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All Augments in League of Legends Arena Mode

All the Augments in League of Legends Arena Mode

Arena Mode is Riot Games’ newest introduction to the League of Legends game. It is a 2v2v2v2 game mode that is intended to be quick and simple. In this game mode, you play with a friend and battle it out against 3 other teams.

In each round, you become stronger and stronger and can pick up Augments to further increase your strength. There are quite a few Augments to choose from and in this Mobalytics article, we intend to break down all of the Augments and describe what they do, when you may want to pick them, and provide you with some additional information that will help you in Arena Mode!

Before we begin, we’ve already made several articles on this new game mode. You can find them on the Mobalytics Blog.

What Are Augments in Arena Mode?

Augments are special effects that can empower your champion’s kit and enable you to adjust your champion play style while forcing the enemy to adapt to what is thrown their way. Their are over 100 different Augments to choose from, and they come in different tiers: Silver, Gold and Prismatic.

We will break down each of these Augments into their categories. I can’t really recommend a champion for every single Augment, but I will say that you should just have fun with it and try out unique and new things and see what works for you!

Silver Augments

Silver Augments are good, but not nearly as good as the Gold or Prismatic.

Adaptive Consumer:

  • AD and AP from items are converted to Adaptive Force.

Blue Buff:

  • Gain permanent Blue Buff.

Blunt Force:

  • Gain 10% Attack Damage.

Buckle Up:

  • Spawn a Battle Sled at the start of each combat.

Buff Buddies:

  • You gain permanent Red and Blue Buffs.


  • Gain the Castle Summoner Spell, which allows you to swap places with your ally.

Chemtech Soul:

  • Gain soul.

Cloud Soul:

  • Gain soul.

Contract Killer:

  • Each round, mark an opponent to take 10%more damage and grant an extra 350 gold on death.


  • Gain 40% Attack Speed.

Don’t Blink:

  • Deal more damage to enemies the faster you are than them.

Double-Edged Sword:

  • You deal 20% more damage and take 10% more damage.

Electric Field:

  • Casting a summoner spell damages all enemies within 450 range and grants you 10% movement speed for three seconds.


  • Damaging enemies shreds 2% Armor and Magic Resist for four seconds.


  • Gain the Evocation Summoner Spell, which lets you channel to restore health and mana.


  • Deal 15% more damage to enemies below 50% health. Reset your basic abilities on takedown.

Fallen Aegis:

  • Start combat with a Black Shield that blocks magic damage for 15 seconds.

Fast Starter:

  • For the first 10 seconds each round, you have 40 ability haste and receive 15% less damage.

First Aid Kit:

  • Gain 25% heal and shield power.

Frost Wraith:

  • Every eight seconds, automatically root nearby enemies for one second.

Guilty Pleasure:

  • Immobilizing enemy champions restores 4% max health.

Hextech Soul:

  • Gain soul.

Ice Cold:

  • Your slowing effects reduce movement speed by an extra 100.

Infernal Soul:

  • You gain the Infernal Soul, dealing bonus damage when you hit enemies with abilities or attacks.

Ionic Spark:

  • Enemies who use abilities near you take damage equal to 100% of the mana cost.

Juice Box:

  • Each round, you and your teammate get an additional juice for free.

Light ’em Up:

  • Every fourth attack deals additional magic damage.

Midnight Express:

  • Automatically throw a lantern to your ally every 12 seconds, which can be clicked to dash to you.

Mind to Matter:

  • Increase max health by half of your mana.

Mountain Soul:

  • Gain the Mountain Soul, gaining shield after being out of combat for a short time.

Now You See Me:

  • Gain the Houdini Summoner Spell, which teleports you back to the starting position of your last movement ability.

Ocean Soul:

  • Gain the Ocean Soul, granting high health and mana regeneration after damaging enemies.

Red Buff:

  • Gain permanent Red Buff.


  • On dropping below 60 or 30% Health, nearby enemies are Knocked Back.

Shadow Runner:

  • After using a movement ability or leaving stealth, gain 300 movement speed for two seconds.

Sonic Boom:

  • Buffing, healing, or shielding an ally deals damage and slows enemies around them.

Spontaneous Altruism:

  • Every 10 seconds your next heal or shield ability is increased by 30%.

Sweet Tooth:

  • Grants 50 gold on healing from a plant and the heal is increased by 50%.


  • Immobilizing enemies applies a burn that deals damage over time and applies on-hits.


  • Your attacks fire a bolt at an additional target that deals reduced damage and on-hits.


  • Cycle: Your heals grant extra shield and your shields grant extra healing.


  • Your item and damage over time effects can critically strike. Gain 20% crit chance.

Warmup Routine:

  • Gain the Warmup Routine Summoner Spell. Warmup Routine allows you to channel to increase your damage for the rest of the round.

Witchful Thinking:

  • Gain 70 Ability Power.

Gold Augments

These Augments are the middle-ground Augments.

Allure of the Fox:

  • Sniping an enemy charms them for one second, with an eight-second cooldown

Apex Inventor:

  • Gain 300 Item Haste (equivalent to 75% Item CDR). Item Haste reduces the cooldown of all Item Abilities.


  • Gain 5% of all enemy primary stats on takedown.

Banner of Command:

  • Active Spell: Increase your teammate’s size and grant them 15% HP, AD, AP, and attack speed for 10 seconds.

Cannon Fodder:

  • You enter combat launching from a cannon.

Celestial Body:

  • Gain 1000 Health, but you deal 10% less damage.

Combo Master:

  • Gain the Electrocute and Phase Rush Keystone Runes.

Dawnbringer’s Resolve:

  • Upon dropping below 50% health, heal for 30% max health over three seconds.

Defensive Maneuvers:

  • Gain the Defensive Maneuvers Summoner Spell, which casts both Summoner Barrier and Heal on you and your teammate.

Die Another Day:

  • Gain the Die Another Day Summoner Spell, which creates a zone where no unit can die for four seconds.

Dive Bomber:

  • Your team’s first death each round explodes, dealing massive damage.

Ethereal Weapon:

  • Your Abilities apply on-hit effects.

Extendo Arm:

  • Automatically fire a Blitzcrank hook every 12 seconds at a nearby enemy champion.

Feeling Lucky:

  • Grants two random Silver augments.


  • Attacks apply an infinitely stacking Burn, dealing damage over time.


  • At the start of combat and every 13 seconds, teleport to a random location within the arena and stealth for one second, and your first stealth each round lasts 3.5 seconds.

From Beginning to End:

  • Gain the First Strike and Dark Harvest Keystone Runes.

In Perfect Tempo:

  • Every six seconds, automatically cast Sona Q or Sona W at random.

Intimidating Aura:

  • Enemies near you lose 25% Tenacity.

It’s Critical:

  • Gain 40% Crit Chance.

Keystone Conjurer:

  • Gain the Summon Aery and Arcane Comet Keystone Runes.

Lightning Strikes:

  • Gain Attack Damage scaling with your Attack Speed.

Momentous Strike:

  • Generates bonus movement speed while moving, and at max MS, Lee Sin kick the first enemy you auto-attack.


  • You can buy any number of Mythic Items.


  • Gain 30% Dodge Chance.

Ok Boomerang:

  • Automatically fire a boomerang at a nearby enemy every 7s.

Outlaw’s Grit:

  • Your Movement Abilities grant you 15 Armor and Magic Resist, stacking up to five times.


  • Root yourself, and for one second, all incoming damage is reflected back to your attacker.


  • Gain hugely increased Health Regen, which is further increased while low on Health.

Phenomenal Evil:

  • Permanently gain one Ability Power when you hit enemies with Abilities.


  • Gain 75 Armor.

Rabble Rousing:

  • Using an Ability heals you for 2% max Health.


  • Gain 45 Ability Haste.

Restless Restoration:

  • You constantly heal (based on your max Health while moving, increased by distance travelled.)

Runic Bulwark:

  • Gain 75 Magic Resistance.

Scoped Weapons:

  • Gain 250 Attack Range, reduced to 150 for ranged characters.

Searing Dawn:

  • Your Abilities mark enemies, causing them to take extra damage from your ally’s next effect.

Shadow Drafting:

  • You are stealthed while standing behind your ally, but taking damage disables this for two seconds.

Shrink Ray:

  • Your Attacks reduce an enemy’s damage by 20% for three seconds.

Soul Siphon:

  • Gain 20% crit chance, and 35% lifesteal on critical strikes.

Summoning Expert:

  • Gain 200 Summoner Spell Haste.

Take the Wheel:

  • Replace your current items with random ones of a higher tier, and gain random items instead of gold during buy phase.

Tank it or Leave it:

  • You can Critically Defend using your Crit Chance with max 60% chance, giving a chance to reduce damage. Gain 20% Crit Chance.

The Brutalizer:

  • Gain 25 Attack Damage, 10 Ability Haste, and 10 Lethality.

Thread the Needle:

  • Gain 30% Armor Penetration and Magic Penetration.

Twice as Nice:

  • Your “per round” Augments activate an additional time, on round start gain 100g or 500xp at random (twice), and affects Blood Pact, Castle, Danbringer’s Resolve, Fallen Aegis, Kamikaze, Repulsor, and Ultimate Backup.

Unholy Grail:

  • Damaging enemies with abilities stores 30% of the damage, your next heal or shield on an ally heals them for the stored amount.


  • Gain 30% Spell Vamp.


  • Gain the Vanish Summoner Spell, turning you Invisible.


  • Gain massively increased damage and Omnivamp while your partner is dead.

Virtuoso’s Flourish:

  • Every fourth hit crits and deals bonus percent missing health damage.

Willing Sacrifice:

  • When your ally drops below 30% Health, trade some of your health for a Shield on your ally.

With Haste:

  • Gin Move Speed is equal to double your Ability Haste.


These are the best Augments in the game.

4-Leaf Clover:

  • Gain 40% Crit Chance and 30% Dodge Chance.

Accelerating Sorcery:

  • Using an Ability grants seven Ability Haste, stacking infinitely.

Arbiter of Freedom:

  • Immobilizing an enemy creates a 400 radius zone around you that reduces damage taken by 20% for allies within.

Back to Basics:

  • Gain increased damage, Damage, healing, Shielding and Ability Haste but you cannot use your Ultimate Ability.

Blade Waltz:

  • Gain the Blade Waltz Summoner Spell, making you untargetable while you dash at and damage enemies repeatedly.

Blood Brothers:

  • Draven gains Darius passive and Darius gains Draven passive.


  • Fire a barrage of cannon shots for the first 10s of combat before launching yourself from the last shot.

Botanical Bully:

  • Attacking a plant creates an explosion that deals 15% true damage to enemies within range and knocks them back slightly.

Can’t Touch This:

  • Casting your Ultimate also makes you Invulnerable for a short duration.


  • You are attached to your ally and can’t move on your own. Your bonus movespeed is also granted to your ally, and you gain Ability Haste and Attack Speed.

Circle of Death:

  • Healing you deals a portion of the value in Magic Damage to the nearest enemy champion.

Combat Medic:

  • Your auto-attacks deal halved damage. The other half is converted to healing split amongst you and your ally. Gain 10% AD and AS.

Courage of the Colossus:

  • Gain a shield scaling with max Health after immobilizing an enemy champion.

Dragon Trainer:

  • Gain Nomsy to fight alongside you.


  • Your movement abilities leave behind a trail that detonates after one second.


  • Gain Ability Haste equal to 20% of your Ability Power.

Feel the Burn:

  • Gain the Feel the Burn Summoner Spell, casting Ignite and Exhaust on all nearby enemy champions.


  • Become large, gaining 30% Health and 30% Adaptive Force at the cost of 50% Attack Speed.

Hug of Death:

  • Active Summoner: Suppress yourself and an enemy next to you, dealing heavy damage to both over the course of the channel.

Infernal Conduit:

  • Your Abilities apply a stacking Burn, dealing magic Damage over time. Your burn effects reduce your basic ability cooldowns.

I’m the Juggernaut:

  • Your movement speed is low and cannot be altered except by purchasing boots. Gain 50% size, 25% Health, Armor, Magic Resistance, and Tenacity.

Jeweled Gauntlet:

  • Your Abilities can Critically Strike, and gain 20% Crit Chance.

Mad Scientist:

  • On round start, you grow large (Attack Damage and Health), or tiny (Gain Ability Haste and Move Speed).

Master of Duality:

  • Your Attacks grant you stacking Ability Power and your Abilities grant you Attack Damage.

Mystic Punch:

  • Your Attacks reduce your cooldowns by one second.


  • Gain three random Dragon Souls.


  • Your ally’s attacks trigger your on-hit affects at reduced 50%damage.

Quantum Computing:

  • Automatically slash in a circle around you, dealing bonus damage on the outer edge every 15 seconds. Your Automatic Augments are affected by Ability Haste.

Shitake Happens:

  • Three deadly Teemo shrooms spawns randomly in the arena. Enemies and Allies can both trigger it. Your trap effects are increased by 50%.

Slow Cooker:

  • Every second, apply a stacking Burn to nearby enemy champions scaling with your Max Health stacking infinitely.

Spirit Link:

  • 40% of damage dealt to your ally is redirected to you, and 40% of healing they receive is given to you as well.

Summoner’s Roulette:

  • After casting a Summoner Spell, gain a random new one that’s on cooldown for seven seconds.

Symphony of War:

  • Gain the Lethal Tempo and Conqueror Keystone Runes.

Tap Dancer:

  • Your Attacks grant you 10 Move Speed, stacking infinitely. Gain AS equal to 10% of your MS.

Thief’s Gloves:

  • Gain random items each combat. Stats and damage from items is increased by 20%.

Trueshot Prodigy:

  • When you damage a champion from far away, fire a Trueshot Barrage at them.

Ultimate Revolution:

  • Once per round, refresh your Ultimate Ability after casting it.

Windspeaker’s Blessing:

  • Your Healing and Shielding also increases the target’s Armor and Magic Resist for three seconds.

Wisdom of Ages:

  • Gain 1 level now, and 1 bonus level every other round. Your level cap is removed.

Zhonya’s Epiphany:

  • Gain the Zhonya’s Epiphany Summoner Spell. Zhonya’s Epiphany puts you in stasis for 3 seconds, rendering you untargetable and invulnerable for the duration but also unable to act and resetting your basic cooldowns.

Final Points

That sums up all the current Augments on the PBE.  Please note the numbers may change slightly and may differ from the actual launch. Apologies if we’ve missed any; there was a lot. Thank you to Tracker.GG for condensing them into a list. We’ve got more articles about Riot’s new game mode on the Mobalytics Blog.