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Best Weapons in The Finals: Tier List Rankings (Season 1)

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The Finals Tier List Rankings – The Best Weapons

In this tier list, we’ll cover the best weapons in The Finals.

Our ranks range from S to B tier with organization by class (Light, Medium, or Heavy).

Note that these rankings are primarily for the Tournament mode, not Quickplay or Solo.

Let’s dive in!

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Tier List Rankings

Here are our rankings for the best weapons in The Finals:

Tier The Finals Weapon Tier List
  • Light: XP-54, SH1900, M11, LH1, V9S
  • Medium: FCAR, AKM
  • Heavy: SA1216, Lewis Gun
  • Light: SR-84, Sword
  • Medium: Model 1887, R.357
  • Heavy: Sledgehammer, M60, Flamethrower
  • Light: Throwing Knives, Dagger
  • Medium: CL-40, Riot Shield
  • Heavy: MGL32

For a visual reference of our The Finals tier list, check out our infographic below:

best weapons in the finals tier list

The Finals Tier List Commentary

With all Mobalytics tier lists, we stress that the player is always more important than our rankings. At the end of the day, you know your playstyle and strengths most.

So if you’re a Heavy that thrives with the Sledgehammer, there’s no need to switch to an S-tier choice unless you start to struggle.

Rather than telling you what to do, our goal leans more toward highlighting the current trends of the game.

Best Light Weapons

Tier Light Weapon Rankings
  • XP-54, SH1900, M11, LH1, V9S
  • SR-84, Sword
  • Throwing Knives, Dagger

As the glass cannon class, Lights naturally have among the best weapons in the game.

The most popular Light guns of the recent meta are the XP-54, SH1900, and the M11.

XP-54 is the most well-rounded option in S-tier, and there are few situations where it feels out of place or unreliable.

If you’re skilled with a shotgun, SH1900 is an optimal choice as you can really wreak havoc at close ranges. On the other hand, if the two shots of the shotgun offer too much risk for your preferences, go with the M11 instead which allows you to go the spraying route.

The LH1 and V9S are on the border of S and A-tier but both are rising with recent buffs. These require more skill than the previous guns mentioned but you can dominate with them if you’re an aimer.

Solidly in A-tier are the SR-84 sniper rifle and the Sword. Both of which can be powerful in the right hands but can struggle in more situations than the S-tier counterparts.

In B-tier, you’ll find the Throwing Knives and Dagger, both of which are S-tier in the fun category but are just a bit too inconsistent or need more effort to get the same results as other choices.

Best Medium Weapons

Tier Medium Weapon Rankings
  • Model 1887, R.357
  • CL-40, Riot Shield

At S-tier for Medium class guns, you’ll find the FCAR and AKM. It feels like it’s a tale as old as time in FPS games where two similar rifles are very close in performance but just depends on if your aim is feeling crisp or if you need more wiggle room.

If your aim is always on point, go with the FCAR but if you want something less forgiving go with the AKM.

In A-tier are the Model 1887 shotgun and the R.357 pistol which are powerful in their own right but have more pronounced weaknesses than their S-tier counterparts.

Lastly in B-tier, are the CL-40 and Riot Shield. The CL-40 is a worse version of the MGL32 (which is already considered bad) and the Riot Shield makes you more of a nuisance than a dominant force. Both weapons, however, can succeed with the right teams built around them.

Best Heavy Weapons

Tier Heavy Weapon Rankings
  • SA1216, Lewis Gun
  • Sledgehammer, M60, Flamethrower
  • MGL32

For the Heavy class’s S-tier guns, you have the SA1216 and Lewis Gun which are by far the most used guns for the classes. Having an automatic shotgun paired with the shields and barriers of the Heavy can’t be understated. It recently got nerfed but it’s still a top-tier choice.

The Lewis Gun is the best long-ranged option and still performs well in medium and short ranges. It’s the most versatile option that the class options.

In A-tier, you have weapons that are solid in their own right but require setup (Sledgehammer and Flamethrower) and the M60 which is basically seen as a worse version of the Lewis Gun. With the Sledgehammer and Flamethrower particular, they can be S-tier in the right situations and maps but your team will have to coordinate with your build.

Finally, in B-tier, we have the MGL32 which is the best grenade launcher in the game and can certainly cause havoc, but is just too inconsistent and unwieldy to be a meta choice.

In conclusion

Thanks for reading! The Finals is still a new game so expect the meta to change often, especially with balance patches.

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