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Lee Sin ASU: Release Date, Concept Art, and More Information

Lee Sin Is Getting An ASU

Lee Sin is one of the most popular champions in League of Legends. Ever since his release in 2011, he has been a fan favourite for both casual and competitive players. However, Lee Sin is showing his age, and Riot has finally said they will do something about it.

He will be receiving an ASU (art and sustainability update) to address his outdated character visuals, and they will be modernising his champion without adjusting his core gameplay. An art and sustainability update are changes to his animation, character models, VFX and splashes (and more).

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Before we get into this article, we highly recommend you read the official Riot Games dev update, which breaks down everything regarding his changes. You can find it here.

Lee Sin ASU Release Date

The Lee Sin ASU will be released on Patch 14.9, which will be on the 1st of May 2024.

Why is Lee Sin Getting an ASU?

So there are a few reasons why Lee Sin is getting an upgrade. Of course, there is some method to the madness, and why Riot chooses these champions over others. But let’s break down some of the reasons:

First, Riot is changing a lot of champions to make creating skins and other things easier for the champion. Lee Sin has been updated to make making skins for him in the future easier. When making these changes, they have to update old skins as it’s not as easy as moving 1 skin over to a new rig, as suggested here.

His animations are quite outdated and sometimes misleading. Have you ever thrown a Lee Sin Q out and asked yourself how did that hit? Yeah, sometimes the animations are wonky.

Lee Sin has also been out in the game for quite some time. He is over 13 years old, and also one of the most popular champions in the Jungle role. It is important that Riot keep him updated as it would upset a lot of players.

Similarly, Lee Sin compared to some other champions, brings more money in for Riot. He has so many skins, so they should continue to update him and keep them up to date. With the better character model, it will be easier for them to produce skins for him in the future too.

Lee Sin Concept Art

Here are the released concept art that Riot has showcased in their article. You can find other comparisons here.

Pool Party Lee Sin

Traditional Lee Sin

In Conclusion

What do you think of Lee Sin’s ASU? I am super excited for these changes as I really like playing Lee Sin. I hope that the changes to him are clean and really good like his current animations. Also, I am looking forward to new splash art too.

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