Ezreal·Bot Expert Video Guide

Rising Spell ForceP
Mystic ShotQ
Essence FluxW
Arcane ShiftE
Trueshot BarrageR
Win rate50.3%
Pick rate20.9%
Ban rate7.4%
Matches245 937-
Ezreal Bot has a 50.3% win rate with 20.9% pick rate in Emerald + and is currently ranked A tier. Below, you will find an expert video guide on how to play Ezreal: their strengths, weaknesses, powerspikes and game plans for every stage of the match. Step up your Ezreal gameplay with Mobalytics guides!.
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Laning Phase
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Tips and Tricks
Ezreal expert guide

Ezreal Matchups Overview

Ezreal General information

Ezreal tips and tricks

Use your abilities as frequently as possible to stack your Tear of the Goddess. The quicker you complete this item- the better.

Don’t use your Arcane ShiftE aggressively unless the enemy has their core abilities on cooldown. Using it aggressively will make it easier for you to get killed if you use it when their abilities are up.

To destroy towers quickly and get more gold from tower plates, you can use your Essence FluxW on the tower and follow it up with an auto-attack.

Ezreal combos

Every combo you need to master the champion!

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