How to Get Cake in Palworld (Where to Find Ingredients and Other Tips)

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Palworld Cake Guide: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re reading this guide, you’ve probably just made your Breeding Ranch and wondering how to get cake in Palworld.

When you first see the recipe, it can seem daunting at first but don’t worry!

By the end of this Palworld cake guide, you’ll understand what you need, where to find it, and even ways to speed up your overall cake production.

breeding farm

“Cake is required for breeding?!”

What You Need to Make Cake in Palworld

At the most basic level, to make cake in Palworld, you’ll need:

  • Cooking Pot
  • Cake Ingredients
  • Kindling Pals

How to Get the Cooking Pot

The Cooking Pot unlocks more recipes and produces food more efficiently than the Campfire.

You can unlock it at Technology level 17, so you should already have this at your base by the time you make the Breeding Farm which is unlocked at level 19.

cooking pot

If you somehow missed it and skipped ahead tot he Breeding Farm, you’ll need 20x Wood, 15x Ingots, and 3x Flame Organs.

Where to Find Palworld Cake Ingredients

At the Cooking Pot, you’ll see the Cake and its recipe.

In total the Cake needs:

  • 5x Flour
  • 8x Red Berries
  • 7x Milk
  • 8x Eggs
  • 2x Honey

cake recipe

If you’ve made it to level 19 and unlocked the Breeding Farm, we’re going to assume that you already have plenty of Red Berries from your Berry Plantations.

Let’s dive into how to get Flour, Milk, Egg, and Honey.

How to Get Flour

Getting Flour in Palworld has two steps, getting Wheat and then turning it into Flour.

mill flour creation

Thankfully, these are both unlocked at Technology level 15 as you get access to the Wheat Plantation and the Mill.

wheat plantation

The Wheat Plantation works in the same way as the Berry Plantation. Make sure you have pals that can Plant, Gather, and Water so you don’t have to waste time with manual work.

After the Plantation produces Wheat, take your Wheat to the Mill to transform it into Flour. This will also need a Watering pal.


Setting task priority can be wonky in Palworld, so remember that you can pick up your Watering Pal and throw them at the Mill to make them start producing instantly if they keep getting distracted by other things.

How to Get Milk

To get Milk in Palworld, you’ll need to catch a Mozzarina, which will then automatically produce it at your Ranch with its Partner Skill, Milk Maker.

mozzarina milk maker

You’ll find Mozzarinna by going directly west of the Tower of the Rayne Syndicate (the first tutorial boss tower).

mozzarina map location

In addition to producing it at your Ranch, you can collect Milk from killing or catching Mozzarinas.

How to Get Eggs

Similar to Red Berries, you should already know how to get Eggs in Palworld since Chikipis are found in abundance at the game’s starting area.

chikipi egg layer

They not only drop it from kills or catches but will produce eggs when stationed at your Ranch with their Egg Layer Partner Skill.

How to Get Honey

Out of all the Cake ingredients, Honey will require the furthest journey to find.

The first pal you’ll run into that drops it is Cinnamoth.

cinnamoth in game

You can find Cinnamoth in the wild if you keep heading north of the Tower of the Rayne Syndicate.

However, Cinnamoth does not produce Honey for you like Chikipi and Mozzarina.

cinnamoth map location

To automatically produce Honey, you’ll need to find Beegarde, which has the Worker Bee Partner Skill that lets them produce it at the Ranchbeegarde worker bee

Beegardes spawn to the area east of where Cinnamoths spawn. So prepare to explore a bit with your flying mount.

beegarde map location

In addition to produce Honey, Beegarde is also just a great base pal in general due to having a whopping seven Work Suitabilities.

Just make sure to throw them into the Ranch if they get distracted by other tasks.

If You’re in a Rush, Visit a Merchant

Although automating the production of resources is the most efficient way to go about making Cake, you can also visit a Merchant if you’re missing a few ingredients and just want to start the long cooking process.

In their shop, you’ll be able to find Egg, Milk, Red Berries, and Wheat.

cake supplies merchant

The closest early game Merchant is at the Small Settlement, at these coordinates: 73, -1486. It’s not too far west from the Tower of the Rayne Syndicate or southeast from the Kingpaca.

small settlement

Remember that you can also catch the Merchant and have them in your Palbox for easy access to reduce your travel time.

However, you may not be strong enough to take them on as they and the guards will be around level 30 (you’re probably around level 19-20 at this point).

wandering merchant palworld

How to Make Cake Faster

After collecting all the Cake ingredients, you’ll probably be excited to start breeding your pals.

Well, after you start cooking it you’ll soon realize it’s going to take a long while.

Thankfully there are ways to speed up this otherwise very slow process.

Find Pals With Faster Kindling

Since pals with kindling tend to be fire pals and fire pals tend to be rarer than other elements, there’s a chance that your only one is Foxparks when you unlock the Breeding Ranch.

Foxparks is great for early game bases, but unfortunately they only have Kindling level 1. Now that you’re entering the mid game, it’s time to level up to Kindling level 2!

The first option is Arsox, which also offers level 1 Lumbering.

arsox kindling

You can find Arsox to the northwest of the Tower of the Rayne Syndicate, passed the area where Mozzarina spawns.

arsox map location

Another option that’s closer is the Bushi boss battle at coordinates -115, -448. The downside here of course is that you can only try catching Bushi after the dungeon timer resets.

bushi boss

With level 2 Kindling, level 3 Lumbering, level 2 Transporting, level 1 Handiwork, and level 1 Gathering, Bushi is obviously a better overall option than Arsox.

bushi kindling

Naturally, as you enter late game (or get lucky with an egg hatch), you’ll want to upgraded to Kindling level 3 with pals like Ragnahawk, Blazehowl, and Reptyro.

In addition to increasing the base Kindling level, make sure to also prioritize pals that have favorable work traits like:

  • Artisan = Work Speed +50%
  • Serious = Work Speed +20%
  • Lucky = Work Speed +15%, Attack +15%
  • Work Slave = Work Speed +30%, Attack -30%
  • Conceited = Work Speed +10%, Defense +10%

Build a Flame Cauldron

At Technology level 20, you can build the Flame Cauldron to improve the output of your Kindling pals.

flame cauldron

It’s a bit pricey at 50x Ingots, 100x Wood, and 20x Flame Organ, but it’s well worth the long-term investment.

Remember that you can purchase Flame Organs at the Merchant that we mentioned earlier in the ingredient section.

Note that its effect does not stack, so you only need one per base.

Place Feed Boxes Close to Your Production Area

This is a general base-building tip that applies whenever you want to improve pal work efficiency

Just place a Feed Box near your Cake production area (can also be helpful near your farms for Berries/Wheat or even inside the Breeding Ranch itself),


By doing so, you’ll reduce the amount of travel time your pal needs to eat when they’re hungry and help them get back to work faster.

After that, all you have to do is make sure it stays stocked with food!

Upgrade to the Electric Kitchen

This one won’t happen for a long while as you won’t be able to unlock it until Technology level 41.

electric kitchen

However, the Electric Kitchen is the most advanced cooking method in Palworld’s late game, so make sure to upgrade when you make it that far to give another boost to your Cake output.