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How to Heal in LoL Swarm

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How to Survive Longer in Swarm (A Healing Guide)

Swarm is a part of League of Legends Summer Event. In this game mode, you can play alone or with some friends. In this game mode, you need to survive up to 15 minutes and then beat a final boss. If you are a solo player, dying early on will force your round to end early. If you are playing with friends, then you can continue playing.

However, surviving and remaining healthy is very important in Swarm, and it’s not unheard off to get swarmed by enemies and quickly get killed. So remaining healthy is quite important. One way of remaining healthy is by picking up heels and utilizing the free things that spawn across the map to remain healthy.

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Battle Cat Xayah Splash Crop

The Loot Boxes

You may notice these boxes or things spawning randomly around the map. If you destroy them, you can get free goodies, one of them being health drops that restore some HP. Health packs are really important in Swarm as they can keep you topped up on health and allow you to survive for longer.

Yasuo loot box

If you want to get to a high round on Swarm, it is important that you destroy these boxes as much as possible. If you don’t, then you’re going to miss out on a lot of different bonuses. These loot boxes can give health and gold and help you get more XP.

I would advise that you path around the map and be constantly on the move so you are guaranteed to destroy these boxes and take the health drops.

Levels and Upgrades

Every time you level up, you can choose between additional stats, weapons, and more. While it may not always be ideal, you could upgrade your health if there are no other good options available to you. You can get max health upgrades, which increase your overall health, and health regen, which helps you recover after taking damage.

Health Regen Swarm

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve just taken health upgrades to keep me alive for longer in the game. Additional health can be vital in solo runs, especially for the squishier champions.

However, your priority should always be weapon upgrades first, but the more you play and the more you get used to the game, then you will find what works for you and the champion you’re playing.

Outside of the game, you can also spend your credits on health regeneration and additional max health. You don’t necessarily want to prioritize these with your credits- you’ll want to get damage or things that enhance your damage first, but putting 1 point in health regen at the minimum is beneficial as you don’t have any built-in health regen.

Health Swarm

The Fountain

In one of the maps, there is a fountain in the middle of the map. Standing inside this zone for long enough will top you up on health. Like other objectives in the game, it is important that you only use this when you’re low on health and avoid taking it unless you really need it- as the cooldown is quite substantial.

On this map, you should try to delay taking it for as long as possible and always be in range of it when you’re getting low. Try to avoid being caught short when you’re far away from it as you may not survive crossing the map in time to pick it up.

Swarm Healing Fountain

Champion Sustain

Some champions also have bonuses to keep them alive for longer. For instance, Briar has her E, which can keep her topped up on health. Seraphine has her E, which, while technically a shield, can also keep herself and her allies alive for longer. Seraphine should use her E as often as possible, as it has a lowish cooldown.

Seraphine Swarm E

Champions such as Leona also have a shield that scales too. Using her E ability will easily help you clear those large waves of enemies, and so will Yasuo’s E! All-in-all, many champions have built-in sustain tools that either directly give them some health back or are a shield to help them last longer.

You will naturally know when to use your shield ability, but a few pointers are to press it before you run through enemies, before charging enemies charge your way, and whenever you’re going to take a lot of damage.

In Conclusion

These are the main ways that you can top yourself up with health in Swarm. If you avoid taking damage, then you will not need to get too much additional health. However, a little health here and there will not do you any harm.

Make sure you keep a mental note where the health drops are accross the map. Destroy all the boxes and if you’re already full on health, just leave the health drop on the floor and return later to pick it up. For more tips and tricks to help you in Swarm, we’ve made a separate guide to help you get started.

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