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Best Duos for League of Legends 2v2v2v2 Arena Mode

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5 Best Duos in Arena Mode

Riot’s new Arena Mode is one of its latest major releases. It brings a breath of fresh air to the game: allowing 4 teams of 2 to battle against one another in a series of matches to come out victorious. As this game mode consists of 2 champions per team and is a relatively quick game, it is paramount that you pick champions that work well with one another.

Picking champions that work well together is crucial to getting quick wins and winning the game, as it doesn’t make sense to pick champions that don’t work together. At the end of the day, the enemy will pick champions that work well together, so you should too!

In this Mobalytics article, we will discuss 5 of the best duos you should try out in Riot’s new game mode- Arena Mode. There are a lot of good picks you can play, so don’t be afraid to try out new combinations, and let us know who you like to play!

If you want to learn extra tips and tricks to play any of these champions, head over to their champion page.

1. Samira + Rell

The first duo on our list is a strong bottom lane duo in League of Legends. They synergise well with one another due to their ability to layer “CC” and all-in the enemy at any given moment. Rell will be the tank, while Samira will dish out all the damage.

This comp is really easy. Rell needs to jump in, CC lock the enemy, and then Samira needs to follow it up with damage and additional CC. After enough auto-attacks, she can activate her Ultimate and deal a lot of AOE damage to the enemy.

2. Lulu + Vayne

The second duo is another strong bottom lane duo in League. Unlike Samira and Rell, they don’t have that much CC, but Lulu has a lot of utility to keep Vayne alive. She also has a ton of shields that can keep the Vayne alive so they can dish out damage and carry the fights to victory.

If you’ve ever played Lulu, you know that you just need to provide utility to Vayne so she can deal extra damage. However, depending on the enemy team, you may need to press W on them instead of the Vayne so they get CC’d and are unable to attack the Vayne.

3. Master Yi + Taric

Master Yi and Taric used to be a broken duo as Taric’s E would work in conjunction with Master Yi’s Q, which would enable them to all-in and quickly take down enemies. However, this doesn’t work anymore. But, in Arena Mode, this doesn’t matter too much, and the two of them are a strong duo.

From the Taric’s perspective, you just need to put your W on the Master Yi and then keep auto-attacking the enemy so you can get infinite heals for you and him. Ensure you land your E, which can be made easier when Yi is connected to you.

4. Heimerdinger + Zyra

Heimerdinger and Zyra are the first champions on our list that are not exactly a real duo in League of Legends. In Arena Mode, they both have a lot of poke and pressure, which they can use to kill the enemy. The only downfall to this team comp is the enemy could stack MR, which reduces their kill pressure.

Unlike some of the other comps, this comp relies on you just being a bit slower-paced, so you have enough time to spawn plants and place turrets down. Your goal is to then play around with these plants and turrets, kit and then dish out damage from afar.

Cystral Rose Zyra

5. Mordekaiser + Kha’Zix

Big props to the community for coming up with this comp! Mordekaiser and Kha’Zix are an interesting duo who abuse Mordekaiser’s Ultimate and Kha’Zix isolation bonus damage. Morde just presses R, and then Kha’Zix all-ins the other champion.

This composition is extremely easy to use. But there are 2 ways to play this comp. Mordekaiser can either Ult the tank and take them out of the fight or take out the biggest threat while Kha’Zix takes down the other champion, which is unlikely to kill him. It really depends, but just try and see what works for you and your duo, and then use that information as the game goes along.

Project Morde Splash Crop 2


That about sums up our article on 5 of the best, fun and unique duos you can play in Arena Mode. We hope that you found it interesting and that you abuse these champions while they’re still strong in Arena Mode. Let us know what other combos you recommend in the comments below.

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