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7 Best Changes Riot Made in Season 14

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Our List of The Best Changes Riot Has Made in Season 14

Every year, League of Legends undergoes major changes. In previous seasons, Riot made some awful changes: some were kept, and some Riot rightfully removed from the game soon after they were introduced.

In my opinion, this season is one of the best Seasons Riot has made in recent years. For the record, I’ve been playing the game for over 10 years, so I have experienced some of the best and worst seasons Riot has “blessed” us with. In this Mobalytics guide, I will list several things that, in my opinion, Riot has done right this season to make it one of the best seasons Riot has recently made.

Of course, there have been major changes to the game that we will be unable to cover in this article. These include major buffs and nerfs to champions, the introduction of a ton of new items (and removal/nerfs of some previous ones), and more.

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1. Removal of Mythic Items

The first thing on my list is the removal of mythic items. Riot’s decision to force every player to buy a mythic item was terrible. Not every champion had a good mythic item, which made them fall out of favour with the community and constantly get outclassed against basically anyone.

Most champions were limited to what mythic item they could build, and they would always need to buy this item first (or second in some unique cases). With the removal of this, players have more freedom with their core item builds, and they are not limited to just one strong item.

2. Scuttle Crab Changes

The Scuttlecrab is a great little creepy crawly, and I think everyone can agree that it is a good thing that it was introduced. The changes to the scuttle crab this season, especially after the Baron has spawned has been a great addition to the game.

Killing this creature post 20 minutes shoots out an AOE Scryer’s Bloom that shows vision nearby. This is a really cool feature as it helps with clearing wards and also make securing the Baron or Dragon much safer.

Scuttle Crab

3. Blue and Red Buffs

In recent years, Riot Games has made a lot of different changes to the buffs. Originally, if a Jungler wanted to hand over their buff to a laner, to get this buff they would have to kill the monster. Then it changed to being in the vicinity of killing the monster, but now it is probably in the best state it has ever been in.

After 20 minutes, Junglers can kill this buff, and the whole team will receive it. This is a great change because everyone can get the buff no matter where you are on the map. This also prevents people from complaining about the Jungler taking the red buff in the late game or the Jungler not giving the blue buff over to the Mid-lane Mage.

This is probably one of my favourite quality-of-life changes Riot has implemented this season.

4. Font Changes

This one is more personal preference, but the new font has been a great addition to the game. This is more in line with the Korean version of League (as far as I am aware), which has a far superior text style.

I am very happy that this has been introduced. The other one was slightly outdated, and when you’ve been playing a game for so long you want something fresh.

5. Support Item Changes

The Support item changes are another amazing thing that Riot has changed. Buy forcing everyone to buy the same starting item, you provide players with a more versatile experience. In previous seasons, Supports could pick one or two items. If they picked the wrong item in a bad matchup, it would take forever to stack it. For instance, playing as Janna and taking the Blue item meant you needed to poke the enemy down. But you weren’t getting your stacks quickly if you couldn’t poke them.

With this new change, you can earn gold differently. This allows you to play according to the lane matchup and your personal strengths. You could stack more effectively with different ways to earn gold and get your quest done quickly.

While the very recent changes haven’t been the best, the system is far superior to last year’s overall.

6. Objective Changes

The introduction of more early-game objectives, such as the Void Grubs and Rift Herald changes, has given objective control new meaning. Junglers are now forced to take these objectives whenever possible because they offer so much to their team.

I really like these new objectives, and I like how you don’t have to kill all three of them; you can just take one. If you didn’t know, these objectives spawn early on and respawn up until the 15-minute mark. Getting them empowers your team and also grants you some gold.

I think it is important to mention that you can also now ride the Rift Herald. While this is kind of cool, and while it can help take objectives, I think it is more of a gimmick than anything else. If anything, I have misclicked using this objective more than I care to admit.

7. Skarner Rework

The latest major change to the game has been the major rework of a champion who has been in the game for a very long time. Skarner’s VGU has been amazing and is one of the best champion reworks they have done in quite some time. Now, it has been a long journey, and we have come a long way from voting for this rework, but now it is finally out, I can say that Riot have done a great job with it.

Here at Mobalytics, we try to provide useful things to play new champions, and we’ve worked on a lot of content for him. You can find some articles on the reworked Skarner here:

I recommend you give them a read if you want to learn how to play as or against Skarner. You can also check out his Mobalytic’s Champion Page for more tips and trick.

In Conclusion

What do you think about the changes this season? Are they good, or do you prefer the previous season? Personally, I am enjoying this season more than last. I think that the major changes they have introduced have been good for the game and good for the player base. We can only hope that they continue to make good changes in the near future.

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