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How to Counter 5 More Popular Champions in League of Legends

Are you having trouble with a tough matchup? Every week, our team creates Counterplay videos on our Youtube channel. The goal of these videos is to give you crucial tips and tricks to teach you how to counter popular champions. We recommend using them as a quick refresher before a game (or even after you run into trouble after a rough one). Eventually, we’ll have all champs covered and have them available in our platform as a resource!

If you missed out last time, here’s our previous article with 5 Counters. Check it out if you’re looking for Yasuo, Darius, Vayne, Zed, or Katarina.

1. How to Counter Garen

Everyone knows that Garen spins to win, but do you know how to break the cycle? For this Counterplay, we had the high-elo Garen one-trick, Risti, help us out to give you the best insights possible. The Might of Demacia excels at battles of attrition and long trades due to his incredible health regeneration and consistent damage. Play around his passive and continually poke him down to come out ahead.

2. How to Counter Aatrox

Aatrox’s old version was already becoming a popular mainstay but ever since his rework, he’s risen as one of the most prioritized picks in pro-play AND solo queue. Watch out for his early game because he’s a monster in lane, he will destroy opponents who don’t respect this. Like his former self, he still has a resurrection mechanic so keep that in mind during hectic teamfights. We strongly recommend champs like Renekton, Poppy, and Fiora, to counter his laning power and mobility.

3. How to Counter Jax

Lore-wise, Jax is one of the strongest champions to grace Summoner’s Rift. In game, he can be a formidable duelist with the potential to snowball into a 1v5’ing monster. Like many melee champs, Jax has trouble against ranged matchups that can keep their distance. When possible, look to kite him to avoid his signature Counter Strike and be ready for his often-forgotten mobility with his Leap Strike.

4. How to Counter Janna

Janna is one of those Supports who can take control and dominate a game without needing to dish out tons of damage. She has incredible playmaking against players who underestimate her ability to peel and protect. Look to put her behind in the early game by aggressively trading when her shield, Eye of the Storm is down. Champions that can out-poke or all-in Janna are the sort of picks you’ll want to make against her.

 5. How to Counter Fizz

This fish can be one of the trickiest matchups on the Rift, but we’ve got you covered so you don’t end up as shark bait. Fizz can be limited with some good ol’ fashioned teamwork,  work with your alies to ward crucial areas on the map to limit his roam and assassination potential. In terms of champ picks, ranged mages and champions that can nullify his potent all-in are great choices.

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