Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.20 Notes & Breakdown

Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.20 Notes & Breakdown

Welcome to our analysis for TFT patch notes 9.20!

Patch 9.20 comes with many small changes as not to shake up the meta too much. Players will have an easier time adjusting this patch compared to last, but changes to the meta will still come by the day.

Make sure to check out our tier list and team comp changes as well! Here are the official 9.20 Patch Notes so you can follow along.

Biggest Changes this Patch

Of the many small changes, there are a select few that will impact the meta more and more immediately on opening day.

  • Assassins took multiple minor hits to Frozen Heart, Akali, Infinity Edge, assassins, and the wild synergy. This will decrease the viability of assassin builds, but will still perform well.
  • Guardians received a decent buff to their armor, helping counter assassins and Draven builds. Expect many guardians in the coming days.
  • Leveling to 5 will now require one less turn, slightly nerfing hyper roll builds and changing when you can level on curve.
  • The drop rate of 5-cost units at level 8 and 9 have been increased a good amount. Builds that can effectively use those 5 cost units will see an increase in play.

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Leveling Changes

“XP to Level to 5: 12 -> 10
XP to Level to 9: 70 -> 66″

  • As we touched on previously in the introduction, the new level changes, specifically the change to level 5 will have a slight but definite impact on the meta. Leveling on curve will now be at different intervals.
  • For example, after Wolves, you can no longer cleanly level up to 7, much like older metas. Furthermore, hyper roll builds will suffer from not being able to leverage more gold by not leveling early.

Tier Drop Rates

“Level 8: 15/25/35/20/5 -> 15/20/35/22/8
Level 9: 10/15/33/30/12 -> 10/15/30/30/15″

  • This change is quite interesting. 5-cost units have recently been phased out of the meta, as most builds were built to run with 4 cost units at level 2.
  • With this change, it becomes more likely that they will resurface in builds as now it is more reliable to find them. With guardians receiving buffs, Pantheon will start seeing play, as well as other 5-costs.


“Deathblade: Starts with 0 stacks -> Starts with 1 stack (+15 AD)
Frozen Heart Duration: 4 seconds -> 1 second
Infinity Edge: 150% Crit Damage -> 125% Crit Damage
Quicksilver: 5s cooldown -> 3s cooldown
Thieves Gloves: Lowered the average quality of item combinations”


  • Deathblade now gives additional attack damage, which is nice but does not give enough upside to prioritize over other BF sword items.
  • Quicksilver did not see much play last patch, mainly due to the fact that CC was not very prevalent in the meta. Most comps run only 1 or maybe 2 CC units so Quicksilver still might not see much play.


  • Infinity Edge got some of its critical damage nerfed, but the fact that it still provides 20% critical chance is still extremely strong.
  • Frozen Heart got a severe nerf to its duration. Assassins could abuse Frozen Heart by jumping over many units, but now its effect will only persist on the units next to it for more than one second. The intention of this nerf is clear, but the items viability will be in question.


3 Assassin: 75% CritDmg & 10% CritChance -> 75% CritDmg & 5% CritChance

Guardian Armor Bonus: 35 -> 45

Gunslinger: 1/2/3 extra shots -> 1/2/4 extra shots
Knight: 15/35/65 -> 15/35/60
Wild: 12% AS per stack -> 10% AS per stack”


  • Gunslingers only received a buff at 6 gunslingers, which does improve the viability of 6 gunslinger / 3 blademaster comps. Whether this is enough will have to be seen.
  • Guardians received a major buff to their armor bonus and will definitely see lots of play in the coming patch.


  • Knights got their 6 knight buff reduced slightly, but with many builds opting to stay at 4 knights, they will still be quite viable.
  • Wild received a slight attack speed nerf, which hurts, but is not the defining attribute of their synergy now. With the mechanic to bypass dodge, Wild will always have a place in the meta to keep yordles in check.
  • Assassins received a small critical chance nerf to their (3) bonus. This definitely curbs the power level of Akali and Zed, but might not be enough in the end.


“Aatrox Armor: 25 -> 35
Akali AS: 0.85 -> 0.8
Fiora HP: 400 -> 450
Gangplank AD: 55 -> 60
Kai’Sa Spell AS: 30%/60%/90% -> 50%/75%/100%
Kai’Sa Shield: 300/600/900 -> 400/700/1000
Leona HP: 750 -> 800
Lucian Spell: 100/225/350 -> 125/250/375
Poppy HP: 800 -> 700
Volibear AS: 0.6 -> 0.65″


  • Aatrox received a decent buff of 10 additional armor. With demons possibly coming back next patch, this will definitely help him stay alive to cast his ult.
  • Fiora received a small HP buff to her, which helps anyone using her early game, but still likely won’t be used after that.
  • Gangplank received a small attack damage buff, which will definitely sway some people to play gunslingers next patch.
  • Kai’Sa received quite a substantial buff to her ability, but with not many people playing rangers or void, she still is in a weird spot in terms of the meta.
  • Leona received a small HP buff which will definitely increase her usage along with the guardian buffs.
  • Lucian received small damage buffs on his ability, which solidifies his role as one of the main carries in a gunslinger build.
  • Volibear received a small attack speed buff, but with glacial seeing less play, it is unlikely that he will ever be the powerhouse he once was.


  • Akali received a slight attack speed nerf, which combined with all the other nerfs to the Wild and Free Assassins, will bring down the power level of this build that dominated the previous meta.
  • Poppy received a nerf somewhat out of the blue. Knights were very prevalent last patch, and this serves to make her less tanky while keeping her great ability.

Thanks for reading our TFT patch notes breakdown and meta analysis report for Patch 9.20. See you next time and let us know what you think of this patch in the comments below!

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