Palworld Base Guide for Beginners (Starting Locations, Tips, and More)

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Palworld Beginner Base Guide

Whether it’s your first time playing Palworld or you’re starting up another save file, establishing your first base is essential. The decisions of where to build and what to build first may be a bit overwhelming but we’ve got you covered with our Palworld base guide!

Let’s take a look at the criteria you should look for when starting your first base and then how to build your base optimally.

While you’re building your first base, make sure to keep an eye out for the best pals to get early on.

palworld base building guide intro path

How to Choose Your Palworld Base Location

Choosing the right location for your first base can really give you a head start and save some headaches later on.

Here are some rules of thumb to keep in mind when looking for a spot:

  • Variety of Resources (including Wood, Stone, Paldium, and Ore)
  • Flat Open Space
  • Abundance of nearby Pals to capture
  • Abundance of nearby Enemy Syndicates
  • Choke points for defending against Enemies
  • Amount of a single resource needed (I.E. Ore, Sulfur, Coal)

The first recommended location is near the respawn point of the Windswept Hills – Plateau of Beginnings (coordinates: 233, -488).

Windswept Hills – Plateau of Beginnings

Just as you begin your adventure, you will find a beautiful little spot near a waterfall that will have all the resources required to build your first base and some of the basic beginner buildings.

windswept hills plataeu of beginnings first base

This location will become quite familiar and is very inviting. With an abundance of lower-level Pals like Lamball, Cattiva, and Chikipi, you will be well on your way to producing wool, eggs, and mining stone in no time.

The flat surface and the nearby respawn location is very valuable if you are playing with friends that are not in your guild, so that they can still visit you easily since they will not be able to teleport directly to you without being in the same guild.

A downside to this location is that it does not have enough ore nearby to support you as you advance past Level 10. You must also be careful of the Mammorest that frequently paths by your base, as if it becomes aggressive (should you or your Pal accidentally attack it), it will definitely be devastating to your structures and your Pals working there.

Ice Wind Island

The next recommended location is at Ice Wind Island. Even though the information box that appears while hovering over this respawn location says that it does not have an abundance of Pals, do not let this deceive you.

ice wind island map

You will have access to all the same starter Pals right away (including Lamball, Foxparks, Tanzee, and Caprity).

In order to get to this location, once spawning, follow the road to the east until you are heading up a hill and there it will be (coordinates: -255, 50).

other starting base locationWith a large flat surface and a couple of ore deposits nearby, this spot is a great first base location with another nearby teleport that your friends can access and visit you.

Another huge thing to consider though, is a location that is more easily protected from the ongoing raids that will occur every so often during your adventures. These raids come in the form of many different enemies, whether it be Syndicates or Wild Pals, and eventually Fan Girls or a band of aerial assault flying Wild Pals.

Creating choke points for enemies is ideal. Whether you build defensive walls and sandbags or mount weapons behind sandbags, any raid can easily devastate your base and your working Pals if you are not prepared.

Luckily, at Base Level 10, you will be able to build a second Palbox, and again at Base Level 15. Things will get easier when you have another base to fall back on, but remember it may all come down to location, location, location!

For most of us adventurers, the second Palbox base will need to be built by ore, and lots of it. Not only do new buildings, equipment and armor require it, but Ore is an essential resource that is used in the crafting of better Pal Spheres and ammunition, which will be used often and keeping up with the demand of its necessity will deem a dedicated mining operation.

ore base location

Consider placing your second Palbox base in an area that is surrounded with ore. Place a storage container nearby all of your Palboxs so that you can transport resources efficiently and dedicate some time into capturing Pals that can mine and transport ore to the storage so you can maximize uptime on production.

Base Building Fundamentals

When you place your first Palbox, make sure not to place it against a wall of stone or any other structures in Palworld or else your Pals will spawn inside the walls and get stuck. Give yourself lots of space.

Once you’ve established your base location by placing a Palbox, use your Technology points as you level in order to gain access to new recipes. The most important of which are your workbenches, your Pal Spheres, and your storage containers.

You will be weighed down by carrying stone and wood from place to place, as well as ore eventually. It’s important to have a place to put everything you collect so that you can collect even more.

palworld materials

Building up a surplus of wood, stone, and ore should be the goal for immediate base-level upgrades and while you are gathering, always keep a weapon, a pickaxe, and a torch on you, just in case it gets cold out.

Aim to capture a couple of Pals first (like Lamball and Cattiva) and then focus on crafting a Cloth Outfit so you won’t be cold at night, and next a Common Shield and a Normal Parachute by base level 5. For more tips around what you should be unlocking early on, check out our general Palworld beginner guide.

up to level 5 technology tree

Build Pal Beds for each Pal once you start assigning Pals to your base to help you build and gather. Remember to space the Pal Beds out for larger Pals.

You may have one Pal per base level with a max of 15 Pals in each base (and a max of 3 Palboxes as a default Palworld setting).

palbox with workers

Do not use Technology points on any furniture sets unless you have a lot of extra technology points and want to decorate vs. leveling and capturing more Pals.

Get extra Technology points by activating more Fast Travel links or finding High Grade Technical Manuals as loot in dungeons.

And, speaking of dungeons, some structures recipes will require Ancient Civilization Parts so you will have to venture into a few dungeons in order to get these parts.

Currently, there is no way to erase your technology points and respecialize safely – even though at level 43 you can build an Electric Medicine Work Bench in order to craft a medicine that can respecialize your tech points, but this is NOT advised since it also wipes your capturing power (might be a bug?).

Placement Tips

There is no exact way that you have to build your base (although the Base Upgrade steps are pretty accurate).

This said, keep all of these in mind when building and placing objects:

  • There is no rotation after building so you will have to rotate prior to placement or else you will have to disassemble and start over the building time.
  • When disassembling, all resources used to craft the object will be in your inventory or on the ground nearby and may weigh you down instantly.
  • If your base location is not flat, consider placing foundation down first and spread out the foundation to the edge of your base line.
  • Keep in mind the size of your Pals. Larger Pals may get stuck navigating a base with less open space.
  • Place Pals in your base that have the correct skills required to work your production equipment
  • Place a central Feed Box, and one or two near the Pals working, so they don’t have to travel too far for food breaks.
  • Keep a decent amount of food in the Feed Boxes before you leave your base to explore or else your Pals at base will starve.
  • Place a storage chest close to the Logging Site and the Stone Pit, so Pals do not have to travel too far to transport these heavy resources.
  • If you are on a dedicated server, remove your Pals, or switch your really good Pals out of the base in favor of Pals that you may sell or get rid of later, so that production can occur when you log off, but your important Pals won’t be starving or get injured or depressed by the time you come back.

Eventually, you may just want to build and decorate your dream home in Palworld, whether it be near the hot volcanic lands of Mount Obsidian, or maybe you want a beach retreat setting.

late game palworld base example

Maybe you like castles? This is where Palword shines in the area of crafting – although, not super intuitive – getting used to the foundation sets and building tools is really fun and the decorations are a complement to a world where you can really show off to your friends in co-op or multiplayer modes.

That’s it for our Palworld base guide for beginners! Let your imagination run wild in Palworld and create the home base of your dreams, but – be careful of Wild Pals running wild in your base during raids! Have fun!