Palworld Player Stats Guide: The Best Ones to Level Up

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Palworld Player Stats You Should Upgrade

As you progress, you’ll be able to enhance your Palworld player stats by putting points into specific skills.

This will happen naturally as you earn experience from everything you do, whether it be gathering resources, fighting Syndicates, building structures, defeating bosses in dungeons, and more.

In this Palworld player stats guide, we’ll cover all the stats and help you understand which one to prioritize.

The 5 Palworld Player Stats

Every time your character levels up in Palworld, you’ll be able to level up one of your skill stats.

enhance stats

The five stats you can level up are:

  • Health – Health pool (a numbered amount of hit points your character has)
  • Stamina – Dictates how long your character can sprint or gather resources with tools
  • Attack – Affects damage done by your character with weapons (melee or other)
  • Work Speed – How quickly your character can produce a desired recipe (Handiwork)
  • Weight – How much weight your character can carry until encumbered and movement is slowed

Although there is another sixth stat of yours, called Defense, it is currently not an option for enhanced stat point allowance. Defense can only be increased by wearing armor, accessories, or having certain Pals in your party that raise Defense by a percentage.

How to Prioritize Leveling Your Player Stats

TLDR, our recommend priority is as follows:

  • S Tier = Health / Stamina (always good)
  • A Tier = Weight (situationally good)
  • B Tier = Attack/Work Speed (Pals can do it for you)

In general, we recommend spending your points on Stamina and Health first since those will always be helpful. A good rule of thumb is putting one point into Health and Stamina, every other level, concurrently.

Weight is nice to have early game since being weighed down will cause you to walk very slowly. It is not absolutely necessary though if you manage your items well or employ the use of good early game pals like Cattiva that can help you carry more..

Note: Since a recent patch update, being overweight will not stop you from moving altogether. So even if you are completely over the weight cap you can still move a little bit. This is why points into weight are not as important now, but more effective early on.

When it comes to Attack and Workspeed, these would be preference-based. They are not as imperative as Health or Stamina since your Pals can handle most of the work for you in situations where you need Attacking and Work Speed.

This priority may change with the release of PVP or balance changes, but for now, you’ll get better value by avoiding spending your levels in Attack and Workspeed.

How to Respec Your Player Stats (Memory Wiping Medicine)

There is a way to respec your stats, as well as your Technology points, so if you want to try out different skill builds you will have to either find (as loot in a chest), buy (from a high-level merchant), or make what is called a Memory Wiping Medicine.

memory wiping medicine

It can be crafted at Level 43 – once you learn the technology to build an Electric Medicine Workbench.

Note that there was a bug that caused it to reset your Capture Power but fear not, as it has been fixed in a recent patch.