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5 Best Augments in Arena Mode Season 14

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5 Strongest Arena Mode Augments in Season 14

Arena Mode is back and better than ever. Riot has made a ton of dramatic changes to their new Arena Mode, which has made it a lot more fun and fairer than before. In previous attempts at Arena Mode, the games felt incredibly one-sided, but now Riot are actively making changes to the meta to prevent the same champions from being picked or banned.

With that said, Arena Mode has some very strong champions, and lots of strong duos to play in Arena Mode. If you haven’t played Arena Mode yet, I would highly advise you to play it sometime soon, but there is no rush, as this game mode is here for the whole of Split 2 in Season 14.

In this Mobalytics guide, we will discuss 5 Augments that you can pick in Arena Mode. They are really strong, and if you find them in your game, you should consider picking them on your champion as they’re quite strong. If you want to know who the best champions to pick in Arena Mode are, head over to the visit the Mobalytic’s Arena Mode Tier List for stats of the new game mode.

Before we begin, we need to know what Augments are. Augments come in 3 different forms: Silver, Gold and Prismatic. Each tier provides buffs to make your champion stronger, with Prismatic empowering yourself the most.

1. Can’t Touch This

The first Augment we recommend players choose is Can’t Touch This. Can’t Touch This is a Prismatic Augment that basically makes you invulnerable to damage for 2 seconds once you cast your Ultimate. This is a good spell for champions who have an AOE Ultimate that is also a channel.

Some champions that can use this Augment are Samira, as her Ultimate is on a low cooldown, easy to proc, and lasts for a few seconds, making her unkillable briefly. It is really hard for players to play against this on her. Another Champion could be Katarina for similar reasons.

Image taken from the LoLWiki.

2. Courage of the Colossus

With the alarming number of tanks dominating Arena Mode right now, champions with CC tools can make good use of Courage of the Colossus. This Augment gives you a shield after you CC an enemy champion, so if you have a lot of CC tools in your kit, consider picking it up. It works great with champions that build tank items and get a lot of health (as it scales with health).

Champions such as Galio can use this Augment very well. He has multiple CC tools, such as his W, E and Ultimate. His W and E cooldowns are not the biggest, so he can get a shield quite a few times. Another good pick is Rammus. While he isn’t the most popular champion like Galio, but Rammus also has multiple CC tools and builds a lot of health or tank items too. So he can make good use of this Augment as well.

Image taken from the LoLWiki.

3. Infernal Conduit

Infernal Conduit is a very good Augment on AP champions or champions that deal damage over time. Infernal Conduit applies a burn to enemies, so champions with AOE abilities and abilities that deal damage over time can benefit from taking it. You will want to pair this Augment with items that burn or deal additional damage to their enemies. It is also really good on champions that spam abilities too, as it reduces your abilities cooldowns too.

So we’ve described how this ability works, but what champions take it? Brand should be an obvious choice for anyone. He deals a lot of damage over time, has AOE damage and builds items that also burn the enemy. So, he will be dealing a lot of damage to enemies over time. Lillia is another good option for this Augment as like Brand, she deals damage over time, can spam her abilities and has is an AP champion.

Image taken from the LoLWiki.

4. Symphony of War

No champions in Arena Mode take Runes, but some Augments can offer some Runes to empower your champion. Symphony of War is one such Rune, and it provides Lethal Tempo and the Conqueror Runes. So any champion who takes this will have both of these Runes attached to their kit. There are different versions of this Rune too, such as Combo Master (Electrocute and Phase Rush), Demon’s Dance (Fleet Footwork and Grasp) to name a few.

As both Conq and Lethal Tempo are for AD champions, you will only see AD champions taking it. Yasuo is the first recommendation. Yasuo benefits from both of these Runes when it comes to Summoner’s Rift, so naturally they work for him on Arena Mode. Yone is in the same boat as Yasuo, not are they just brothers, but they are two champions that can take this Augment choice.

Image taken from the LoLWiki.

5. Jeweled Gauntlet

Champions who deal a lot of burst damage would benefit from taking the Jeweled Gauntlet, as it empowers your abilities to deal crit damage. When paired with any champion that has burst and low cooldowns, your abilities can deal a lot of additional damage. This will obviously help you win rounds, and this will be easier against squishier team comps.

As suggested, champions with low cooldowns and crit will do really well with this Augment. Syndra has quite low cooldowns with her Q and W. In the late game, she can constantly through out her Q. Gangplank is another option for those players who like melee AD champions. Gangplank can spam his Q and use his barrels to deal a lot of damage to the enemy.

Image taken from the LoLWiki.

In Conclusion

That about wraps up our guide on some of the strongest and best Augments in Arena Mode right now. What do you think on our list, and what other Augments have you succeeded with?

Let’s not forget that each champion has their best Augments, and our champion recommendations work well with those Augments; however, your best bet is to head to the Mobalytics’ Arena Mode Tier List to see what the best Augments are for each champion in LoL.