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Best Supports For Season 14 Patch 14.2 of League of Legends

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This list is now outdated. Click here for the best Supports to climb with in Patch 14.3.

5 S-tier Supports in Patch 14.2

The Support role received arguably one of the most changes this Season. There were a lot of changes to the lane, and the items that Supports build. One of the most significant changes were the Support warding items.

In this article by Mobalytics, we will discuss 5 of the best Supports you can play to help you get climb in Patch 14.2. If you want to learn more tips, such match-up advice and more, head over to the Mobalytics’ Champion Page!

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The first champion on our list is Senna. Senna has proven to be one of the best Supports time and time again. Right now, she has a strong laning phase and can consistently bully the enemy laners to gain a significant health and XP lead.

If you want to climb in LoL, you will see yourself climbing faster if you’re picking champions that can make plays and be a nuisance. Senna is one of those champions. She can be aggressive, gain health leads and overall be a real pain to deal with. So if you love being annoying, give Senna a try.

Senna’s not getting any major changes this patch, so her strengths will continue in this patch.

Senna’s win rate on patch 14.1 was 52.19% in 428,000 games.


The second champion on our list is Rakan. He is a very strong all-in champion who can, like many other champions on our list, make plays from level 2 onwards. He can solo win the lane by landing a good W on the enemy.

Rakan has the best of both worlds, he can engage and get picks, but he also has utility and healing tools to keep his team alive. When paired with an equally aggressive ADC, the two can run rampant in lane. Bad ADC? No problem, Rakan can roam and help his other laners out!

Rakan isn’t getting any major changes this patch, which is a surprise in all honestly.

Rakan had a win rate this patch of 53.02% in 373,000 games.


If you love engage champions, then Rell also might be worth picking up! Rell is always my go-to ban as she is a flex pick with a lot of kill and all-in pressure. She can play aggressively from level 1, and when she hits level 6 she will be extremely strong!

If you want to abuse those pesky ranged AP champions that are being played right now, then Rell might be for you. Rell can all-in and constantly look to engage and attack them when they try to bully and harass you.

It’s quite hard to balance a champion that can be played in 2 very different roles. Rell isn’t receiving any changes this patch.

Rell’s win rate on patch 14.1 was 51.50% in 138,000 games.


Bard is the next champion on our list. Bard is an underrated Support and is unfortunately not as popular as some other mainstream picks. He is also quite difficult to play, but do not let that persuade you not to play him.

He is a good Support who has a lot of poke and pick potential throughout all stages of the laning phase. He is also really good at roaming, so if you have a bad ADC, you can still have an impactful laning phase by roaming and helping your allies.

Bard is not getting any changes in the upcoming patch.

And Bard had a win rate of on patch 14.1. 53.99% in 273,000 games.


The final champion on our list is Maokai. Maokai is another hard-engage champion, so if you love this play style, then definitely try out Maokai. He has a strong laning phase and can make plays whenever his W is up.

Maokai can abuse those AP squishy champions that are being played in the bottom lane right now. He can abuse Flash to close the gap and take them down. But, an issue with Maokai is that he is melee and can get poked down, so make sure you watch your positioning so you don’t get taken down quickly.

Maokai, just like Rell is quite hard to balance. In patch 14.1, he isn’t getting any direct buffs or nerfs, and no items he builds are getting adjusted either.

Finally, Maokai’s win rate was on patch 14.1 55.49% in 154,000 games.

Final Thoughts

Somehow we are already on Patch 14.2, and the Support role has seen a lot of unique champions being played in Patch 14.1. If you want to climb in this patch, make sure you pick one of these champions so you can abuse enemies who are trying out random Supports!

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Table of contents