League of Legends Patch 7.18 Tier List for Climbing Solo Queue

League of Legends Patch 7.18 Tier List for Climbing Solo Queue

Whoops, looks like you’ve found an older tier list. Here’s the lol tier list

Welcome to the Mobalytics Predictive Tier List for League of Legends!

This list was curated in collaboration with our analyst, Hewitt “prohibit” Benson, and our Challenger Coach, Adam “Morïarty” Isles. Unlike most tier lists, we’re publishing ours preemptively (before the patch goes live), according to the predictions of our in-house experts.

Here are the Patch 7.18 notes for reference.

The Format and Methodology
Our tier list is ranked by what we believe are the best champions for climbing Solo Queue in Patch 7.18. They will be ranked as Optimal (S-tier), Great (A-tier), or Good (B-tier) by their overall climbing potential and as IntenseHard (a new addition), Moderate, or Simple according to the difficulty of utilizing their moveset’s mechanics to the highest level.

If you’re a skillful player with the time to learn an Optimal champion with Intense mechanics, we believe you’ll be able to make great strides in climbing. If you’re a lower level player that wants to climb but has less time to learn the intricacies of a complex champion, it may be a better option to choose a Great or Good champion with Simple mechanics.

To categorize these champions, we considered factors such as buffs and nerfs, overall meta shifts, and item changes. We also looked at champion win rates from Lolalytics and considered our own in-game experiences in high-elo Solo Queue.

A quick disclaimer: If a champion isn’t on our Tier List, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t climb with them. You’ll just have to put in more effort to get similar results as our Optimal, Great, and Good choices for climbing.

What’s in the new Tier List!?

Tier List Patch 7.18

Rising stock


  • We’ve been underestimating the Mad Chemist for a while. While its true he does have a few weak points in his game, he’s nearly uncatchable if he gets a lead (which is often). Between his laning phase and his power-spike after purchasing Righteous Glory, he has risen to Optimal on our list.


  • Due to Skirmisher’s Sabre and Blue buff, Ezreal is able to ignore building Tear of the Goddess and spikes much earlier than his ADC counterpart. His early pressure from out-dueling enemy junglers with his range and mobility is nothing to scoff at because he can snowball hard when ahead. His ability to take objectives and First Turret is strong due to his DPS and utility from his W, Essence Flux. Expect to see him popping up everywhere soon – the Prodigal Explorer enters our list at Great!

On the decline


  • Draven’s snowballing potential took a hit with his recent nerf. He’s still capable for getting a lead and trashing his enemies with it – he just can’t do so as consistently as before. We’re dropping him down from Optimal to Great.

Miss Fortune

  • Miss Fortune is easy to play, a great lane bully, and can carry team fights. Her tendency to struggle against tanks has her having trouble in this meta. She’s still solid but when there aren’t as many squishy targets, there are better options for ADC. The Bounty Hunter is dropping from Optimal to Good.

As always, we welcome all discussion and feedback. If you have any questions about picks that we didn’t expand on or would like to let us know how you feel about Patch 7.18 and our predictions in general, join us in our Discord!

  • Илиян Дрянов

    I think you should also include Fiora, since her buff now will make a difference. I ve seen her on other site’s tier lists and i think she will be fine now that she got buffed. Maybe not A but i think she deserves B.

    • Moriarty

      Fiora was going to be added last second to B tier before we finalized it. She should be in B tier atm and will likely appear in B in the next one.

    • CreeperVonCreeps

      with over 300 games on fiora, I can guarantee you, with only 50 games you can easily beat ANY champion (NO EXCEPTIONS)