Palworld Pal Souls Guide: How Pal Stats Work

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How To Use Pal Souls to Upgrade Your Pal Stats

Just like how you can enhance your player stats, you can also use Pal Souls to upgrade the stats of your Pals.

In this guide, we’ll cover Pal Stats, how Pal Souls work, and examples of Pals you should consider upgrading.

Pal Stats You Can Upgrade with Pal Souls

The main stats that can be enhanced on a Pal using Pal Souls are:

  • Max Health – Health Pool (Total Hit Points of a Pal before being defeated)
  • Attack – Damage done by the Pal (Applied to all Pal abilities)
  • Defense – Amount of damage a Pal takes (More defense = less damage taken)
  • Workspeed – Work efficiency (Enhancement reduces time it takes to do work)

work speed improvement example

Pal Souls come in different colors/sizes. They can be found on the ground, in chests, as well as on bosses in dungeons, in the open world, and sometimes from defeating syndicate towers. You cannot craft these.

pal soul types

In order to enhance a Pal’s stats you will have to collect the correct amount of Pal Souls, with Small/green Souls being required for the first few enhancement of stats, while the Medium/pink and Large/yellow souls will be needed to enhance a Pal’s stats even further into a specific Pal stat.

The following table is the percentage of enhancement that will be given to your Pal as you specialize them into a specific stat, along with which Pal Souls will be required to do this:

% of Enhancement to Stat Type of Pal Souls Needed


1 Small/Green


2 Small/Green


3 Small/Green


4 Small/Green


1 Medium/Pink


2 Medium/Pink


3 Medium/Pink


1 Large/Yellow


2 Large/Yellow


3 Large/Yellow

When you are ready to enhance a Pal’s stats, you must go to a Statue of Power. Make sure you have the Pal Souls on you if you are not doing it at your base. You can also build a Statue of Power inside your base to access it easily and more often.

statue of powerPress the corresponding button or key to “Enhance Pals” and select which Pal you want to enhance.

enhancing pal statsYou may only enhance one stat at a time. So, when you are ready to enhance a stat, press the Enhance button and you will be asked to confirm the amount and type of Pal Soul/s you are going to use.

use small pal soul to enhance

Press yes and tada, this specific Pal has now been enhanced!

Examples of Which Pals to Upgrade

The best part about being able to enhance specific Pals is that you can dedicate Pal Souls to spend on your favorite party Pals who will be accompanying you on your adventures in the wilds of Palworld, as well as being able to spend Pal Souls to enhance your best working Pals back at your base.

enhancing attack power example

Let’s go through the types of Pals you should consider spending your Pal Souls on.

Your First Level 2 Miner

Keeping your Ore production up is generally one of the first “resource walls” that players run into.

When you get your first level 2 miners like Dumud, Penking, or Tombat, consider upgrading their Workspeed.

dumud upgrade

Your Main Mounts

nitewing upgrade

Whether you are using a flying mount or a ground mount, being able to travel around safely is key to exploration.

Investing some Pal Souls into upgraded Max Health and Defense for your mounts can be a great idea to help you escape dangerous situations.

Your Long Term Party Pals

Last, but not least, keep an eye on the Pals in your party. At around Level 30, the Pals that you encounter will be stronger and they all have specific element types that are highly effective against other element types of Pals.

When you decide on which Pal (or Pals) in your party you’d like to enhance – consider how much Attack, Health, and Defense they currently have and adjust as necessary to keep your combat Pal(s) well-rounded and super buff!

mammorest upgrade

Level 33 Mammorest with no enhancements, has decent health, attack, and defense.

gobfin ignis upgrade

Level 33 Gobfin Ignis with enhanced stats, has better Attack, but lower Health and Defense and could use more in the latter than attack.

Quick Note on Passive Skills and Breeding

It may be needless to say, but just in case, you MAY want to wait a while before you have perfected the specific Pal, and this is where Pal Breeding comes into play.

It is recommended not to spend your Pal Souls on Pals that do not have the best Passive Skills so you may want to research into the types of passive skills there are and how to breed Pals before you enhance them, since there is a way to get your Pal Souls back, but it is VERY expensive to do so.

For example, if you reached level 10 in a specific stat, in order to get the Pal Souls back that it took to get a Pal stat at that level, it would cost about 110,000 Gold Coins.

That being said, Pal Souls are very valuable and if you see them, definitely go out of your way and grab them. Scattered on the ground at random you can find them throughout Palworld. Again, you can find them in various chests at random, and depending on your luck, you can defeat different Pals and some of them will have a chance of dropping Pal Souls upon defeat