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Best Heroes in Overwatch 2: Tier List Rankings (MidSeason 10)

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Overwatch 2 Tier List Rankings – The Best Heroes

In this tier list, we’ve got you covered with the best heroes in Overwatch 2.

We’ve updated our tier list for mid Season 10 and its latest balance changes.

Let’s dive in!

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Here are our rankings for the best heroes in Overwatch 2:

Tier Overwatch 2 Tier List
  • Damage: Cassidy, Sojourn, Tracer
  • Tank: Winston, Roadhog
  • Support: Kiriko, Lucio
  • Damage: Pharah, Echo, Genji, Ashe
  • Tank: Reinhardt, Sigma, Doomfist
  • Support: Baptiste, Brigitte
  • Damage: Widowmaker, Torbjorn, Sombra, Soldier: 76, Junkrat, Mei, Venture, Symmetra
  • Tank: Mauga, Zarya, Junker Queen, D.va
  • Support: Mercy, Ana, Illari, Lifeweaver
  • Damage: Hanzo, Reaper, Bastion
  • Tank: Wrecking Ball, Ramattra, Orisa
  • Support: Moira, Zenyatta

For a visual reference of our Overwatch 2 tier list, check out our infographic below:

best heroes in overwatch 2 tier list (mid season 10)

Note that the heroes are organized by difficulty for new players/beginners who haven’t tried them yet.

Orange represents a high/hard skill floor, Blue represents an average skill floor, and Green represents a low/easy skill floor.

Overwatch 2 Tier List Commentary

As always with our tier lists, we want to highlight that we believe that the player always matters more than the character you play as.

If you have an off-meta main that is working for you, by all means, no need to switch! Keep rocking it.

This list is more to understand if one of your characters is favorable in the current meta, or to help players that have run into a plataeu.

Quick Notes

Season 10 Notes

Massive armor rework and two huge tank buffs! Tanks are eating well this patch with four separate reworks that all make the tank role as a whole, much stronger. First and most significant is the way armor decreases damage has been reverted to how armor worked in OW1.

The Dev notes read:

“Armor health has been reverted to provide a flat damage reduction of 5 per projectile, up to a maximum of 50% damage reduction.”

For the duration of OW2 armor damage reduction was 30% per hit of damage. This makes abilities like shotguns, fast-fire guns, and fast-ticking weapons far worse against armor while simultaneously making abilities with high damage per instance much stronger.

  • Example of fast fire low damage: Bastion
  • Examples of high damage: Rein’s hammer swing, and Cassidy’s primary/secondary fire.

The tank passive for knockback reduction was increased from 30% – 50%, and the universal no-damage healing passive has been changed to 10 hp /sec + 5% of maximum health, which means larger health pool heroes like tanks can self-heal way faster now. Lastly, tanks also have been given a 25% headshot damage reduction further increasing their survivability.

Fundamental Differences from Overwatch 1

Since you’re here, there’s a good chance that you already know the core differences between Overwatch and Overwatch 2.

If not, know that there are some kit adjustments across the hero cast. Be sure to know what has changed for your hero pool before diving into ranked.

The other major change to know is that now, there are five players instead of six (sorry to all you sixth men and women out there). This means that there are now one tanks instead of two.

Although it depends on the comp and the map, in general, this means that there is a noticeable decrease in the amount of crowd control and shields in the game.

There will be less instances of just defaulting to deathball teamfights and more instances of skirmishes and duels that happen.

How tiers work

In S-tier, you’ll find the best heroes in Overwatch 2 which will be very present in almost all maps and comp combinations.

A-tier heroes are still great choices but tend to be present for fewer maps than S-tier characters in pro play. However, in some situations, A-tier characters might shine more than S-tier characters.

In B-tier, we’re continuing the trend of heroes that have lower overall presence and are even more specialized. Some heroes here are just worse versions or downgrades of heroes in a similar niche above them (such as Ashe usually being the better choice over Cassidy).

Lastly, we have the Situational batch of heroes in the C-tier section. These heroes are rarely seen in comparison to their peers and are usually pulled out for specific halves or holds on a very small pool of maps. If you’re having success with them, by all means, keeping playing them.

The Best Damage (DPS) Heroes

Tier Overwatch 2 Damage (DPS) Tier List
S Cassidy, Sojourn, Tracer
A Pharah, Echo, Genji, Ashe
B Widowmaker, Torbjorn, Sombra, Soldier: 76, Junkrat, Mei, Venture, Symmetra
C Hanzo, Reaper, Bastion
Cassidy and Sojourn

Cassidy has now become the best DPS in basically every scenario and against every enemy team comp. Magnet Grenade remains one of the easiest and strongest counters to mobility heroes.

The armor rework benefits Cassdiy’s primary and secondary fire, increasing his damage per shot into armor from, 49 to 65. Sojourn’s primary was only minorly decreased, but a fully charged Rail Gun jumped from 90 dmg all the way up to 125 against armor health.


Tracer’s primary fire was heavily nerfed against armor. Nevertheless, any damage done to a DPS applies the 20% healing nerf and Tracer excels at quickly damaging multiple heroes.

In reality, the armor nerf doesn’t have an impact on Tracer’s gameplay since her targets have never been heroes who have armor. Moreover, with Winston being meta once again, their combined mobility and target focus is one of the strongest aspects currently in OW2.

The Best Tank Heroes

Tier Overwatch 2 Tank Tier List
S Winston, Roadhog
A Reinhardt, Sigma, Doomfist
B Mauga, Zarya, Junker Queen, D.va
C Wrecking Ball, Ramattra, Orisa

More than any other tank, Winston is benefitting from all the midseason updates and reworks. The changes to armor make Winston much harder to counter since he can soak up way more damage from heroes like D.Va, Roadhog, Bastion, and Reaper, and his Tesla Cannon ignores armor.

When he Jump Packs in, the knockback reduction also makes it much harder to use boop abilities to keep Winston away from squishy targets. The new healing passive also gives Winston way more solo agency since he possesses the ability to go in deep, get out on his own away from either team, heal up and re-engage by the time his abilities come back on cooldown.


Although Roadhog was negatively affected by the armor changes since he has a shotgun and no armor, every other change this season has made him ranked ladder terror! Roadhog used to get bursted down by easy headshots from heroes like Cassidy, Hanzo, and Ashe.

The 25% headshot damage reduction is having a crazy noticeable benefit to Hog specifically since he has no way to shield from damage. Additionally, Hog isn’t really countered by his previous counter Orisa and Mauga since each has been recently nerfed and negatively affected by the midseason reworks. Roadhog also serves as a great counter on most maps to Winston, but the match-up is mostly even or map-dependent.

HOT FIX: The devs decided the mid-season patch was too kind to Hog and gave him a few nerfs. He still remains one of the strongest tanks.


Reinhardt! Reinhardt! Reinhardt! Finally after season after season of the hammer-swinging rectangle man basically being a throw pick, Rein is back to being a strong tank pick. His 300 armor health, speaks for itself in light of the armor rework.

Similar to Winston, Reinhardt has become instantly more resistant to counterpicks who had been previously melting through his shield and health. Every ability; Rocker Hammer, Fire Strike, and Charge, are all way, way stronger against armored heroes.

Recently, Earth Shatter also got a distance buff which enables more plays against the enemy team backlines and a higher average number of enemies stunned. Crucially, we are seeing more Kiriko’s hit with Shatter preventing them from using cleanse to counter the stun effect.

The Best Support Heroes

Tier Overwatch 2 Support Tier List
S Kiriko, Lucio
A Baptiste, Brigitte
B Mercy, Ana, Illari, Lifeweaver
C Moira, Zenyatta
Kiriko and Lucio

Even after both received nerfs at the beginning of S10, Kiriko, and Lucio retain their positions as hard meta heroes. The utility each provides to their team and how well they pair as a duo far exceeds the power of the rest of the Supports.

No other Supports can so fluidly switch between aggressive plays, and defensively saving their team from eliminations. With so many strong flanker heroes this season, it’s also really important to have self-sustain and be able to survive a 2v1 without requiring the rest of your team to dump their resources into you. Kiri and Lucio are simply the only Supports who fit these requirements.

Baptiste and Brigitte

Bap and Brig are also strong picks right now but don’t pair as well with the other roles’ meta picks. They also each have great survivability and are able to keep others’ supports alive that are weak to flanks and dive like Ana or Zen.

Brig’s Rally shield bash reset allows for a high burst of damage, and can now always react to cancellable enemy ults or abilities with her stun. Baptiste damage and healing output can largely depend on the team comp he is playing with, and the team comp he is playing against. In the right situations, he can be a better pick than the two S-rank Supports.

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