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Skarner Jungle Routes for Season 14

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Best Skarner Jungle Routes for Season 14 (Reworked Skarner)

Skarner is the first champion in the 2024 Season to receive a major overhaul. We’re only in March, and Riot has blessed us with a ton of unique changes, including the release of Smolder, item and map changes, and now Skarner rework!

The Skarner rework has been long in the making- with the community voting for Skarner to receive the rework in early 2022, so it’s been a long time coming. The new Skarner is going to be a Jungler, and he might get featured in the Top Lane, too, as some Junglers can perform well there (like Udyr). You can find out more information about the voting process here.

We’re trying something different with this. We don’t usually cover jungle routes on their own, so let us know what you think, and we may consider doing this for more champions in the future!

Red Side Clear

Both our jungle routes, for the red and blue sides, are common strong paths that many Junglers are currently taking. This is currently the best start for Skarner, but you should try out and experiment with other unique routes to see what suits you best. But this is what we’ve come up with so far.

You’ll want to start the red buff with the help from your Top Laner. From there, you should move to Krugs. You can either Smite the Krugs here, or save on to your Smite for the third camp. After this, head over to the witches, clear those by focusing the big one first, take the Wolves afterwards, and then Smite the next buff. Finish that off with taking the Gromp, before heading to the Scuttle Crab.

Technically, you could Smite the first camp, second camp or third camp, and you’ll usually want to Smite the second buff. But you can hold on to that Smite if you’re scared of the 1v1 fight against the enemy for the first crab.

Blue Side Clear

We will now move on to the blue side clear. It is mirrored from the red side, so you’ll want to do what was wrote above in the red side for the blue side as well. Of course, the main difference with you starting on the blue side is that you’ll be taking the other scuttlecrab instead of the one in the previous route.

The real difference with this route is that you’ll be getting help from your bottom lane to clear the Red earlier. I would advise against Smiting the first camp: maybe holding on to it for Golems or the Raptors instead.

Skarner Jungle Tips and Tricks

We will now discuss some basic Junglling and clearing tips and tricks to help you get started with Skarner in the Jungle role for Season 14.

  • Time your W to make the most of its shield.
  • Avoid using your E to move from camp to camp. The only time you may want to do this is when crossing the mid-lane between the towers. But limit this because the cost can be high if you use it frequently.
  • Try to kite as much as possible, especially in your early clears, to save as much health as possible.
  • Be prepared to make your way topside again after clearing the Jungle to secure those early grubs.
  • Do not forget to prioritise those objectives, especially early Dragons. Do not neglect them.
  • When using your W, make sure you do it inside the camp to make it easier for you to damage all monsters in the camp.
  • Don’t bother reactivating your Q when clearing; it is better to just keep auto-attacking.
  • Focus on the big monster first (especially on Wolves and Raptor camps).

Useful Resources

If you like the look of Skarner and want to learn how to play him, we’ve got many different tips and tricks to help you get started. Here are some resources you should look at, and don’t worry- we will keep this updated with more resources as we create them.

Final Thoughts

That sums up our very basic and beginner’s article on jungling on Skarner. Please remember that you should only use this guide as guidance, and you should be prepared to adapt your route depending on who you’re against and your laners.

What do you think of the new Skarner, by the way? Do you think he will be an S-tier Jungler when he comes to the live servers? Let us know! As always, you can find more educational content on Skarner by heading over to the Mobalytics Blog!