Palworld Beginner Guide: The Best Pals to Get Early On

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The 8 Best Pals You Should Try To Get Early On

If you want to start your Palworld journey off strong, these are the best pals to get in the initial areas and levels.

Our list will guide you from the early game levels of 1-10 toward the mid-game, offering a wide range of pals that are useful in different situations.

You’ll want to catch as many other pals as you can during your adventures, but make sure to keep an eye out for these.

NOTE: We didn’t include pals like Rushroar or Eikthydeer because we have a Palworld mount guide here.

Levels 1-5: Super Early Game MVPs

These two pals are great pickups early on due to their easy access and ability to contribute in multiple ways.

Cattiva is particularly useful with its weight utility/mining skill while Daedream offers a big boost to your combat potential after you unlock its Necklace.


cattiva number

  • Skill
    • Cat Helper
      • While in team, Cattiva helps carry supplies, increasing the player’s max carrying capacity.
  • Work Suitability
    • Handiwork: Lvl 1
    • Transporting: Lvl 1
    • Gathering Lvl 1
    • Mining Lvl 1

During your humble beginnings, Cattiva is bound to be one of the first pals you run into. In comparison to Lamball and Chikipi, Cattiva will be the most useful in your party due to its Cat Helper ability.

cattiva in gameCat Helper adds on 50 carry weight to your maximum, which is incredibly handy early on when you haven’t leveled up many of your character’s stats yet.

This effect actually stacks if you have multiple Cattivas in your party! So keep that in mind if you’re doing a supply run to help you reduce the amount of trips back and forth.

In addition to helping you carry more, Cattiva’s are one of the few pals that can help you mine Stone early on. Make sure to summon them toward a mining node to help you out!

Where to find Cattiva:

You should have no trouble finding Cattiva’s as you’ll basically be surrounded by them early on.

cattiva locations map


daedream number

  • Skill
    • Dream Chaser
      • While in team, appears near the player. Follows up player attacks with magic bullets (requires Daedream’s Necklace).
  • Work Suitability
    • Handiwork: Lvl 1
    • Transporting: Lvl 1
    • Gathering Lvl 1

Daedream is a solid choice to keep at your base due to their three Work Suitabilities, but also a welcome inclusion if you’re out exploring and hunting pals with their Dark damage (Dark is strong against Normal and there are many Normals in the very early game).

daedream in game

The main reason we recommend picking them early though is because of the benefits granted by their ability, Dream Chaser.

Dream Chaser allows you to effectively have two pals out at once, which is particularly helpful when taking on bosses or higher-level pals in general as it offers a noticeable increase in your damage output.

Keep in mind though that you can’t turn off this effect, so it can make catching pals less reliable as your Daedream can kill them on accident. So if you’re planning to purely catch pals, it might be a good idea to leave them at base.

To unlock Dream Chaser, you’ll need to hit level 8 and build Daedream’s Necklace at the Pal Gear Workbench with 5x Leather, 10x Fiber, and 10x Paldium Fragments.

Similar to Cattiva, this effect also stacks if you have multiple Daedreams in your lineup!

Where to find Daedream:

Daedream is likely the first pal that you’ll run into that you can only find during nighttime hours.  You’ll likely see them on your first or second night at the latest.

daedream locations map

Levels 5-8: Elemental Fundamentals

This trio of pals helps your humble base make a big leap forward in terms of production and efficiency.

If you can find upgrades of their elemental types, feel free to swap them out, but these will be the first ones you’ll likely run into.


gumoss number

  • Skill
    • Logging Assistance
      • While in team, improves efficiency of cutting trees.
  • Work Suitability
    • Planting Lvl 1

As you collect more pals, level up, and expand your base, you’re going to need more food to sustain yourself and your workers. Gumoss is included in our early game list because it’s likely the first Planting pal you’ll run into and we recommend automating your Berry Plantation ASAP.

Although any pal with Planting is a great first step to automating your food production, Gumoss is also useful since its ability, Logging Assistance also helps with your Wood collection (a big help until you find a Lumbering pal + build the Logging Site.

gumoss in game

You’ll eventually want to replace Gumoss with something like a Lifmunk since Lifmunk can do many other useful things like Lumbering and Planting. If you find it first, feel free to skip Gumoss entirely!

Where to find Gumoss:

You’ll run into an abundance of Gumoss as soon as you venture away from the spawn point vicinity.

gumoss locations map


pengullet number

  • Skill
    • Pengullet Cannon
      • When activated, the player equips a Rocket Launcher and fires Pengullet as ammunition. Pengullet explodes on contact and is incapacitated.
  • Work Suitability
    • Handiwork Lvl 1
    • Transporting Lvl 1
    • Watering Lvl 1
    • Cooling Lvl 1

After you get a pal with Planting like Gumoss, you’ll want to find a Watering pal to water the seeds planted at your Berry Plantation.

Upon populating your base with this Work Suitability pairing, you won’t have to worry about spending time farming ever again!

Pengullet will likely be the first Watering pal you run into, and often nearby Gumoss to make things easy for you.

pengullet in gameWe do also have to acknowledge Pengullet’s ability, Pengullet Cannon, which turns the pal into a one-shot bazooka sacrifice. This ability, although cool, is sort of a meme since by the time you unlock it much later at Level 17.

It just isn’t worth having to use up one of your party slots on a one-off shot if you’re trying to maximize your efficiency, but it’s definitely one of the most fun abilities!

You’ll likely replace Pengullet with pals like Penking or Surfent as you progress toward mid-game.

Where to find Pengullet

Pengullet is found in similar areas as Gumoss (away from the immediate spawn area), with more of a tendency to be near the coasts and bodies of water.

pengullet locations map


foxsparks number

  • Skill
    • Huggy Fire – When Activated, equips to the player and transform into a flamethrower.
  • Work Suitability
    • Kindling Lvl 1

Lastly in our elemental fundamental trio is Foxparks. This pal comes in handy as soon as you automate your Berry Plantation (with the likes of Gumoss and Pengullet) as you can start mass-cooking Baked Berries.

You’ll also need Kindling for the Primitive Furnace, which allows you to access a major leap forward in technology with Ingots.

foxsparks in game

By unlocking its Foxpark’s Harness you can use its skill, Huggy Fire, which is essentially a flamethrower. It’s pretty short-range and has a long cooldown but can be useful if you’re trying to mow down a ton of lower-level pals at once. Overall, it’s just an okay ability and not the reason we’re targeting the pal early on.

The Foxspark’s Harness requires the Pal Gear Workbench along with 3x Leather, 5x Flame Organ, and 5x Paldium Fragments as materials.

Where to find Foxparks

Kindling pals are one of the rarer types in the early game, you can find Foxparks in the same areas as Gumoss and Pengullet, a little way down from the initial spawn point.

foxsparks locations map

Levels 8-10: Roster Powerspikes

This batch of early pals to target includes choices that offer unique utility and will help you transition into the mid-game.

Teafant offers healing which is very rare in Palworld, Tombat really speeds up your base’s efficiency, and Vixy automatically produces pal spheres among other useful things.

To find them, you’ll need to venture out quite a bit, but you should be able to handle it if you progresesed with our guide!


teafant number

  • Skill
    • Soothing Shower
      • When activated, spouts mysterious water that soothes wounds and restores the player’s HP.
  • Work Suitability
    • Watering Lvl 1

Although having another Watering type on hand can be useful, Teafant’s inclusion on this list is pretty singular.

By seemingly intended design by the devs, healing is scarce in Palworld. Throughout your journey, you’re bound to face situations where your shield is down and you’re near death yourself.

teafant in game

With a Teafant, you can find cover and potentially get back into a battle you would have otherwise run from.

This makes it an ideal candidate to be in your party if you’re taking down bosses or making your way through dungeons. There are other pals that can heal but you won’t find them for sometime.

Where to find Teafant

You’ll have to venture out a bit from the starting area to find Teafant, but you should be able to find them in abundance, especially near water.

teafant locations map


tombat number

  • Ultrasonic Sensor
    • When activated, uses ultrasonic waves to detect the location of nearby Pals.
  • Work Suitability
    • Gathering Lvl 2
    • Mining Lvl 2
    • Transporting Lvl 2

Next up on our list is Tombat, who although has a cool skill, will be best served at your base.

Once you add a Tombat to your workforce, you’ll notice a solid jump in productivity and efficiency due to having level 2 in Gathering, Mining, and Transporting, all very helpful Work Suitability traits.

In the early game, having level 2 is rare in general, let alone having three of them.

tombat in game

He’ll make the rest of your early workers look incredibly slow as he flies around from task to task.

Keep in mind though that he is pretty large, so if you have a cramped base, he can get caught sometimes. Keep an eye out for him being Hungry as a sign he’s gotten stuck and consider rearranging your base accordingly.

Where to find Tombat

Similar to Daedream, Tomcat can only be found at night time.

tombat locations map

I personally had a lot of success finding Tomcats near the Grassy Behemoth Hills waypoint.

grassy behemoth hills map


vixy number

  • Dig Here!
    • Sometimes digs up items from the ground when assigned to ranch.
  • Work Suitability
    • Gathering Lvl 1
    • Farming Lvl 1

Last but not least we have Vixy, who is another pal like Tomcat that powerspikes your base’s output.

Vixy’s importance on this list revolves around her skill, Dig Here!, which allows you to passively collect pal spheres, arrows, and gold, all incredibly relevant items.

vixy in game

The pal helps you save a ton of time that you would’ve spent collecting resources or crafting and honestly produces a decent amount each day.

As you progress, pals get harder to catch, so being able to spam more spheres against lower percentage targets can’t be understated in the long run.

Vixy should prioritize using The Ranch, but if they get stuck Gathering or Farming, pick them up and throw them to The Ranch.

Where to find Vixy

Vixy will have you venturing pretty far away from your first base and toward areas that transition toward the mid-game, but you should be fine. It’s well worth the journey for its benefits!

vixy locations map