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How to Get the Most Out of Using Mobalytics in 5 Steps

By now, you’ve probably gotten pretty familiar with our platform and its different features. We designed our “core four” to fit together nicely in order to create a feedback loop which encompasses your competitive climbing experience.

Here’s how we recommend using our tools together to really get the most out of them:

Step 1: Use your GPI to understand your strengths and weaknesses
GPI screenshot

The main GPI feature acts as your personal coach that helps you understand which skills you are proficient in, which skills need the most work, and gives you specific advice accordingly in order to facilitate your improvement.

The advice pieces you receive are curated by veteran Challenger coaches, so we recommend taking them to heart and doing your best to follow their recommendations. Every few games, you should be revisiting your GPI to see how its shape and your advice change in order to evaluate your progress and goals.

Step 2: Be sure to hit that Pre Game button
pre game

If your GPI is your coach, your Pre Game is the pep-talk before a big game! This tool gives you relevant intel and instant advice on everyone in your match – friends and foes alike.

Using the Pre Game before every ranked match will help you prepare and adjust your plans according to the play styles and skills of the summoners in your game. More knowledge means better decision-making, and better decision-making means more victories.

Step 3: Evaluate your match with your Post GamePost Game

Win or lose, a good coach should give you insightful takeaways after a match ends. Your Post Game gives you a short term snapshot of how your match compares to your average play and the goals you want to achieve.

This is the perfect tool for understanding what your focus and mentality should be as you head into your next match. The Post Game also includes one of our team’s favorite features – being able to compare your performance to your counterpart. So if you’re a Top laner that dominated your lane opponent, the Post Game will show you how!

Step 4: See the big picture with your Personal DashboardPersonal Dash

From match to match, it may be tough to see how much you’re really improving. Your Dashboard allows you to see a top-down perspective of your development over time by allowing you to see the literal ups and downs of your GPI’s progression.

Use your Dash to see the trends of your performances between your matches and across time. For example, if you want to focus on increasing your Aggression score, you can track whether you’re improving or getting worse between games, see your all-time best and worst Aggression performances, and compare your Aggression across different numerical filters between 10 games to 100 games.

Step 5: Rank up and repeat!

As you know, we really do value Consistency! Using our tools together will cover all your bases and help you isolate the weak points in your game and improve them. They’re designed to aid you in your quest to climb efficiently and persistently.

Thanks for reading! If you have any other questions about how to get the most from your GPI, let us know on Discord