Valorant Patch Notes Breakdown (Patch 1.05)

Valorant Patch Notes Breakdown (Patch 1.05)

Valorant Patch Rundown (Patch 1.05)

Welcome to our Valorant patch breakdown! We’ll be discussing all the buffs, nerfs, and adjustments related to agents, guns, maps, and more for every patch.

Our goal is to help make your transition to new patches as smooth as possible so you can ahead of the competition.

We suggest following along with the official patch notes for more insight on their explanations related to game design.

Lastly, this breakdown is created in collaboration with Immortal+ players from our team from both NA and EU.

Patch 1.05

patch 1.05 changes


Killjoy (new agent!)

Killjoy is joining the Valorant roster as the third Sentinel and twelfth overall agent.

She’s a German genius who uses a wide array of gadgets from turrets to mines in order to lock down areas of the map.

killjoy splash

To learn more about her, head to our dedicated Killjoy guide!

Raze (nerfed)

showstopper nerf 1.05

  • Uh oh, this is the second consecutive patch where Raze received nerfs.
  • Her first nerf is to her ultimate which will now be more punishable since it’ll have increased equip times.
  • If you’re a good Raze player this shouldn’t affect you too much. It’s mostly targeted toward reckless players who try activating her ultimate in dangerous situations.

blast pack nerf 1.05

  • Although losing some damage certainly sucks, Raze is still at the top of the class in terms of kill power despite the nerf.
  • It’s honestly a fair trade and leans Blast Pack toward being used more for utility. Don’t be surprised if it eventually does even less or no damage.
Competitive Changes

There was a good amount of changes to the ranked system so here’s a TLDR:

  • If you played ranked in Act I, you’ll only need 3 placement matches to receive your rank. If you didn’t, it’ll still require 5 placement matches.
  • Queue times will be slightly longer but will be more balanced in terms of accounting for solos/duos vs premades.
  • The severity of decreased ratings will be more clearly indicated by one to three downward arrows.
  • Match history will now display the rank you entered a match with and the one you ended with.
  • You’ll be able to see a career tab for your friends that shows their ranks and match history.
  • Custom Games now allow you to choose your server location to help optimize ping.
New Deathmatch Game Mode

Finally by popular demand, a Deathmatch mode has finally arrived. Here’s the TLDR:

  • 10 players battle it out in a first to 30 free for all.
  • There are no abilities so you can focus on improving your gunplay.
  • Your agent will be chosen at random based on your owned roster.
  • You can use any gun you want and you’ll receive heavy armor automatically.
  • Killing enemies drops health kits that reloads your weapon and restores your health + armor.

Bug Fixes

1.05 bugs

  • There weren’t too many changes related to gameplay but Sova and Reyna mains should enjoy a bit of quality of life improvements.
  • Phoenix mains will no longer be able to abuse Run It Back spike glitches.

Patch 1.04

There weren’t a ton of balance changes in Patch 1.05 so we’ve decided to leave Patch 1.04 if you want to revisit those buffs and nerfs.

valorant patch 1.04 highlights


Viper (buffed)

viper's pit 1.04

  • The first major change is to her ultimate, Viper’s Pit, which is becoming much more effective in its purpose.
    • In theory, it’s supposed to grant Viper instant control over an area of the map, either to secure a spike plant or defusal, or to deter enemies from entering a particular area (like mid of Split for example).
    • Unfortunately, it was too easily countered by many abilities such as Sova’s Recon Darts, Raze’s explosives, Brimstone’s Orbital Strike, and so on.
    • Now, instead of being easily forced out of her ultimate, she has a ton of flexibility being able to leave it for 15 seconds instead of only 5.
  • She’ll also be able to make some awesome fake out/flank plays by dropping her ultimate and then wrapping around to a different angle.
  • Another perk is that she can now turn it off whenever she wants. This is more niche but it’s always nice to have more agency.
  • Lastly, her enemies will need to really think twice about entering her ultimate because their minimaps will be obscured and Viper will be able to see them even more clearly.
    • This should allow Viper to be incredibly OP when inside her pit, so get ready for a new wave of highlight clips and clutches.

decay 1.04

  • Next up is the buff to Viper’s decay mechanic, which affects her Q, E, and ultimate.
    • If you’re unfamiliar with this effect, basically it causes an agent’s health to gradually and temporarily fall to 1 HP as long as they stayed within Viper’s gas.
    • This sounds great at first but in practice, enemies could just walk through the gas easily since they reverted back to their previous health very quickly.
    • Now, the decay will bring her enemies to 1 HP even faster with an increased rate and it will linger upon them 2.5 seconds after they exit it.
    • This widens the window for Viper and her allies to capitalize on the effect. Now it will actually be a risk to move through her gas instead of an annoyance.

fuel 1.04

  • The last portion of Viper’s buffs relates to her fuel resource now allowing her to use her Q and E simultaneously without consuming additional fuel.
    • This change allows Viper to have more flexibility in controlling and influencing the map in multiple areas.
    • In theory, she could activate a one-way Q smoke for her allies in one place, have her E wall in another, and then be inside her ult at a third location.
    • When considered in combination with her upgraded decay, she’ll have much more delay potential.
Raze (nerfed)

showstopper 1.04

  • Since her launch, Raze’s Showstopper has been infamous in the community as one of the most frustrating ultimates to play against.
  • This nerf to its cost, from 6 to 7 points, will still maintain the strength of the ability but will prevent her from making easy picks or clutching with it as often.
Brimstone (powershift, leaning towards nerfed)

brimstone orbital strike 1.04

  • Brimstone’s Orbital Strike can singlehandedly win rounds on its own by denying defusals so we’ve been expecting it to get hit some fashion.
  • Similar to Raze’s ult, it’s increasing from 6 points to 7.
  • It’ll still be very strong but he’ll have to work for it a bit harder and will be casting it less frequently.

stim beacon 1.04

  • To compensate for his nerfed ultimate, Stim Beacon is seeing some love as it will no longer grant its buff to enemies and it will no longer reveal its radius.
  • Unfortunately, this is the weakest and most underutilized part of his kit, so even though it’s technically a buff, Brimstone is definitely getting nerfed overall.
Cypher (buffed)

cyber cage 1.04

  • Cypher is receiving a minor buff which is a headscratcher since he’s been an S-tier agent on our tier list for some time.
  • This change will give him more reliability in setting up his traps and one-way smokes during the buy phase when he would have otherwise been punished for messing up his placements.


Classic (powershift)

classic 1.04

  • There are a lot of minor adjustments so the TLDR is that the Classic is:
    • Better when running (decreased spread)
    • Worse when jumping + shooting (increased spread)
    • Worse when walking (increased spread)
    • Better when crouching + stationary (10% accuracy increase)
  • Unfortunately, this decreases its outplay potential since you can no longer jump peek and fire accurately over terrain but the change makes sense since it could be a little too powerful for being the most basic gun in the game.

Bug Fixes

bug fixes 1.04

  • Most of these won’t make a big impact but due note the following:
    • Reyna is getting a slight buff since she’ll be able to activate Soul Orbs more easily.
    • Breach’s Aftershock is will deal more damage consistently depending on how severe the bug was.
    • The Marshall is getting a nerf to firing while walking.

That concludes our Valorant patch breakdown for 1.05! Be sure to check out to see how these changes affected our Valorant agent tier list.