How to Counter Yasuo, Zed, Vayne + More in LoL – Mobalytics

How to Counter Yasuo, Zed, Vayne + More in LoL – Mobalytics

Every week, our OP video team releases awesome content like the Counterplay series on our Youtube channel. The goal of these videos is to give you the crucial tips to teach you how to counter champion matchups. They’re designed to be short, sweet, and to the point, so you can use them as a quick refresher while you’re in champ select or loading screen. Eventually, we intend to have them in our Pre Game tool as well.  Here are 5 Counterplays for some of the most popular champions.

1. How to Counter Yasuo

Ah, Yasuo. The pure embodiment of feast or famine in League of Legends. He’s that champ that can seem like a god in some games and seem completely useless in others (usually when they’re on your team right?). The keys to countering Yasuo include respecting him early, ganking when he shoves hard, and keeping his passive in check, check out the video for more details.

2. How to Counter Darius

Don’t get posterized by the dunk master! Darius can be a tyrant in the Top lane if you aren’t careful – he definitely punishes inexperienced players who don’t understand his nuances. Be sure to properly maneuver the specific ranges of his Q, watch out for his stacks, and abuse your ranged attacks if you have them.

3. How to Counter Vayne

Vayne is a ticking time bomb of a scaling hyper carry – if she gets huge, it can feel like you’re in a horror movie as she pops out of nowhere, chases you down, and impales you. To counter Vayne, take advantage of her short range, push your early advantages to keep her behind, and force her to change targets.

4. How to Counter Zed

Don’t blink, or Zed will literally burst you. He’s incredibly slippery with tons of options for outplaying opponents amidst chaos.  Check out the video for more tips, this one includes a section where we recommend Janna, Kayle, and Zilean as for defeating the ninja.

5. How to Counter Katarina

If you haven’t been on the receiving end of a Katarina Pentakill, you must be a new player (it’ll come someday). She can seem incredibly unpredictable due to her quick mobility so it’s important to know what’s coming. Keep an eye out on her daggers and don’t be afraid to go after her when you see an opening in her timing windows.

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