Valorant Patch Notes Breakdown (Patch 1.11)

Valorant Patch Notes Breakdown (Patch 1.11)

Valorant Patch Rundown (Patch 1.11)

Welcome to our Valorant patch breakdown! We’ll be discussing all the buffs, nerfs, and adjustments related to agents, guns, maps, and more for every patch.

Our goal is to help make your transition to new patches as smooth as possible so you can ahead of the competition.

We suggest following along with the official patch notes for more insight on their explanations related to game design.

Lastly, this breakdown is written by an Immortal 3+ player, so valuations and opinions on the commented patches are viewed from a highly skilled player’s perspective.

Patch 1.11

valorant patch 1.11 changes

Agent Updates

Skye (new agent)
  • Skye will be available for use in official esports competition (e.g., First Strike) after two weeks in Competitive queue (November 9, barring any issues)

A brand new agent is coming to Valorant with this patch! The Australian animal whisperer “Skye” was announced two weeks ago on the 13th October with the release of Act III and now ships to all of us with the new patch.

Skye will be in a test phase in the Competitive queue for two weeks to seek out all potential bugs and problems with the agent.

After that, she can show herself in the spotlight of esports and may be picked by teams in Riot’s first official tournament “First Strike”.

To learn more about her, head to our Skye agent guide.

Breach (buffed)
  • Full flash time increased from 1.75 >>> 2

Breach’s ability “Flashpoint” was buffed yet again. The goal of this change is an increase in the timing window in which teammates can utilize his flashes.

Thus, he is supposed to be more useful in a pure supporter role for his team instead of doing solo-plays with his abilities. However, both of these playstyles were probably enhanced by this update.

Cypher (nerfed)
  • Trapwires now are disabled and revealed upon death

It happened – the first considerable Cypher nerf in Valorant’s runtime.

Wiring up possible flanks and whole Spike sites as Cypher now only brings his team an advantage as long as he’s alive.

After his death, his tools are disabled and consequently useless.

  • Spy Cameras now are disabled and revealed upon death

Since the Spy Camera couldn’t be used by anyone anyway after Cypher’s death, this change might not be that impactful. But it complements the patch above and surely can’t hurt, especially if Sage eventually becomes popular again.

Killjoy (nerfed)
  • Alarmbot and Turret now deactivate if she is more than 40m away from them—reentering the 40m range reactivates her little friends.

Similar to Cypher’s changes, this drastically restricts Killjoys ability to hold flanks and Spike sites with her “little friends”.

Common plays like completely leaving a site after installing Killjoys tools on it or securing the back with a Turret in spawn are now basically impossible due to the need that she has to be within 40m of her kit to keep it activated.

  • Turret cooldown after pickup reduced from 20 seconds >>> 10 seconds
  • Range at which Alarmbot can be detected decreased from 9m >>> 7m
  • Alarmbot cooldown after pickup reduced from 20 seconds >>> 7 seconds
  • Range at which Nanoswarm can be detected decreased from 5m >>> 3.5m
  • Nanoswarm damage increased from 40/s >>> 45/s
  • Damage now ticks smoother and faster while in Nanoswarm, instead of in chunks of 10 every ¼ of a second

To counterbalance the nerf to her global recon, the developers made adjustments to all three abilities: Turret, Alarmbot, and Nanoswarm.

In summary, all abilities get a slight buff but in different areas. For example, her Turret and Alarmbot can now be recalled after a much shorter cooldown to be placed again.

Let’s see if the bad sides of the changes outweigh the good or the other way around, but for now it’s looking like a nerf.

Competitive Updates

  • Icebox enters the Competitive map rotation
    • Icebox will be available for use in official esports competition (e.g., First Strike) after four weeks in Competitive queue (November 29, barring any issues)

Unlike Skye, the new map Skybox has to pass through a four week test period in the Competitive queue instead of two weeks.

That means if you are eager to see Skye being played on the new map Icebox in an esports context, you still have to wait at least one month for that to happen.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out our Icebox map guide!

  • Shorter Unrated queue times for the highest-rank players
    • We’ve taken steps to further solve issues for elite players experiencing long queue times for Unrated. We’re also further investigating improvements to reducing long queue times for all primary modes.

Since we don’t know exactly what “steps” have been taken by the developers to reduce the mentioned queue times, we only can hope for actual improvement in this regard.

However, the sure thing is that not only Unrated queue times have to be shortened, rather reducing the Ranked queue times for high elo players should be a prominent concern for the Valorant developers.

  • Adjusted Combat Score to factor in non-damaging assists

A small, but nonetheless, very nice change: From now on your assists from e.g. flashing enemies will influence your Combat Score positively, too.

Economy Ruleset Updates

  • Attackers who lose but survive the entire round without planting the Spike receive a reduced number of credits (1,000)
  • Defenders who lose but survive the entire round after the Spike has detonated also receive reduced credits (1,000)

If you survive a round your team has lost you now are only rewarded 1000 credits for the next round.

This is a serious reduction and is supposed to put more emphasis in decision making regarding when it is worthwhile to save your gear vs. go for the round win.

Winning a few economically important rounds in a row now shouldn’t be enough to be able to buy the rest of the half since lost rounds are more expensive when saving weapons.

  • Dying to the Spike will no longer count as a death in KDA statistics

Pretty self-explanatory. This can embellish the look of your scoreboard in the future if you are the player type that often underestimates the range of the Spike explosion.

Noteworthy Quality of Life Updates

  • Left handed view model is now available for players.

Many players of the community have asked for it and the developers have met the demand: Players can now swap their first person view model to left handed by going to the settings menu and swapping their view model to “Left-Handed”.

Changing this will also show all other players as left-handed when spectating.

  • Players that have been AFK or alt-tabbed for more than 5 minutes will now appear as ‘Away’ in the Social Panel

A small feature but it is indeed nice to know if one of your friends is waiting for someone to invite him to play or if he simply is chilling in the game menu while doing something completely else.

Gameplay Bug Fixes

  • Jett now can’t rope dash lel

Sadly, the ridiculous speed boost utilizing the Jett dash and a rope which was recently discovered was fixed and isn’t possible anymore.

Regardless, the community and also our fellow team member had fun with this bug as long as he could.

  • Sage wall segments no longer breaks if a player dies on top of them

Although this is a very rare situation, Sage needs all the help she can get.

That concludes our Valorant patch breakdown for 1.11! Be sure to check out to see how these changes affected our Valorant agent tier list.