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Best Characters in Apex Legends: Tier List Rankings (Season 20)

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Apex Legends Tier List Rankings – The Best Characters

If you’re looking for the best characters in Apex Legends, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve updated our rankings just in time for Season 20.

Although player skill and playstyle always come first, it’s always good to know the meta so you can play around it.

We recommend sticking with the characters you’re most comfortable with until you hit a wall – after that, it’s a good time to consider a meta pick.

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Here are our rankings for the best characters in Apex Legends:

Tier Apex Legends Tier List
S Bloodhound, Conduit, Newcastle, Crypto, Wraith
A Wattson, Bangalore, Revenant, Pathfinder, Mad Maggie, Horizon, Fuse, Catalyst, Valkyrie
B Loba, Seer, Rampart, Ash, Ballistic
C Octane, Caustic, Vantage, Lifeline
D Mirage

For a visual version of our tier list, check out our infographic:

apex legends tier list (season 20)

Character Commentary

To understand our rankings for the best characters in Apex Legends, let’s dive into a few reasons for each.

S tier Legends


Bloodhound is a powerful legend to give your team regular information. The ability to counter Bangalore’s smoke, especially with the removal of Digital Threat from SMGs is highly valuable. Bloodhound’s perks are impactful at both level 2 and 3. Odin’s Glare is notably valuable for its increased scan duration for your team. Overall, Bloodhound adds great value to all team comps.


Conduit is one of the best support legends, with her base abilities remaining as strong as they were last season. The combination of shielding your team with controlling an area Conduit gives your team many opportunities to win fights. Her perks at level 2 are a bit underwhelming, but her choices at level 3 only improve on her area control or shielding abilities.


Newcastle is a great defensive legend to support your team. His perk choices at level 2 and 3 are all valuable and offer great improvements to his base abilities. With these perk choices, Newcastle can save your team from dire situations and change the outcome of a losing fight.


Crypto is one of the few legends who doesn’t have a hard counter to his ultimate. His level 2 perk for ultimate cooldown reduction, combined with his level 3 perk Network Expansion to increase the radius of his ultimate EMP by 25% make crypto a formidable legend. With his perks, his ultimate can affect every team in the last couple of rings.


Wraith is a powerful legend who is effective in a variety of situations. Her level 2 and 3 perk choices return Wraith to her dominant position as a Skirmisher legend. In combination, the tactical cooldown reduction and tactical windup reduction make Wraith difficult to corner. Overall, Wraith is again a very strong legend in most situations and team comps.

A tier Legends


Wattson is a strong legend in a variety of situations. In the last few rings of the game, she is a great legend suited for holding down an area in the end game. Her level 2 perk choices offer significant benefits, but her level 3 perk choices are very impactful. Either having two Pylons down at once, or doubling the HP and shield regen, these perks return Wattson to being an amazing legend that can have a significant impact on battles.


Bangalore is a legend with a simple but effective range of abilities. Bangalore’s base abilities are some of the most versatile in the game, and have only been made better with her perk choices. Ultimate Artillery, along with Refuge at level 3 makes Bangalore a formidable enemy. However, the removal of Digital Threat from SMGs reduces the opportunities to make the most of her smoke.


Revenant is a great movement legend who can hunt down vulnerable enemies. Since his rework, Revenant has remained a powerful legend with strong base abilities. His level 3 perk Grim Leaper resets his tactical ability on knockdowns, allowing him to be a slippery opponent. For aggressive players, Revenant provides many opportunities to defeat teams.


Pathfinder is a great movement and rotational character. His level 2 perk choices make him a better team player, by giving access to either Survey Beacons or Ring Consoles. Pathfinders’s level 3 perk Down and Away, can turn him into a legend who can slip into and out of fights very effectively.

Mad Maggie

Mad Maggie can be a great legend to push enemy teams. Her base abilities allow you to force teams out of cover, disorient enemy teams, all while pushing towards them with her ultimate. Maggie’s level 2 perk Fire Ball changes her ultimate from disorienting to dangerous, while her level 3 perk choices help keep constant pressure on teams behind cover.


Horizon is a great legend for controlling areas and moving around the map. Her level 2 perks are quite underwhelming, and her level 3 perks only offer cooldown reduction. Even so, Horizon’s base abilities remain effective and stand on their own in making her a viable legend in a variety of situations.


Fuse has strong base abilities. Both his level 2 and 3 perks are impactful and improve on his base abilities. The level 2 perk Scar Tissue addresses one of his previous weaknesses and makes it easier to use his ultimate more freely in close quarters. Overall, Fuse is an effective legend at keeping constant pressure on enemies behind cover.


Catalyst is a great legend for team play. When combined with other controller characters like Wattson or Caustic, enemies will struggle to push your team. Catalyst’s perks effectively undo the nerfs that she has seen in previous seasons.


Gibraltar can be a great support legend. He’s able to tank more damage than other legends, which is especially valuable with the changes to evo shields. His perks aren’t game changing but do provide valuable buffs to his support abilities. Gibraltar is a viable legend who can work with a variety of different team comps.


Valkyrie is a good legend for hunting down enemies or escaping dangerous situations. Her perks have reverted some of the nerfs Valkyrie has seen over past seasons. For teams that desire regular rotations into or out of fights, Valkyrie offers this choice more effectively than in recent seasons.

B tier Legends


Loba is most effective in endgame situations, where her Black Market Boutique allows your team to access much-needed loot in small rings. Though this doesn’t sound like much, having regular access to loot can be very useful to keep pressure on enemy teams. Loba’s perks are a good improvement on her base abilities, allowing greater range for Black Markets and an extra choice of loot.


Seer is a legend that can provide regular information for your team. His perks only improve on his base abilities. After nerfs in previous seasons, his perk choices make Seer more viable again. While seer is not the best scan legend, his abilities can prove valuable for your team.


Rampart performs great in specific situations. Her level 2 perks are useful but not game changing, while her level 3 perks are welcome improvements to her base abilities. The choice to either have quicker reloads or better handling and quicker spin up make Rampart a dangerous opponent in short to medium range.


Ash can be a viable legend to rotate your team out of dangerous battles. Her level 2 perks can be helpful to make Ash better at supporting your team with information on enemy teams. Ash’s level 3 perk Greedy Snare appears to be good, however it only keeps the Arc Snare on the ground for 24 seconds. Instead of tethering the enemy for that long, it only lasts a few seconds.


Ballistic has good base abilities which are most effective in specific team comps. His level 2 perk choices don’t make a great impact on winning fights, as these perks can be effectively replaced with having Loba on your team. Similarly, his level 3 perks are underwhelming and are unlikely to change the outcome of a battle.

C tier Legends


Octane can be a strong legend when combined with other movement legends. However, outside of this, Octane does not provide great team utility. His new perks make Octane an even more difficult legend to catch, which only improves on his niche as a Skirmisher, rather than improving his team play.


Caustic can be a very powerful legend in specific circumstances. His level 2 perk choices both offer significant improvements on his base abilities, while his level 3 perks give the choice of HP regen in his Nox Gas or longer Nox Vision. In close quarters, Caustic is a very strong choice, but in the open his abilities lose their effectiveness.


Vantage is great in long range encounters. Her base abilities give her the upper hand in sniper fights. Her level 2 perks are useful for either finding the next ring or increasing the bullets for her ultimate. While improved movement is useful for a recon legend, the level 3 perks are not game changing. Outside of her niche as a sniper, there are often better and easier choices.


Lifeline is an average performing support legend. Her base abilities can be good but there are better choices. Her level 2 perk choices does make Lifeline more viable as quicker revives and more frequent healing are always useful. However, her level 3 perk choices are underwhelming.

D tier Legends


Mirage can be an okay choice in a small number of situations, however his abilities don’t make a significant impact on winning. His perks are underwhelming and do not address the issues that Mirage has had over a number of seasons. On the whole, Mirage is not a worthwhile pick, as there are a number of legends that overshadow him.

Ranking Methodology


S-tier legends can decisively change the outcome of a fight and give you the best chance of victory in a variety of situations. These legends work great in nearly every team comp. S-tier legends define the meta.


A-tier legends are able to perform well in most situations. They are able to make a significant impact with abilities and play well with most team comps. They are strong picks to help your team win.


B-tier legends can be useful situationally, and can make a difference in a few niche situations. Overall they don’t play well due to either being overshadowed by better legends, a poor choice for team comp or being too niche for a wide scope of situations.


C-tier legends can be useful situationally, and can make a difference in a few niche situations. These legends often have high skill ceilings, which can make it a challenge to master. When mastered, these legends perform great in their specific niches. There are often better choices for less experienced players.


D-tier legends are poor choices and don’t work well in most situations. These legends have abilities that can be ignored or easily countered. They offer little utility for your team and are overshadowed by better legends.

Thanks for checking out our list of the best characters in Apex Legends. Be sure to also check out all our other Mobalytics tier lists.