Phoenix – Valorant Agent Guide

Valorant Agent – Phoenix Overview

Phoenix is an explosive Valorant character that uses pyromancy to manipulate the battlefield and heal himself.

Although he’s certainly no slouch on defense, his fiery kit is incredible on offense due to his powerful engage tools like his curvable flashbangs and his self-resurrection ultimate.

His abilities offer a ton of skill expression and outplay potential, making him an early fan favorite.

phoenix character select

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Phoenix’s Abilities

Blaze (C – 200 credits)

A wall of fire that you can curve as it casts. It obscures vision, damages enemies that walk through/stand on it, and heals you if you’re standing in it.

phoenix blaze wall

It can be used to block choke points or protect you as you or your allies plant the spike.

Curveball (Q – 200)

A flashbang that you can quickly curve around corners.

phoenix curve ball

It’s an ideal engage tool but be careful because it can blind you or your allies if you misfire.

Hothands (E – free, refreshes after two kills)

Effectively a molotov grenade that also heals you if you stand in its flames and deals AoE damage to enemies within it.

phoenix napalm

Instead of being on a cooldown, this ability refreshes after you get two kills.

Run it Back (X – 6 ultimate orbs)

After casting at a location, you have a short amount of time where if you die, you will come back to life and return to where you cast it.

phoenix ult death

Just be sure to cast it from a hidden location as it does take some time for you to resurrect and you’ll be vulnerable to attacks.

phoenix ult return

Phoenix Tips and Tricks

1. It depends on the context, but in some situations you may want to duck into a corner to use your abilities to heal yourself before an engagement. Ideally of course, you’d want to simultaneously heal while using them as utility.

2. Curveball is great for throwing into alleyways and behind walls, but don’t forget that you can look upwards to curve it onto an enemy that’s above you in a window or on a ledge.

You can also throw your Curveball through a Blaze wall to blind an opponent and avoid blinding yourself.

3. Run it Back is an incredible mix-up tool when used in combination with the teleporters on Bind. You can use it on one side, run through a teleporter and try to get kills at that site. If you’re successful, you can just run through with your resurrected Phoenix and plant, or if it’s heavily fortified, you can just take your death and plant on the side you resurrected on.