How to Learn New TFT Team Comps Faster (Grandmaster Tips)

How to Learn New TFT Team Comps Faster (Grandmaster Tips)

How to Learn and Master New Teamfight Tactics Team Comps

New TFT team comps often appear quite quickly in TFT as bi weekly meta shifts change things dramatically. Some comps are invented on patch notes day, while others are adjusted over time and appear close to the end of a patch.

New comps can be quite jarring to play as it’ll feel like learning the game all over again. So here are a few main things to keep in mind when playing a new comp.

tft set 3 galaxy banner

1. Know which items you’re targeting

If you are learning a new comp, chances are that you are reading a guide that already has optimal items for you to build. While this will be very helpful to follow, don’t always follow the guide precisely.

For example, Irelia will do insane damage with double Infinity Edge, but if half of your lobby has a vanguard frontline, you might want to stray from the guide and instead build Infinity Edge + Last Whisper.

irelia items

Always make sure you try and itemize according to your lobby instead of simply building what a guide says. Similarly, you might not know what to do if you don’t get the perfect items.

tft last whisper

In situations like these, you should experiment with different items and see what results you get. Maybe you are able to find other items that are also strong, or maybe you fail and your team is nowhere near as strong.

Either way, you will learn what items will be good for a new comp, and judge whether or not you should play said comp based on your items.

2. Have a leveling strategy

Leveling strategy is one of the most important things to consider when seeing a new comp. For example, a comp like Jinx Brawlers will play a fairly “normal” strategy that looks to find 2 star units for a complete level 8 comp.

Conversely, comps like Star Guardian or Mech Infiltrators look to find 3 star units and stay at level 7 for longer. This is why at Mobalytics, we’ve added a leveling guide to our comps to ensure you know what you should prioritize at certain points of the game.

tft leveling strategy

However, maybe you find a guide that doesn’t go in-depth on this topic, or maybe you play against a comp you’ve never seen before. In these situations, you should learn how to come up with a leveling strategy for yourself based on your previous experience.

Depending on the cost of your carry, you will be able to determine this yourself. If the comp carry is Kayle, you will likely level normally to level 8 to finish your comp. If the comp carry is ASol, you might want to greed more to hit level 8 early.

Mecha Aurelion Sol

If the comp carry is Shaco, you want to stay at level 7 longer to reroll for 3 star Shaco. If your comp carry is Xin Zhao, you will want to stay at level 6 to reroll for 2 star Xin Zhao.

These leveling strategies have evolved over the course of set 3, and will likely change based on the new player damage changes coming in patch 10.8. When the devs change things like player damage or streak gold, it is imperative that you evolve your leveling strategy accordingly.

3. Optimize your positioning

Positioning in TFT is a unique aspect to comps and in my opinion, one of the least important aspects of any guide. While there may be a general positioning you should follow, positioning has a direct correlation to the enemy comps.

If you are playing against infiltrators, you want to put your carries more to the side. If you are playing against Miss Fortune, you want to position your carry so they won’t be hit by her Bullet Time.

gun goddess miss fortune

What if enemies have Zephyr? What if enemies have Shroud of Stillness? Or Mana Reaver? Or Blitzcrank? Or Blitzcrank with Zephyr?

Positioning will always be a choice based on the opponents you face. As such, when reading a guide, or looking at a new comp, simply try and see what things are necessary. Here are a few examples:

How to Position Karma

Karma should always tether the main carry of your team to make use of her ability.

karma positioning

If you have to adjust your positioning in game, make sure you also have Karma tethering the right target.

How to Position Rebels

Rebels are less flexible in that they always need to be positioned next to each other to make use of their buff. But there may be times when you want to position yourself more forward or on the opposite side.

Either way, make sure you still have your rebels next to each other for their buff.

rebels positioning

There are definitely more things to keep in mind, but these are just a few examples to get your mind rolling.

When learning a new comp, take a moment to figure out why a certain unit is positioned in such a way. Or if you lose to an enemy because of their positioning, see how they countered your comp.

By learning these things, positioning will become a part of your game knowledge that will allow you to learn the positioning for any comp.

4. Adjust your team comps according to game state

If you see a new comp, or read a new guide on a comp, you will be tempted to simply buy only the necessary units. While this may work out, you might not hit your units early enough, take too much damage, and bleed out in the late game.

If the guide you read covers everything you need to know, you might not need to know this, but there are a few ways to improve your game knowledge, and adjust to new comps.

Use transition units

Transition units are a great example of adjusting comps. Maybe you are running a comp like Chrono Kayle and have items like Guardian Angel + Hand of Justice.

kayle transition units

If you only buy units necessary for your final team comp, you won’t have a good item holder for these items. But, these two items are very good on a unit like Yasuo.

yasuo recommended items

Yasuo also provides blademaster which is used in a comp like Chrono Kayle. Because of this, Yasuo can be a great item holder to use until you are able to find an upgraded Kayle.

Adjust your item choices

We touched on items previously, but items are also an important counterplay mechanic. If you see an enemy that has a lot of healing, you may want to prioritize getting Red Buff or Morellonomicon over your ideal carry items.

If the enemy has a lot of CC or Zephyr, you may want to prioritize getting Quicksilver. Carries will often have ideal items, but make sure to also itemize against what you are playing against.

Understand interchangeable units

In many games, you won’t be able to find the ideal units for your comp, or maybe the comp would even be better if you swapped one or two units. For a comp like Jhin and Friends our guide tells you to simply run Jhin, Ashe, 4 Vanguards, and 2 Mystic.

learn jhin and friends

While this will work great for some games, what if you play against a more magic damage lobby.

If that’s the case, you should replace 2 vanguards with 2 mystic. While this is a very simple case, there are some cases that might not be as easy to deduce.

For a comp like Chrono Kayle, you could run something like this.

learn chrono kayle

But what if you are lacking in damage and don’t need the extra healing from celestial? Would Irelia be better if you had extra items for her? Or what if you are able to hit level 9?

What unit combinations could you add in to make your comp the strongest possible? There are many situations that require different answers.


When learning a new comp, it will be easier to follow the guide word for word and see what happens. While you may get decent results, thinking critically about what you should do to make the comp optimal for every game will allow you to truly master a comp faster.

There will be times where straying from the path will result in bad games, but you learn so much more in the process. Think about it like an investment. If you push the comp and change things, you will learn things that will improve your game knowledge.

Eventually, you will reach a point where you only need to know what units are run in a comp. After that, you will be able to fill in all the blanks yourself.

tft set 3 galaxy banner

This will be even more useful on patch days. When many changes happen, new guides can be a bit delayed as they wait for the meta to settle.

In situations like this, your primary source of comps will be the opponents you face or streamers.

The moment you play against a new comp, or see it on stream, try to fill in the blanks yourself. Eventually, you will reach a point where you can master a new comp even before a fully fleshed guide comes out for it.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check out ourrecommended team comps, champs, and items to help you adjust and adapt.