game, you might get additional “Master Tapes” to pull more times. If you want a specific character, your odds will decrease even more and you’ll have to keep trying.

Limited Agent Reroll (Exclusive Channel)

Zenless Zone Zero Exclusive Channel

The next reroll method has a “better return,” but will be harder/take longer. This is because you need to spend premium currency (Polychromes) to roll. We don’t know the exact details on how much you can obtain in the early game.

Once the game is out, we’ll be able to figure out an optimal strategy to obtain Polychromes and reroll. This will look to balance the time spent to the amount of pulls to can do.

However, you’ll be trading your time rerolling instead of actually playing the game and progressing your account.

Based on the last Beta Test, we can expect Ellen to be the first Limited character. If you really want Ellen, you can opt to reroll for her, as guaranteeing her will take around 160 pulls.

Even with the guaranteed S Rank at 90 pulls (closer to 80 in practice), there’s only a 50/50 chance you’ll get Ellen. If you miss and get a Standard Agent, you’ll need to keep pulling to guarantee Ellen on the next S Rank pull.

Considering you won’t be able to get any free pulls from pre-registration rewards, this process will take much longer on average.

Limited Weapon Reroll (W-Engine)

Zenless Zone Zero W-Engine Channel

The two above strategies are the main things to consider when rerolling. However, if you’re a sadist, you can opt to include the Limited Weapon Banner as well.

Realistically, you shouldn’t even bother trying to reroll for the weapon. You generally want more characters as this opens up more teams to play, while weapons increase an individual Agent’s strength.

All things considered, if you really want to go crazy, you can try to reroll for everything, weapon included.

Bangboo Reroll

Zenless Zone Zero Bangboo Channel

Lastly, we have the Bangboo banner, which is unique to Zenless Zone Zero. You can think of these robots as a pet or a 4th teammate you don’t directly control.

You can’t pull for Bangboos with Polychromes, only with “Boopons” that you accumulate in game. I wouldn’t really consider Bangboos a priority for rerolling. You’ll slowly accumulate more Boopons as you play, and we aren’t sure how generous the early game is when it comes to Boopons.

Putting it All Together

When it comes to rerolling, you can be as picky or easy as you want.

If you want it to be easy, just try going for an early S Rank on the Standard Banner. If you want it to be harder, go for a specific one. Even further beyond, get the Standard Character you want, the Limited Character, Weapon, and S Rank Bangboo. (Don’t try this)

The benefit of making multiple accounts is that you can keep going, and eventually settle on what account you like best. Just be sure to keep track of your accounts and what they have.

Which S Rank Agent to Reroll For

In the Standard Banner, there are 6 S Rank Agents you can possibly get. Since the game has yet to release, we can’t definitively say which Agent is the best to go for.

However, it’s generally true that Attack Agents are more likely to be powercrept. As more Agents come out, new ones will simply deal more damage. Because of this, Agents that provide utility usually have a longer lifespan in the meta.

At the end of the day, every character has their own playstyle and aesthetic. You should go for whichever one you like the most, regardless of meta.

Zenless Zone Zero Standard Selector 300

Here’s a breakdown of the S Rank Agents, their Fighting Styles, and reasons to reroll for them. This section assumes you know some basics on the combat system. If you’re not familiar with the combat system yet, check out our Zenless Zone Zero Complete Combat Guide.

Grace: Ether/Anomaly

Zenless Zone Zero Grace Portrait

Faction: Belobog Heavy Industries

Grace is currently the one of two Agenta in the game with the Anomaly Fighting Style. This means she specializes in dealing “Attribute Anomaly.” This system applies attribute effects based on the element. In the case of Electric, Attribute Anomaly applies Shock.

If you played Genshin Impact or Honkai Star Rail, you can somewhat equate Anomaly to a system like Elemental Mastery or Break/DoT. These teams tend to not build Crit and instead deal damage through other game mechanics.

If this style of gameplay suits you, Grace should be a top pick. Anton is also another character in the Belobog faction that is Electric attribute. This should mean these two Agents synergize together well.

Rina: Electric/Support

Zenless Zone Zero Rina Portrait

Faction: Victoria Housekeeping Co.

Up next we have another Electric Agent, Rina. The Support Fighting Style is also quite uncommon in the game. The only other Support Agent is Nicole, a free A Rank Agent you start out with.

Support Agents have effects that allow them to perform Assists outside of the usual windows. Furthermore, her Electric damage output is strong, making her a solid pair with Grace as well.

These two can build up Electric Anomaly quickly, making for a strong S Rank pair.

Koleda: Fire/Stun

Zenless Zone Zero Koleda Portrait

Faction: Belobog Heavy Industries

Up next we have Koleda, an S Rank Stun Agent from Belobog Industries. The Stun Fighting Style specializes in inflicting Daze. Daze is an important way to scale your team’s damage.

Because of this, Koleda will be a powerful Agent for any team that includes Belobog or Fire characters. However, her kit heavily incentivizes you to run Ben Bigger on your team. This can be quite limiting, but if you like the Belobog characters/aesthetic, then Koleda is your go to.

Nekomata: Physical/Attack

Zenless Zone Zero Nekomata Portrait

Faction: Cunning Hares (Gentle House)

Moving on, Nekomata is a Physical Attack Agent. In general, characters built around DPS tend to get powercrept faster than others. However, Nekomata is also the easiest Agent to build a team for. This is because she’s part of the Cunning Hares.

When you start the game, you’ll receive Anby, Billy, and Nicole for free, and they’re all A Rank Agents from Cunning Hares. Because of this, building a team for Nekomata is extremely easy, as you already have a Support (Nicole), and a Stun (Anby).

While this team might not be the best for a long time, it’s a solid start and F2P friendly.

Soldier 11: Fire/Attack

Zenless Zone Zero Soldier 11 Portrait

Faction: OBOLS Squad

Up next, we have Soldier 11. So far, she is the only character in the OBOLS Squad. Because of this, you’ll want to pair her with another Fire Agent. While this was limiting in the CBT, the release of Lucy adds a lot of flexibility in team building for Soldier 11.

Of the Attack Agents in the game, Soldier 11 can be more difficult to play. By having precise attack timings, you can increase her damage. This can be either rewarding or daunting, the choice is up to you.

Lycaon: Ice/Stun

Zenless Zone Zero Lycaon Portrait

Faction: Victoria Housekeeping Co.

Lastly, we have Lycaon, an Ice Stun Agent from Victoria Housekeeping. If you want to pull for Ellen on the first limited banner, Lycaon would be great to have as well.

Since they are both Ice Attribute, they will have a passive bonus, and their Fighting Styles also compliment each other. Soukaku is also an A Rank Ice Agent on Ellen’s banner.

With these three, you have a full Ice team consisting of Attack (Ellen), Stun (Lycaon), and Support (Soukaku). This will likely be a very strong team when the game releases.

In Conclusion

This wraps up our not so quick reroll guide for Zenless Zone Zero. Overall, rerolling is an option if you want to, but it’s never necessary. Simply playing the game will get you more resources, resulting in a stronger account.

Even if you get “unlucky” with your pulls, you can always tackle content with weaker characters. If you’re intent on using the strongest characters, then by all means, go for a few rerolls.

Whatever you do with your account is up to you, this is simply here to help you decide what to do.

For more resources, be sure to check out our other Zenless Zone Zero Guides.