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Marvel Snap: Kitty Pryde Decks and Synergies

How to Play Kitty Pryde in Marvel Snap

Welcome to another installment in our series where we cover new card releases and how to use them.

Kitty Pryde was originally released a while back, but with many bug interactions, they’ve given her a rework and also gave her to all players for free.

While she’s not as strong as her initial release, she’s still a very powerful card that fits into a solid amount of decks.

Let’s get right into the guide.

Kitty Pryde Effect

Marvel Snap Kitty Pryde

When this returns to your hand, +2 Power. Returns at the start of each turn.

  • Artist – Ryan Benjamin
  • Colorist – Ryan Kinnaird

Kitty Pryde Synergy

Originally, Kitty Pryde gave you the option of whether or not she returned to your hand. This meant that if you didn’t have extra Energy to play her, you could just leave her on the board.

With her new effect, she will always return to your hand. This means that on the final turn, you need to play her out to get her value, making it so you can’t just play 6 Energy cards on turn 6.

While this limits the decks she can be in, she is arguably stronger in the decks that she does fit into now.

The Collector

Marvel Snap The Collector

When a card enters your hand from anywhere (except your deck), +1 Power.

The Collector is an easy synergy with Kitty Pryde. At the start of every turn, Kitty will return to your hand, giving The Collector +1 Power. However, you may want to wait until Turn 3 to play him as playing Kitty Pryde on Turn 2 (and even losing 1 Energy) still equates to +2 Power rather than just +1.

Angela and Bishop

Marvel Snap AngelaMarvel Snap Bishop

Angela: After you play a card here, +2 Power.

Bishop: After you play a card, this gains +1 Power.

Angela and Bishop are next as they also benefit from being able to play many cards. Bishop will continue increasing in power as you play Kitty, and Angela can also ramp up as well. Angela’s weakness compared to Bishop is that there is limited space on her location, but with Kitty, you always have one spot to play her in as she continues to bounce to your hand.


Marvel Snap Bast

On Reveal: Set the Power of all cards in your hand to 3.

Bast is another card that synergizes well with Kitty as she initially starts with 0 Power. Even if your Kitty is already 4 or higher Power, you can simply play Kitty the turn you play Bast, and not be hit with the detrimental effect. Bast is also mainly a synergy due to being able to buff up other cards that synergize with Kitty, like Angela and Bishop.

Time Stone

Marvel Snap Time Stone

On Reveal: Draw a card. Next turn, you get +1 Energy.

This one isn’t a huge synergy, but playing a Time Stone on turn 5 means that you’ll have 7 Energy on turn 6. This means you can play out a powerful 6 cost card along with Kitty Pryde.

Kitty Pryde Decks

For this section, I’ll be mainly going over some decks that synergize with Kitty PRyde.

Keep in mind that these decks are all first impressions, so things can definitely change rapidly. As new discoveries are made with Kitty Pryde, I will be updating our Full Tier List, rather than update this article.

Be sure to check it out to see what the best decks are, or if Kitty Pryde is even in the best decks at all.

Kitty Pryde Bounce Deck

Marvel Snap Kitty Pryde Bounce Deck


The first, and arguably strongest deck for Kitty Pryde is the Bounce archetype. This deck fits her perfectly as she’s a card that naturally bounces from the board to your hand. This lets you scale your cards like Angela, Bishop, and Collector to very high Power totals. With the addition of Kitty Pryde, we see Bounce decks move away from the Darkhawk package, and add in Kitty Pryde + The Collector instead.

Kitty Pryde Thanos Death Deck

Marvel Snap Thanos Death Deck


Previously, we’ve seen Thanos Bounce be an archetype, but I think the regular Bounce deck is both easier to play and superior. However, I really like the addition of Kitty Pryde into a Thanos Death deck. Thanos Death is becoming more popular as a Thanos deck with a bunch of tech cards + the Destroy package.

Luckily for Kitty Pryde, you can play her along with Killmonger, as you can simply play her after Killmonger to protect her. This makes her a great way to use up extra Energy (which this deck can have a lot of) while not messing up the Destroy synergy.

Kitty Pryde Sera Control

Marvel Snap Kitty Pryde Sera Control Deck


Sera Control is another deck that doesn’t utilize 6 Energy cards, making Kitty Pryde a solid addition. Furthermore, current lists already run Angela, Bishop, and Hit-Monkey, making Kitty Pryde another solid inclusion into the archetype.

In this list, I replace Lizard with Kitty Pryde, as Lizard has already been nerfed, and Kitty Pryde has higher upside than Lizard. I wouldn’t say Kitty Pryde is necessary for this deck, but she’s a solid inclusion (and she’s free anyway).

Kitty Pryde Dino Deck

Marvel Snap Kitty Pryde Dino Deck


Dino is another great deck archetype to slot Kitty into. Dino is a powerful 5-cost card, meaning you have an extra Energy to spend on turn 6 for Kitty. Dino Decks also make use of The Collector, another synergistic card with Kitty.

Lastly, Moon Girl can be a great way to double the value you’re getting from Kitty Pryde as well. If you have Quinjet on board, you can go Moon Girl on 4, Devil Dino on 5, and Devil Dino + two Kittys on turn 6.

My one reservation about this deck is that you don’t usually have leftover Energy on turns 2-5, so Kitty mainly helps you smooth out your curve rather than being the go to play line.

Kitty Pryde Counters

While Kitty Pryde is a very powerful card, she definitely has some counters she can run into.

Shadow King

Marvel Snap Shadow King

On Reveal: Set all cards here to their original base Power.

Shadow King is an easy counter to Kitty Pryde as he resets her Power back to 0. However, to do this, the Shadow King needs to not have priority in order to play afterward. Furthermore, the opponent has to guess where you will play Kitty Pryde, making her difficult to target.


Marvel Snap Killmonger

On Reveal: Destroy ALL 1-Cost cards.

Killmonger is another Kitty Pryde counter as he can snipe her wherever she is on the board. Once again, the Killmonger needs to not have priority, like Shadow King, but he doesn’t have to guess where Kitty Pryde will be played.


Marvel Snap Wave

On Reveal: All cards cost 4 until the end of next turn.

Wave on turn 5 is less common ever since the nerf to the Wave nerf, but she still fits into some decks as a form of disruption. If Wave is played on Turn 5, most Kitty Pryde decks will only be able to play one card on turn 6, making it impossible to play out Kitty Pryde + another card. This severely limits the Power that Kitty Pryde decks can push out. Sandman is another similar effect as well.


All in all, Kitty Pryde has been changed to a very strong card, but needs specific decks to make use of her. The Marvel Snap meta was already trending toward decks that flood the board on turn 6, so Kitty Pryde is coming at just the right time.

Since every player is given Kitty Pryde for free, expect to see a lot of Kitty Pryde in your games for the coming weeks.

Hope this guide helped you out a bit, good luck in your games, and snap away!

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Good luck in your games, and thanks for reading!