Mactics' Gyrfalcon's Lightfall



Mactics' Gyrfalcon's Lightfall
Mactics' Gyrfalcon's Lightfall

Void Hunter build for PvE by Mactics











Class Item

Stats Priority


FunnelwebLegendary Submachine Gun

Fast firing Void Weapons are best for this build as they proc the Volatile Rounds from Gyrfalcon's Hauberks at a greater frequency.


Gyrfalcon's HauberkExotic Chest Armor

Grants Void Weapons Volatile Rounds for 10 seconds after exiting invisibility. This effect will proc no matter the means in which invisibility was initially activated.

This exotic also grants bonus damage and a reserve Overshield for you and nearby allies when performing a finisher while invisible.

How it Works

Becoming invisible is the the starting point of the build. Trapper's Ambush is used because of the ability to make teammates invisible alongside you and grants an extra 2 seconds of invisibility when using Quickfall compared to Vanishing Step. Invisibility is so important because the exotic used, Gyrfalcon's Hauberk gives all of its benefits when performing a finisher while invisible or simply exiting invisibility. When exiting invisibility you will gain Volatile Rounds for your Void Weapons. When performing a finisher while invisible the exotic will give a damage boost and an Overshield to you and nearby allies. The Fragment Echo of Obscurity compliments this well as performing a finisher will make you invisible, allowing this loop to be easily repeated.

The other Fragments of the build are Echo of Starvation for gaining Devour on an Orb of Power or Void Breach pickup, Echo of Persistence to extend the duration of Overshields, Invisibility, and Devour, and lastly Echo of Harvest to create an Orb of Power and Void Breach on a weakened enemy kill. This final Fragment pairs very well with the Season 21 Artifact mod, Unto the Breach which creates a Void Breach when defeating Void debuffed targets. this effect will occur essentially every 4 seconds as that is the Void Breach's generation cooldown. The other Artifact mod to look at is Protective Breach which will grant a Void Overshield when picking up one of the endless Void Breaches this build creates.

The general gameplay of this build is to utilize dodge to activate Reaper and reset the cooldown of Snare Bomb, Quickfall or throw Snare Bomb to make yourself and potentially allies invisible, then use a finisher on an enemy to chain invisibility and/or utilize void weapons for the Volatile Rounds they create. Either way you will become invisible once again via Echo of Obscurity or Stylish Executioner.

This loop will create Orbs of Power and Void Breaches that give armor charge, and the former of which can be collected by dodging because of use of the Powerful Attraction mod. With the full suite of mods and Orbs on the ground, Gambler's Dodge will refund Smoke Bomb, proc Reaper, give a 10% Void weapon damage buff, fully heal you from Recuperation, acquire Devour, and refund grenade energy.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Utilize Quickfall or Snare Bomb to become invisible
  2. Use finisher on an enemy to chain being invisible and receive an Overshield and damage buff
  3. Exit invisibility for Volatile Rounds
  4. Kill an enemy with Volatile Rounds to become invisible once more from Stylish Executioner and create a Void Breach and Orb of Power
  5. Dodge near an enemy to pickup all Orbs of Power on the ground which will fully refund Smoke Bomb, proc Reaper, give a 10% Void weapon damage buff, fully heal you from Recuperation, acquire Devour, and refund grenade energy
  6. Continue the loop using the automatic invisibility from Stylish Executioner or a finisher with Echo of Obscurity; if neither are available utilize Quickfall/Snare Bomb
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