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How to Farm Gold in LoL Swarm

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How to Farm Gold in LoL Swarm

Gold is a very important resource in Swarm, and you need as much gold as possible to ensure you can buy upgrades to improve your overall chances of completing rounds on Swarm. Every game you play in Swarm, you can pick up gold, and when you’re experienced enough, you can easily play a game and earn over one, two, or three thousand coins.

It does take some time to fully max out your stats in the Swarm game mode, but you can do it a lot easier if you do some runs where you focus on just earning gold. We will get more into that later on, but in this Mobalytics guide, we will discuss everything you can do to maximize your gold income in Swarm.

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How To Farm Gold

You will naturally pick up gold just by playing the game, but you can heavily increase your gold income by adjusting your pathing to destroy certain objects. Around the map, boxes will spawn, and each box can give some loot. The loot from these boxes varies from health packs, additional XP, gold, and vacuums. However, for the sake of this guide, we will just be focusing on gold.

You should look to path around the map and try to destroy as many boxes as possible. They will give you a lot of gold, and if you make a few rounds across the map (4 or 5 times), you can easily pick up hundreds of additional gold coins.

Yasuo loot box

The boxes, in general, are very important in this game mode as they can keep you healthy and topped up on health. The gold coins are really an added benefit. You should always path accordingly and try to destroy boxes whenever possible.

Not only do you get additional gold from destroying boxes, but there is also a misfortune buff that will grant you gold whenever you kill enemies. Always be on the lookout for this fortune, and if she gives you this one, try to exploit it as much as possible and destroy as many targets as you can for extra gold.

After reaching max rank in the game, you may also have extra options to earn gold. By continuing to get XP, you can choose an option to get additional gold. Picking this instead of another option, like additional health, will give you more gold for free!

Swarm Max XP Gold Option

Maps To Abuse

On some maps, there are hotspots for boxes. On the first map, if you go to the top left corner, you will find a lot of boxes that spawn there. As long as you path appropriately and around the map, you can farm lots of gold just by destroying these boxes over and over again. If you do a few games where you just focus on destroying the boxes in this location, then you soon be racking up tons of gold.

Swarm Warehouse District

Doing this can easily get you over 1500 gold coins in one game alone, which can help you unlock things in the shop. So, if you start a run that doesn’t look to be going too well, you can just focus on getting the gold instead so you don’t waste so much time.

Missions and Quests

If you’re really strapped for cash, you can head over to the missions menu and see what missions you have available to you. If you really want to, you can try to complete this as soon as possible to get the additional gold. However, you will probably complete these all naturally without having to go too “off-build.”

Gold Missions Swarm

After you’ve completed the main storyline, you could play Hard Mode or Matchmaking Island. When playing these things, you can get Bel’Veth missions. After completing a mission, you can get tons of gold, and as long as you pick it up, you will be super rich and earn a ton of gold from them.

What To Spend Your Gold On

Now, what you spend your gold on is entirely up to you. However, a good rule of thumb is to focus on things that can improve your damage output, such as (not in order) additional damage, duration increase, projectiles, etc. Doing this will make it easier for you to reach the final boss, and it will also make killing them a lot easier.

Upgrades for Swarm

You can also upgrade your gold income by investing in a gold modifier. I personally do not think this is worth it, especially early on, as you should prioritize damage first. However, if you’ve maxed everything you find helpful out, you may want to get this. I feel that this is a large investment for what you actually get, and it doesn’t really look to be worth it in my eyes.

In Conclusion

To conclude and wrap up this article, gold is very important in this game mode, and if you find yourself struggling to beat bosses, why don’t you take a step back and just focus on farming gold for a little while? The additional stats and bonuses you can purchase with this gold make it so much easier for you to beat bosses in the long run.

As you can tell by this article, gold is super important, so getting as much as it as possible is very very important. For more articles or tips and tricks to help you play Swarm, head over to the Mobalytics Blog.