11 Palworld Beginner Tips and Tricks to Start Strong

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Palworld Beginner Tips and Tricks for New Players

Looking for Palworld beginner tips? We’ve got you covered with 11 important things to keep in mind and help you start your adventure off right.

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first waypoint

1. Pick Up Everything You Can

From the very moment you arrive in Palworld you will need to collect resources to survive and build your very first workbench and tools.

wood collectionJust like any other survival game, the first thing you will need is wood and stone. These are your core resources and you will be needing a ton of both.

So early on, try to pick up as many freebies possible to reduce the amount of time you’ll have to spend holding the F key.

2. Build a Workbench Right Away

Palword is very pleasant in the daytime, but at night it gets cold. If you are beginning your first adventure in single-player (or co-op) mode you will have a good bit of time to get prepared so you should be able to gather enough materials to build a Primitive Workbench and a Hand-held Torch before nightfall.

primitive workbench

If you are starting your adventure on a multiplayer server – there is no telling what time of day it will be when you arrive to Palworld so you will have very little time to prepare for the cold, so be quick about it, and remember, you can always disassemble your workbench and rebuild it when it is day time.

3. Stay Warm

Speaking of the cold nights, if you prefer not to swap between your Hand-held torch and your other tools over and over again throughout the night, capture a fire Pal, like Foxparks, as soon as you can, and make sure you keep one in your party until you can make suitable clothes or armor to wear.

how to stay warm palworld

To learn more about fire pals, check out our guide on all Palworld elements.

4. Be Careful Where You Place Your First Palbox

When you make your first Palbox you should find a good location that appeals to you, but make sure it is as flat as possible, to limit the chance for bugs.

Give yourself (and your Pals) lots of space to build and work. It’s also a good idea to build your first base near your main resources like wood, stone and ore.

first palbox placement

Also, don’t make the mistake of placing your Palbox too close to a wall, a rock, or anything that may bug out your Pals and trap them inside an object.

Remember that the Palbox is also where you will respawn if you die, so you will not want to respawn inside a rock or a wall and be trapped as well.

5. Take a Few Minutes To Get Comfortable With the UI

Learning how to navigate the user interface in Palworld is important. It’s very simple to use but it’s also easy to miss some important features like training your stat points as you level or using your Technology points to train new buildings and item recipes.

palworld uiGo through each of the tabs, check your controls, and adjust as necessary.

Take note of the Paldeck – this is a good way to check what certain skills each type of Pal has and where you can find the Pal’s Habitat on the map.

6. Don’t Underestimate the Glider

Until you manage to capture a mountable Pal, getting around Palworld can be exhausting, so to save time, build a Normal Parachute at Technology Level 5.

palworld gliderYou can use it for exploring and you can pull it out at the last moment if you fall from a very high place so you won’t take damage on ground impact.

7. Capture Ten of Each Pal, Sooner the Better

Experience comes easily at first, but soon you will feel like you spent hours building and have not gained any new levels. This is why catching ten of each Pal you run into is advantageous.

competitive scene palworld trainerSure, you will need to make sure to have an abundance of Pal Spheres on you, but in the long run, the collection bonus experience received upon catching ten of the same Pal will boost your Technology Levels very quickly and this leads to building better equipment and capturing more powerful Pals!

8. Remember to Feed Yourself and Your Pals

Until you reach Technology Level 10 and acquire at least one Ancient Technology point, you will need to manually feed yourself and your Pals. The easiest to gather and the most abundant of all food sources early on are Red Berries after you unlock the Berry Plantation.

palworld berries

These will do for now, until you can build and make the Small Feed Bag. This is a unique item, and will be located in your inventory under Key Items. Key items are not tradeable and you cannot make them for other people, nor can someone make them for you.

small feedbag

9. Flying is a Lifesaver

Aim to capture yourself a Nitewing and reach Level 15 as soon as possible so that you can make a Nitewing Saddle and finally explore Palworld easily by flying around.

nitewing flying

Remember to check your map often while exploring. Look for nearby Fast Travel locations on the map as you go so that you can link up to them and are able to use your Palbox to teleport back and forth from certain areas with ease.

10. Scout for Lifmunk Effigies at Night

Whether you’re exploring on foot or flying up high, it’s during the night when the locations of the Lifmunk Effigies are the most clear to see.

scout effigiesLifmunk Effigies are unique Key Items that are only lootable by you. Meaning, no one else can pick up yours, and everyone else has to pick up their own too.

They are used to level up your ability to catch higher level Pals and are super important to look for and turn in, so that you can capture Boss Pals, or capture lower level Pals with ease using lower level Pal Spheres.

11. You Can Die and Respawn to Explore

If you have already established your firstPalbox base and you die, don’t miss out on a chance to pick up some of the Fast Travel locations around the map in order to explore and get around easier throughout your adventures.

respawn to explore map

Once you respawn you should find yourself in a lower level area and there will be a Fast Travel pillar nearby so that you can teleport back to your base right away and keep a link open to new parts of Palworld.

Note: You don’t have to have your Palbox base down either, but merely already established a link to another Fast Travel location to teleport around the map.