Best Cards in Marvel Snap – Series 4/5 Tier List

Best Cards in Marvel Snap – Series 4/5 Tier List

Marvel Snap Tier List: Best Series 4/5 Cards

Knull Spotlight Variant

Welcome to our Marvel Snap Series 4 and 5 Tier List!

Series 4 and 5 are where you will gain access to new cards in Marvel Snap, and they often are extremely powerful, or completely unplayable. Now that Collector’s Tokens are more readily available for players, having a good idea of the best cards to purchase will benefit your Snap journey greatly.

Evaluating cards can be difficult, as some cards become better if you own other cards, but we will try to give an overall rating to cards.

Note: The Tier List is not ordered within tiers, so don’t pay mind to the order of cards.

Tier Series 4 Card Tier List
S Legion, Zabu, Snowguard
A Darkhawk, Knull, M.O.D.O.K., Spider-Ham, Nimrod, Mirage
B Stature, Stegron
C Master Mold, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Spider-Man 2099
Tier Series 5 Card Tier List
S Thanos, High Evolutionary, Jeff, Kitty Pryde, Silk
A Iron Lad, Nebula, Galactus, The Living Tribunal, Hit-Monkey, Alioth
B Echo, Ghost-Spider, Jean Gray, Daken, X-23, Silver Samurai
C Kang, Howard the Duck, Phoenix Force, Lady Deathstrike

Card Commentary – Series 4

Marvel Snap Zabu

In this section, I’ll be going over why we tiered cards the way we did, starting with Series 4.

  • S-Legion: Legion was recently released into Series 4 and has quickly become a staple. 5/7 is a solid stat line and is below Shang-Chi range. The location control also brings a ton of flexibility to any deck that can slot him in.
  • S-Zabu: Zabu’s rework definitely made him less powerful, but he’s still one of the most powerful cards in the game. There are whole archetypes built around 4-costs due to Zabu, and he’s basically a better Psylocke in Negative decks as well.
  • S-Snowguard: Snowguard’s recent change has turned her from trash to treasure. Not only is she the perfect card for Collector Loki decks, but she’s just a good card overall.
  • A-Darkhawk: Darkhawk has recently fallen from the meta after many nerfs and meta changes. While he may not be good  now, he’s still a good card overall. Maybe with some more meta shifts we may see him come back in the meta.
  • A-Knull: Knull is a staple in Destroy decks and Galactus decks, and that reason alone is enough to make him A tier. He’s not as flexible as Zabu or Darkhawk, but he’s still very good in the archetypes he fits into.
  • A-Modok: Modok revived the Discard archetype, and is largely the reason why Discard is playable to this day. While he only really fits into one archetype, he’s archetype defining.
  • A-Nimrod: Nimrod is like Modok in that he only really fits into the Destroy archetype. However, I would argue that you can still play Destroy decks without Nimrod, but you will struggle to play Discard without Modok. Even still, Nimrod isn’t countered by Shang-Chi if you buff him up, so he has some merit.
  • A-Mirage: Mirage is once again moving up in the tier list due to the synergy with Collector and Loki. Her ability can be quite useful for other decks that want to swarm the board as well.
  • A-Spider-Ham: Spider-Ham is a recent addition to the game, and he slots in for Iceman in many decks such as Bounce. Spider-Ham is somewhat of a luxury, you can definitely go without him, but he does give a little extra boost to decks.
  • B-Stature: Stature can easily be splashed into decks with Black Bolt or Silver Samurai, but she hasn’t made much of an impact on the meta. Not a bad card, but not particularly necessary for most accounts.
  • B-Stegron: Stegron is a bit of a meme card, but he definitely can be an interesting tech card. The fact that Stegron is 4-cost also means he can fit into Zabu decks with Darkhawk. You can also splash cards like Miles Morales in there to benefit off his Move ability.
  • C-Master Mold: Master Mold is more of a meme deck that looks to fill your opponent’s hand and be annoying.
  • C-Negasonic Teenage Warhead: Simply put, Negasonic’s ability is too difficult to reliably utilize.
  • C-Spider-Man 2099: Spider-Man 2099 is another interesting Move tech card, but his ability is too difficult to pull off. Why play him when you can simply play Shang-Chi.

Card Commentary – Series 5

Marvel Snap Thanos

Next, let’s cover our rankings for the Series 5 cards.

  • S-Thanos: Thanos is simply one of the most unique cards in the game. The Infinity Stones give a ton of utility, and there are tons of different Thanos archetypes. Combine this with the fact that Thanos will be Series 5 for the foreseeable future, Thanos is a great pickup.
  • S-High Evolutionary: High Evolutionary is the newest “Big Bad” aka Series 5 only card. Once again, there is a lot of things you can do with High Evo, as he upgrades the vanilla cards in the game. While he’s been nerfed recently, you can’t go wrong going for High Evo.
  • S-Jeff: Jeff is arguably the best 2-cost card in the game. You just get so much flexibility through his ability. Just about every deck can fit in a 2-cost card, so you often see Jeff in almost every deck.
  • S-Kitty Pryde: Kitty Pryde is another very powerful card. Kitty Pryde is currently seeing the most play alongside Angela, Silk, and Kraven, to build up a ton of Power through only a few low cost cards.
  • S-Silk: Silk has premium stats, being a 2/5. The current move lists are able to leverage Silk to make her even better than a 2/5, which makes her one of the best cards in the game at the moment.
  • A-Iron Lad: If the meta still revolved around 4-cost cards, Iron Lad might be higher up on the list. Iron Lad sees the most play in Patriot, as even if you copy a “vanilla” card, you can still buff it up with Patriot. Otherwise, you’re bound to get a powerful effect on his On Reveal. While he hasn’t shown up too much in other lists, he’s an all around solid card that can likely fit into many decks.
  • A-Nebula: Nebula most often sees play in Control decks that want to close off locations with things like Storm of Professor X. While those decks have fallen out of favor, Nebula is still a great 1-drop in just about any deck.
  • A-Galactus: Galactus is very difficult to rate. He’s Series 5 only, meaning he is solid value wise, but he only really has one archetype, the Galactus archetype or Electro Ramp. If you enjoy a simple and straightforward, but very flavorful gameplay of Galactus, he’s still a great pickup.
  • A-The Living Tribunal: Since the buff, Living Tribunal is actually a decent card. He fits right into Hela decks, and even combo decks that look to combine Iron Man, Onslaught, and The Living Tribunal.
  • A-Hit-Monkey: Hit-Monkey hasn’t been the same since the nerfs, but he’s still a solid card. The Bounce/Swarm archetypes aren’t at the top of the meta, but Monkey is a key piece to those decks.
  • A-Alioth: Alioth is a recent addition to the game, and is propping up the Galactus/Electro archetypes. It’s also another tech card your opponent has to play around if you include Alioth in your deck.
  • B-Echo: Echo has only just released, and to be honest, I don’t expect her to really be a part of the meta at all. Even still, I’ll put her in B for now to see if any powerful decks are made with her.
  • B-Ghost-Spider: Ghost-Spider breathed some life into Movement decks, but to be honest, Move decks still aren’t amazing. While she does help, Move hasn’t seen the success of other archetypes.
  • B-Jean Gray: Jean Gray is another new addition, and is present in some decks like Thanos Ongoing or Silver Surfer. She provides another way to control the board to make life for the opponent difficult. I’m not too high on her just yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see her move up a tier.
  • B-Daken: Daken was the August season pass card, and while he is solid, he’s not necessary by any means. He can slot right into Discard decks, but he hasn’t shown much promise in Destroy decks.
  • B-X-23: X-23 is a new addition to the game, and while the hype was high, she has yet to break the meta game. She is a decent addition to certain Destroy decks, but nowhere near necessary.
  • B-Silver Samurai: Silver Samurai was hyped up with X-23 and there are possibilities to use him with cards like Stature or Discard decks. Even still, the decks just weren’t good enough. He’s a fine card, but not great (yet).
  • C-Kang: Kang is the last Series 5 Big Bad, and is unfortunately the worst. While you can reset the turn and “bluff snap,” that usually just isn’t enough to warrant an entire deck slot.
  • C-Howard the Duck: Howard the Duck is meant to synergize with Iron Lad, but the potential upside just isn’t quite there.
  • C-Phoenix Force: Phoenix Force was a previous Season Pass card, and to be frank, the card is only seen in more meme decks.
  • C-Lady Deathstrike: Lady Deathstrike is a newer addition to the game, and also came alongside a Forge buff. All things considered, she’s still a bit of a meme card.


This wraps up our tier list on all of the Series 4 and 5 cards in Marvel Snap. These cards can only be acquired with Collector’s Tokens, or through the new Spotlight Cache system. Collector’s Tokens are a valuable resource, so think carefully about what you want to unlock.

While some cards are stronger than others, you should ultimately purchase the card you want to play with. These tiers and analysis are only here to help you make a decision.

Good luck snapping, and hope this article helped you in your journey.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out our other resources for Marvel Snap. These can help you wherever you are in the Collection Track.

Good luck in your games, and thanks for reading!