Valorant Patch Notes Breakdown (Patch 3.09)

Valorant Patch Notes Breakdown (Patch 3.09)

Patch Notes Breakdown 3.09

Welcome to our Valorant patch breakdown! We’ll be discussing all the buffs, nerfs, and adjustments related to agents, guns, maps, and more for every patch.

This patch sees one long overdue nerf finally hitting the servers. Yes, I am talking about that busted free gun, the Classic.

As time has gone on, players have learned how to maximize the classic by incorporating jiggle peaks and jumps into their pistol round playstyle. The classic has been an all round gun for pistol rounds and a seriously viable option for point blank range encounters on any round.

It is safe to say the jumping right click was a little overtuned, and it seems the devs were well aware of this. This patch aims to reduce “the weapon’s effective accuracy while jumping, running and walking”.

valorant patch 3.09 notes

Weapon Changes

Classic (nerfed)

  • Firing error changed from 0.05 up to 0.60. (Total error is 2.5 when walking, up from 1.95).
  • Firing error changed from 0.2 up to 1.3. (Total error is 3.2 when running, up from 2.1).
  • Firing error changed from 1.1 up to 2.1. (Total error is 4.0 when jumping up from 3.0).

I am sure many of us can agree that getting right-clicked by the Classic game after game was quite a frustrating ordeal.

This is a free gun after all so these balance changes are definitely warranted. The devs are making these adjustments with the intent of narrowing its ideal use to very close ranges; they believed it was “over-performing in close to mid-range encounters”.

Map Updates


It is going to be slightly harder to contest orbs at the start of the round for attackers. Most of the adjustments here focus on pushing attackers back deeper into their spawn pre-round, before the barrier drops.

B Arcade
  • The attacker’s barrier is shifted back further towards spawn to allow for defenders to contest Arcade fairly at the start of rounds. Prior to this adjustment attacker’s almost always reached the Arcade line of sight first, which made it difficult for defenders to secure this territory.
A Ropes
  • The defender’s barrier at A Ropes is pushed forward closer to the rope to help Sentinels set up their utility pre-round.
A Hall
  • The Orb at A Hall is more often than not claimed by attackers if they decide to push A. It is much closer to the attacker spawn which was unfair on defenders. This has now been changed so that it is further out in the open, in more neutral space.
B Main
  • Attackers who were clumped together trying to push B Main but ran into some utility that delayed their attack were often quite vulnerable to fast flanks from A Hall. In Attacker Side Spawn there is now a new piece of cover that obstructs the long sightline from Hall to B Main. This should slightly protect attackers who are around B Main from fast flankers.

That concludes our Valorant patch breakdown for 3.09! Be sure to check out to see how these changes affected our Valorant agent tier list.