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Lee Sin·Jungle Guide

Sonic Wave / Resonating StrikeQ
Safeguard / Iron WillW
Tempest / CrippleE
Dragon's RageR
Win rate48.3%
Pick rate16.3%
Ban rate14.4%
Matches206 441-
Lee Sin Jungle has a 48.3% win rate and 16.3% pick rate in Emerald + and is currently ranked A tier. Below, you will find a very detailed guide for Lee Sin Jungle, where we explain strengths and weaknesses of the champion, powerspikes, and game plans for each stage of the game. Step up your game with our Lee Sin Jungle guide!
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Lee Sin Strengths & Weaknesses

Lee Sin is one of the funniest Junglers in the game. He has an insane pick rate, and basically all players love Lee Sin.

He can singlehandedly win the early game through early ganks. Lee Sin can start ganking from level 3 once he has unlocked his , and .

Lee has a high skill ceiling which means if you put a lot of effort into him, you will find great success with him.


If Lee Sin falls behind in the early game, he will struggle in the later parts of the game.

Lee Sin is vulnerable to hard engage and CC. If the enemy has lots of CC, you will need to play around their CC tools if you want to perform any cool manoeuvres with your Ultimate .

When ganking your allies, if you miss your , you have nothing to offer and will have to retreat. Make sure you get close to the enemy before using your , or use your before your to get close to the enemy.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Lee Sin is Strong

You have a lot of presence during the early game. Gank every opportunity you get, especially on pushed-up enemy targets, to get a lead.

Efficient clearing is necessary to ensure that you can gank frequently. Don't be a miser when it comes to using your abilities as your Energy regenerates quite quickly.

Warding will be an essential part of your playstyle during this phase of the game. The most important thing you want to do is keep a Control Ward in your inventory to use your Ultimate efficiently.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Lee Sin is Strong

Once you get two items, you should be able to dish out a lot of damage depending on which build you're going for. Just make sure that you use your appropriately to avoid CC

Your main goal during fights will be to get to the highest priority enemy target and then displace them to your team with your Ultimate . Playing around vision will be really important to achieve this goal.

Try to look for picks around the map. Your kit allows you to duel them easily and escape if a fight goes awry. Try to catch the enemy ADC in a side lane or the enemy Support while they are warding.

Late game
25+ min
Lee Sin is Weak

Your objectives are to secure picks and peel for your squishy targets during this phase of the game. Your Ultimate will come in very handy and allow you to make a lot of plays.

If the enemy team is loaded with heavy CC, make sure you get a defensive item to help yourself out. You still need to remember that you hold the Smite for your team.

Securing objectives is very important, especially during this phase of the game, as these objectives can be the game decider. Your should allow you to make some really fancy plays. You should try to get the enemy Jungler out of the pit by using your Ultimate .

Jungle pathing
Early Game
Early Game
How to Play Lee Sin
How to Play Lee Sin
Power Spikes
Early game0 - 15 min

He is a really good early game ganker due to his ability and aggressive playstyle. This means that his presence will be felt early on, and he will capitalize on ganking the enemy and getting a lead early on.

Level six is a massive power spike as it adds another damage layer to his overall damage combo. It can also interrupt Teleports and can act as a multi CC ability.

The first item will allow him to get a damage boost and increased survivability during all-ins. It will give him more chances to get a kill during a duel.

Mid game15 - 25 min

Lee Sin will have multiple items during this phase of the game. It will allow him to deal robust amounts of damage while ensuring that his survivability is preserved.

His first ability will be maxed out at level 9. This means that he will be dishing out a heavy amount of burst damage and ultimately killing squishy enemies off by himself.

At level 11, he will have two points in his Ultimate . This will let him use that ability wholly and frequently ruin the ability of enemy divers to get into his backline.

Late game25+ min

Lee Sin should finish the game by this point, as he will now start falling off. He will still be able to pick enemies off, though.

Once Lee Sin gets 3 points in his Ultimate , he will disrupt enemy fights frequently and act as an asset to his team.

Lee Sin will have multiple items during this phase of the game. It will allow him to survive longer during his fights and let him play the role of the disruptor very effectively.

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