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Zenless Zone Zero Web Event Guide: Free Rewards

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Zenless Zone Zero “Stock Up” Web Event Guide

Zenless Zone Zero is releasing very soon on July 4th, and Hoyoverse have announced a web event you can participate in. By doing this event, you can get free rewards for your account on release day.

In the long run, these rewards won’t change much, and your account won’t be ruined if you don’t participate. However, getting some free stuff early on can help you progress faster.

The event doesn’t take that much time/effort either, so let’s get into it.

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Zenless Zone Zero Web Event Instructions

Zenless Zone Zero Web Event Instructions

In the Web Event, you simply flip over some cards and see if you lined up a reward in a line. This is basically like a scratcher card that you can do every day.

You’ll always get something each try, but the better rewards will be more rare. Once you obtain a reward, it will then be put into your inventory.

Zenless Zone Zero Web Event Inventory

Every reward will take up a certain amount of space in your inventory, depending on how valuable it is. The better the reward, the more space it will take up.

Some inventory slots will also be blocked. As you flip more cards, you’ll be able to unlock additional inventory slots.

Zenless Zone Zero Web Event Daily Tasks

Every day, you’ll have different daily tasks that grant you additional tries. When you share the web event, you’ll get one try. For this one, you don’t even need to actually share it. You can just copy the share link, and you’ll get your try.

Some other daily tasks might be things like following their social media accounts, etc.

If you invite a friend to the web event, you’ll get one extra try a day. You’ll also get 2 Lucky Draws for each friend, more on that later.

Web Event Exchange Shop

Zenless Zone Zero Web Event Exchange Store

Sometimes when you flip your cards, you’ll get a fragment. You can use these fragments to exchange for rewards in the shop.

  • A-tier: W-Engine Slice of Time (max 1)
  • B-tier: Boopon (max 3)
  • C-tier: Disk Drives (max 1 of each)

The higher tier rewards will cost more fragments, but it’s recommended to save up for these rewards. The W-Engine is a great start as it’s a solid support weapon, and the Boopons are used to pull for Bangboos.

The Disk Drives you can somewhat ignore, as you’ll likely get them before the above tiers.

Recommended Inventory

Zenless Zone Zero Web Event Recommended Inventory

Once you obtain all of the possible rewards, your inventory should look something like this. Slice of Time and the 3 Boopons will take up a majority of your inventory, with two last slots.

There are 3 A-Rank Drive Discs you can choose from, and we recommend taking either Woodpecker Electro or Shockstar Disco.

  • Woodpecker Electro (The one that says OKO)
  • Shockstar Disco (Purple one with three white stars)
  • Hormone Punk (Lime green with a black “2”)

Woodpecker Electro is a strong set for any Crit scaling DPS character, regardless of Attribute. Shockstar Disco is a set that increases Impact, which is great for Stun characters like Anby, Lycaon, etc.

The Hormone Punk set grants some ATK%, but that buff is generally weaker compared to Crit. As such, we recommend either Woodpecker Electro or Shockstar Disco.

Web Event Lucky Prize

Zenless Zone Zero Web Event Lucky Prize

In this web event, you even have a chance to receive real life rewards like a PS5, iPhone 15 Pro, a Nintendo Switch, and more. When you share your invite link to friends, you’ll get a chance to obtain some of these rewards.

Every account will have a max amount of 30 Lucky Draws, so you can’t infinitely try to farm these rewards. You can also support multiple friends (max 5) on your account to give them Lucky Draws as well.

For more details, you can check out the rules on the web event.

Zenless Zone Zero Web Event

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