Brimstone – Valorant Ageny Guide

Valorant Agent – Brimstone Overview

Brimstone is a Valorant agent that can dominate rounds with his unique mini-map casted abilities that reward players with strong macro-level understanding.

Two of his four abilities open up the minimap and allow him to drop airstrikes while on the go, either to support his team’s advances or to prevent his enemies from advances.

With smokes, an AoE buffs, a molotov, and orbital laser strike, Brimstone is incredibly versatile with useful capabilities on both offense and defense.

Brimstone character select

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Brimstone’s Abilities

Stim Beacon (C – 100 credits)

Equips and tosses a beacon that emits an AoE buff within its radius called “RapidFire”.

combat stim beacon pov

According to Ron Rambo Kim’s Brimstone video, this RapidFire will grant you and your allies:

  • 10% increased rate of fire
  • 10% faster reload
  • 10% faster weapon swap
  • 10% recoil spread recovery

The buff does not require line of sight so you can place it behind a wall and push ahead of it to still get the buff.

brimstone stim beacon

You can purchase up to two Stim Beacons.

Incendiary (Q – 300 credits)

Equips a grenade launcher that effectively fires a molotov, leaving flames that deal AoE damage to any agent that is in it.

brimstone incediary

The molly will bounce of walls and won’t detonate until hitting the ground.

incendiary splash

You can only buy up to one Incindiary so use it wisely!

Sky Smoke (E – 100)

Opens up a tactical map that allows Brimstone to launch up to three smoke grenades from the sky. The smoke grenades are very opaque and hard to see through (compared to other smokes like Omen’s which are hollow)

brimstone tactical map

The displayed tactical map does not show the entire map but does show quite a bit (around a third of Haven’s size).

brimstone smoke grenade

You can move while your Sky Smoke tactical map is open so you can call in airstrikes on the go.

Orbital Strike (X – six ultimate orbs)

Opens up a tactical map (with a larger area than Sky Smoke’s) that allows Brimstone to fire a massive laser airstrike after a short delay.

brimstone ultimate map

The blast lingers for a few seconds and deals an incredible amount of damage over time to all agents caught within it. Being closer to the center of the circle will deal more damage.

brimstone ultimate

Brimstone Tips and Tricks

1. Brimstone’s Sky Smoke ability is one of the most versatile abilities in the game. You can use it to block out sniping lanes, feint that you’re attacking the otherside of the map, use it to help your team rush, and more, the possibilities are endless.

However, the potential strength of the ability really lies with coordinating and communicating with your team. When possible, be sure to let your teammates know when and where you plan to smoke, or be prepared to support their plays when they ask for it.

2. Due to the amount of raw firepower that RapidFire brings, you can often use it as a deterrent when enemies are advancing by placing it in their path behind a corner.

It will force your enemies to think twice before advancing and that could buy your team some time while they wait for the buff to subside. If they decide to advance, you’ll have the advantage and may be able to hold off multiple enemies depending on your positioning.

3. Although it can definitely be used in other situations, Orbital Strikes is one of the best ultimates for playing around spike plants and defusals.

On offense, you can wait until you hear the sound cue that your enemies are defusing it before launching a blast. Since the ultimate lasts a few seconds, even if you don’t kill your enemies, it can waste enough time for them not to be able to defuse it.

The same principle applies when you’re defending and you hear your opponents planting. It’s one of the few ultimates in the game that can get the best of Viper’s deadly pit.