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How to Play Lee Sin in Season 14 League of Legends (Jungle)

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How to Play Lee Sin Jungle in Season 14 LoL

Lee Sin is a fan-favourite Jungler in League of Legends. He consistently seems to be one of the better Junglers to master, as he is always good regardless of the meta. Lee Sin was first released in 2011, and since then, he has seen a lot of changes. In recent seasons, he was not just a Jungler. He was also played in the solo lane. However, in Season 14, you’ll usually find him in the jungle role alone.

In 2024, Riot announced that Lee Sin would be receiving an ASU, which is where Riot updates a champion’s animations and appearance. His abilities will remain unchanged, but the animations and character models should be smoother.

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Lee Sin Abilty Breakdown

Lee Sin’s abilities are pretty much the exact same as his previous abilities. Only the animations are changed. Nevertheless, you must understand what each of his abilities do before you try him out for yourself!

Lee Sin’s Passive is Flurry

After casting an ability, his next 2 attacks restore energy and give him extra attack speed.

Lee Sin’s Q is Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike

Lee Sin’s fires his Q in a a direction that deals damage to the first enemy it hits. If he lands it, he can recast this ability. Recasting makes him dash towards that enemy and deals additional damage.

Sonic Wave is Lee Sin’s only skill shot. It is a vital ability, so you must land it. A tip that some Lee Sin’s use is they W to either a ward, a minion or an ally to close the gap, and then land their Q at point-blank range, to make it easier to land.

Lee Sin’s W is Safeguard / Iron Will

Lee can use his W on himself, an ally, a minion or a ward. He dashes towards the target and gains a shield. Self-casting this ability grants him a shield. Reactivating this ability grants him extra life steal and spell vamp for a few seconds.

Use your W to block key abilities and incoming damage. Make sure you use it to help clearing the jungle. It would be best to not use it at full health though, as you won’t really benefit from the shield too much.

Lee Sin’s E is Tempest / Cripple

The first part of Lee Sin’s E is that he smashes the ground, revealing enemies. If he reactivates this ability, he slows the enemy too.

Normally, you would want to cast this twice in a row (in quick succession) to benefit from the slow. This will help to catch out targets and kill them.

Lee Sin’s Ultimate is Dragon’s Rage

With Lee Sin’s Ultimate, he kicks an enemy and deals damage to them. Any enemy that comes into contact with their ally being kicked will be knocked airborne, too.

As this Ultimate is a key ability that deals quite a bit of damage, you need to play around this ability as often as possible. The best Lee Sin players would play around this ability and try to gank their allies whenever his Ultimate is up. It is a crucial ability, so you should try to play around it’s cooldown too.

Lee Sin Best Build for Season 14

Lee Sin’s new and improved build is below. You can get this build for Lee Sin, or any other champion in Season 14 of League of Legends imported directly into your client with the Mobalytics App.

Lee Sin Jungle Routes for Season 14

This is currently one of the best first clears for Lee Sin in Season 14. This image is for the blue side, but you can just flip it for the red side, and you’ve got the red side clear! As we may not be able to update this guide in the future, I would recommend you check out Lee Sin’s Mobalyics’ Guide Page for an up-to-date path, just in case it has changed.

Lee Sin Early Game Tips

Lee Sin is an early game Jungler, so it is really important that you try to abuse his early game strengths to get a lead. If you focus on farming rather than ganking, you’re not going to be performing as well as someone who ganks on Lee Sin often.

Lee can start ganking from level 3 onwards. He could look for an early gank on a low health enemy. Alternatively, keep farming the jungle and then recall your first component item before trying to take the Void Grubs.

Your goal in the laning phase is to find a healthy balance between farming your jungle, securing objectives (like Rift Herald, Dragons, etc.), and ganking your allies. However, it is crucial that you do all these things at once so you do not fall behind in gold and XP and don’t let the enemy get ahead of you.

Lee Sin is also a good counter ganker. Be prepared to counter the enemy as they gank, and fight 2v2 or 3v3. If you’re not in a position to counter gank, you could invade their jungle to steal away camps or gank another lane somewhere else on the map.

If you can’t use your Q as the enemy has Flash, you should try to W on a minion to close the gap to make it easier for you to land this ability. If you miss your Q, you’re going to miss out on a lot of damage, and you’re going to fail the gank.

The main thing to remember on Lee is that you need to be proactive and look to dominate the early game.

Lee Sin Best and Worst Matchups for Season 14

Now, let’s move on to some matchups for Lee Sin. Below, I will list 3 matchups where you want to pick Lee Sin and 3 matchups where you may want to avoid picking Lee Sin. You can play into these bad matchups, but you may need to adjust your playstyle accordingly.

The data we are using is from the Lee Sin Counter’s Page. The data is from Emerald+, all servers and is mid-patch 14.8!

Best Matchups For Lee Sin

Sejuani (55.31% WR)

Sejuani isn’t a good pick versus Lee Sin. However, she can be more useful than him in team fights with her Ultimate. Try to counter her gank, invade her and steal away her camps. Use your superior duelling power to beat her in 1v1s.

Jax (53.46% WR)

You have tools in your kit to make it impossible for Jax to 1v1 you. You can kick him away when he uses his E so you do not get CC’d. You can also use your Q or W to reposition to dodge his CC. Post 6, Lee Sin is also stronger than him throughout all stages of the game.

Graves (52.32% WR)

The hardest thing about Lee Sin vs Graves is Graves’ W which can make Lee Sin more blind than he is usually. However, you can easily counter this by walking out of it or reactivating your Q. Graves auto-attacks are not as strong in 1v1s against Lee, so don’t be afraid to fight and invade him!

Graves Splash base

Worst Matchups For Lee Sin

I will now discuss 5 of the worse matchups for Lee Sin.

Skarner (47.5% WR)

One of the strongest Junglers in League of Legends right now is Skarner. Unlike Lee Sin, Skarner is great in team fights as he has a lot of CC tools and pick potential. Skarner is good even when behind unlike Lee Sin.

Sandscourge Skarner Skin Crop

Rek’Sai (47.15% WR)

The second worst matchup for Lee Sin is Rek’Sai. Rek’Sai is a strong champion in LoL right now, and she is a great duelist. Rek’Sai also has built in CC and a knockup too, so she can interrupt Lee Sin’s Q.

reksai Splash Crop

Brand (47.61% WR)

Brand is another strong Jungler in League of Legends right now. He has a lot of damage in team fights which is where Lee Sin tends to not be too successful. Lee Sin also isn’t that good from behind, where as Brand is.

Brand Base Splash

In Conclusion

And that’s about it for another LoL guide. We hope you enjoy, and it has given everyone who has never tried out Lee Sin before the first steps to helping you play him. If you have any other champion guides you would like us to work on, leave a comment below, and until next time, head over to the Mobalytics Blog for more LoL content!