Best Marvel Snap Decks Tier List (September 2023)

Best Marvel Snap Decks Tier List (September 2023)

The Best Marvel Snap Decks

Welcome to our best decks tier list where I try to cover all of the best decks in Marvel Snap.

In this article, I’ll be covering what I believe are the best decks in the meta, and potentially some honorable mentions.

The release of Mobius is here, and while the card might not dethrone Loki as the top meta deck, he will still change the meta quite a bit. All things considered, Mobius doesn’t really change the top decks too much. The big 3 will still be the big 3.

Unfortunately, Mobius hurts a lot of other decks that were vying to reach S tier, like Negative, Wave deck, etc. If anything, the biggest change to the meta is that High Evo decks are hurt a lot by Mobius.

I wouldn’t fret too much, as an OTA is coming soon, which may change up the meta more, just in time for the October season.

All that being said, let’s get into the tier list.

Table of Contents


In general, this tier list is looking to cover the meta when it comes to Conquest. Most decks here will are catered toward Conquest rather than Ladder, but they will definitely work in both game modes.

Credits to for their deck builder and images sourced from their website.

Lastly, there are many more deck archetypes that we would consider to be “tier 4” or “tier 5.” We are deciding to omit these decks as many of them mainly Series 3 only decks or aren’t quite powerful to be put onto this list.

Removed Decks

Shenaut: The release of Mobius hurts this deck a lot as you can’t play She-Hulk at a reduced cost anymore.

Negative Surfer: Once again, Mobius is gate keeping Negative decks. I left one Negative deck on the tier list just so people can still use it as a reference if you really want to.

Electro Ramp: This deck was basically absorbed into the Galactus deck. You can run a Galactus deck that focuses purely on Galactus, but that’s more for Ladder than Conquest.

Collector Loki – S-Tier

Marvel Snap Collector Loki

Collector Loki Decklist:

  • 1-cost: Kitty Pryde, Quinjet, Snowguard
  • 2-cost: Angela, The Collector, Jeff, Sentinel
  • 3-cost: Cosmo, Agent Coulson, Loki
  • 4-cost: Moon Girl
  • 6-cost: America Chavez


With the release of Loki, Collector decks are flooding the meta. Loki allows you to get a ton of value out of random card generation effects, which synergize very well with Dino and Collector.

The deck doesn’t necessarily look to use Loki on turn 3.

Instead, the game plan is to try and curve out strong cards like Angela and Collector. Turns 3 and 4 are used to generate more cards, and you ideally play Loki on turn 4 or 5. On turn 6, you then make use of your new hand of discounted cards to try and finish the game.


In general you can just run about any card generation card you own. Even cards like Agent 13 and Maria Hill are perfectly fine.

Tech cards like Shang-Chi, Shadow King, and Legion are all playable, but in the mirror, you can also opt not to run any tech cards. If the opponent plays Loki, you can be confident they won’t draw into any tech cards, especially if they run Chavez.

  • Agent 13 over Snowguard (or a tech card of your choice, Shadow King, Shang-Chi, Cosmo etc)
  • Legion 
  • Devil Dinosaur over America
  • Mirage over Sentinel/Cable
  • Angela is also replaceable

Shuri Sauron – S-Tier

Marvel Snap Shuri Zero

Shuri Zero Decklist:

  • 1-cost: Sunspot, Nebula, Zero, Ebony Maw
  • 2-cost: Armor, Lizard
  • 3-cost: Sauron
  • 4-cost: Shuri, Typhoid Mary
  • 5-cost: Taskmaster, Red Skull
  • 6-cost: She-Hulk


Shuri is still just a solid deck. The deck doesn’t care about Mobius, and you can even opt to run Mobius in the deck as well. This can help Loki decks from getting a 4-cost Red Skull or a 3-cost Shuri.

If you choose you run Mobius, you can also opt to run cards like Kitty Pryde to offer an alternative to Red Skull. This makes the deck less vulnerable to Wave.


America Chavez can also replace She-Hulk to more reliably draw Shuri.

Cards like Vision and Kitty Pryde can be used to make this deck less vulnerable to tech cards, and you likely will cut the Sauron package (along with Typhoid Mary or Ebony Maw) to fit these cards in. (Can also run Mobius over Armor/Sunspot as well)

Galactus – S-Tier

Marvel Snap Galactus Electro

Galactus Decklist:

  • 1-cost: Sunspot, Nebula
  • 2-cost: Jeff
  • 3-cost: Electro, Wave
  • 4-cost: Iron Lad
  • 5-cost: Hobgoblin
  • 6-cost: Alioth, Doctor Doom, Galactus, Odin, America Chavez


Galactus and Electro Ramp have merged together once again. Alioth makes for a great finisher for both Galactus and Electro gameplans.

The deck has a lot of options, and it can be very difficult to play around everything. If you play around Galactus, maybe you lose to Doctor Doom -> Odin. Or you can get sniped by Galactus and lose to Alioth on turn 6. Galactus is back.


  • Arnim Zola / Black Panther
  • Professor X
  • Daredevil

High Evo Wave – A-Tier

Marvel Snap High Evo Wave


  • 1-cost: Sunspot, Nebula, Misty Knight
  • 2-cost: Armor, Jeff
  • 3-cost: Storm, Wave, Cyclops
  • 4-cost: High Evolutionary, Iron Lad
  • 6-cost: Doctor Doom, Hulk


This High Evo deck isn’t extremely synergistic, but it plays a lot of good cards while also having an okay matchup into Loki. If Loki copies vanilla cards, it isn’t great for them, but still manageable.

This deck moves down a little bit due to the release of Mobius. Playing Wave on 5 into Hulk for 4 Energy lets Sunspot soak 2 more Power while also disrupting other decks. That’s no longer the case with Mobius being rampant in the meta now.

Even still, the deck is still very strong, simple, and effective.


Shang-Chi or Cosmo can replace Iron Lad. You can also replace Storm if you want.

Monkey Miracle – A-Tier

Marvel Snap Monkey Miracle


  • 0-cost: Wasp, Yellowjacket
  • 1-cost: Kitty Pryde
  • 2-cost: Angela, Luke Cage, Mobius, Shadow King, Mysterio
  • 3-cost: Bishop, Hit-Monkey, Thor
  • 5-cost: Jane Foster


This deck was shared by Second Dinner developer Glenn Jones. This deck looks to play the Hit-Monkey style of deck, but without Sera or Bounce. By using cheap 0-cost cards like Yellowjacket, Wasp, and Mjolnir, Hit-Monkey can get to extremely high power.

This deck can do quite well into Loki, as the only card they can copy that’s very good is Hit-Monkey. Every other card is mediocre for them to copy.

The release of Mobius also helps this deck against it’s worst counter, Wave. Because of that, I think this deck is in a pretty good spot.


Armor can replace Mobius, but you’ll need to play around Wave in Conquest, or just lose to it on Ladder. Hulk-Buster can be good to save board space and replace Shadow King.

Also, Elsa Bloodstone (the October season pass card) can fit into this deck as well. So once she releases, you can replace Shadow King potentially.

Cerebro 3 – A-Tier

Marvel Snap Cerebro 3


  • 0-cost: Wasp
  • 1-cost: Bast
  • 2-cost: Jeff, Mobius, Scarlet Witch, Sentinel
  • 3-cost: Cerebro, Mystique, Magik, Killmonger, Shadow King
  • 5-cost: Valkyrie


Cerebro 3 popped up as a meta deck ever since a few players took Rank 1 Infinite with it. The deck can absolutely beat up on Loki decks, as this deck uses synergy pieces to make the most out of it’s cards.

This deck also runs 4 tech cards that are effective into Loki:

  • Killmonger for Quinjet
  • Shadow King for Angela/Collector/Bishop
  • Shang-Chi and Valkyrie for the big Power cards

The main strength of this deck is that it is not vulnerable to any of the tech cards it plays. If your opponent’s Loki copies your tech cards, your deck is still safe. Unfortunately, Cerebro 3 isn’t great into most other decks, so if you don’t see much Loki, you won’t have a great time.


Wasp is probably replaceable with another 3 Power card. Just about any cheap 3 Power card will work. Shang-Chi can replace Mobius if you don’t have him, or Wasp/Bast.

Deadpool Destroy – A-Tier

Marvel Snap Deadpool Destroy

Deadpool Destroy Decklist:

  • 1-cost: Deadpool, X-23
  • 2-cost: Forge, Carnage, Wolverine
  • 3-cost: Killmonger, Venom, Deathlok, Hulk Buster
  • 5-cost: Taskmaster
  • 6+cost: Knull, Death


Deadpool seems to be the best home for X-23 and is arguably the strongest Destroy archetype right now. Destroying X-23 multiple times allows you to easily destroy Deadpool by having that extra Energy. The buff to Forge also makes Deadpool a scary threat when combined with Taskmaster.

In this current meta, Deadpool can do pretty well vs Loki. They don’t have cards to stop you, and they are only troublesome if they copy Knull and/or Death with their Loki. Without being stopped, your Deadpool can still reach very high numbers to overcome them.

However, decks are sometimes running cards like Armor or Cosmo that can ruin your day. You can try to play around Cosmo, but an early Armor on your Deadpool is doom for the deck.


If you don’t have X-23, look to run other Destroy cards like Nova or Bucky Barnes.

Brood Abs – A-Tier

Marvel Snap Brood Abs Deck

Brood Abs Decklist:

  • 0-cost: Wasp
  • 2-cost: Forge, Mister Sinister, Jeff
  • 3-cost: Patriot, Brood
  • 4-cost: Shang-Chi, Absorbing Man, Iron Lad
  • 5-cost: Iron Man, Legion
  • 6-cost: America Chavez


This deck was previously the best deck in the game until Loki came out. While I think some version of this deck can be strong in the Loki meta, it likely will undergo heavy changes.

Cards like Shadow-King and Surfer can look to be added back in, or maybe the deck leans more into Silver Surfer than Patriot. Either way, this deck has lost a lot of it’s popularity recently, but it still has legs to make it up to Tier 1.


  • Scarlet Witch was used in this list over Jeff in the recent Twitch Rivals, and is a solid budget option or replacement if you want more location control.
  • Shadow King is another strong tech card to add in if you’re running into a lot of Movement or Collector decks.
  • Blue Marvel is common to see over Iron Man, and Armor is also another common addition to the deck if you are seeing a lot of Destroy decks. Silver Surfer is another solid option to replace Shang-Chi if you want to run Armor (since the two have anti synergy).
  • Mobius is also a fine inclusion over Jeff or Shang-Chi.

Move Wave – A-Tier

Marvel Snap Move Wave

Movement Good Stuff Decklist:

  • 1-cost: Nebula, Nightcrawler
  • 2-cost: Kraven, Jeff, Silk
  • 3-cost: Jean Gray, Wave, Spider-Man
  • 4-cost: Miles Morales
  • 5-cost: Legion
  • 6-cost: Doctor Doom, America Chavez


With Shadow King somewhat prevalent in the meta, cutting Angela for Jean Gray is seeming more common. You definitely still can run Angela though. The deck is decent, but in the current meta it’s quite middle of the pack.

In the previous meta, Darkhawk decks policed heavy synergistic or combo decks from the game. Now that Loki is the top deck, those decks are starting to come back. Move also struggles against synergy or combo decks as it plays a simple “midrange” plan.

The deck is still good and consistent, but you’ll find yourself getting run over more often than before.


  • If you don’t like the play pattern of Wave and Doom, you can look to run other cards like Kitty Pryde, Stature, Black Bolt, etc.
  • Shang-Chi can also find a way in the deck as decks that go very tall can simply overpower this deck.
  • Snowguard is another early drop you can choose to run to get some more location utility.
  • Mobius or Angela are also options for 2-cost cards in the deck.

Shuri Nimrod – A-Tier

Marvel Snap Shuri Nimrod

Shuri Nimrod Decklist:

  • 1-cost: X-23
  • 2-cost: Bucky Barnes, Carnage, Wolverine
  • 3-cost: Killmonger, Venom, Deathlok
  • 4-cost: Shuri
  • 5-cost: Nimrod
  • 6-cost: Arnim Zola, America Chavez, Destroyer


Shuri Nimrod is another deck that Loki decks can’t interact with. Most cards are also useless to Loki decks unless you choose to run Knull.

The deck doesn’t always pull off it’s perfect combo (Shuri -> Nimrod -> Destroyer), but if you can you can put out a lot of power. The issue is that your Destroy cards are often thwarted by Cosmo or Armor compared to a deck like Shuri.


I’ve seen more Shuri Nimrod decks avoid early drops like X-23, Bucky, and Wolverine. This lets you hide the fact you’re a Destroy deck until later in the game. (Unless you’re in Conquest)

Without those cards, you can run more “combo” pieces to try and find the right cards to pull off the main combo. I can see this version of Shuri Nimrod become the better version with more time.

  • Put in: Magik, Crystal, Knull
  • Take out: X-23, Bucky Barnes, Wolverine

Discard – A-Tier

Marvel Snap Discard

Discard Decklist:

  • 1-cost: Nebula
  • 2-cost: Morbius, Wolverine, Swarm, Colleen Wing
  • 3-cost: Daken, Lady Sif
  • 4-cost: Dracula, Absorbing Man
  • 5-cost: M.O.D.O.K.
  • 6-cost: Apocalypse, America Chavez


Discard is another solid deck that plays around Shang-Chi through Dracula. While the new card, Lady Deathstrike, can counter Dracula, she isn’t very common in the meta.

Daken has replaced Storm once again as Storm is less valuable this meta. Absorbing Man is also a notable inclusion over Hell Cow as a way to copy powerful effects like Daken, Lady Sif, or even Colleen Wing.

Lockjaw – A-Tier

Marvel Snap Lockjaw Deck

Lockjaw Decklist:

  • 0-cost: Wasp
  • 2-cost: Spider-Ham
  • 3-cost: Lockjaw, Killmonger, Wave, Spider-Man
  • 4-cost: Shang-Chi
  • 5-cost: Devil Dinosaur, Vision
  • 6+cost: Thanos, Magneto, Death


Thanos Lockjaw is once again the prevalent Lockjaw version after the nerfs to the High Evo Lockjaw deck.

This deck excels at high rolling games through Lockjaw and the Infinity Stones, but the deck can be inconsistent. You really have to leverage your snaps well to find success with this deck. Also this deck doesn’t care about Mobius which is nice.

Sera Miracle – A-Tier

Marvel Snap Sera Miracle

Sera Miracle Decklist:

  • 1-cost: Kitty Pryde
  • 2-cost: Angela, Jeff, Mobius, Scarlet Witch, Mysterio
  • 3-cost: Bishop, Hit-Monkey, Rogue
  • 4-cost: Shang-Chi, Enchantress
  • 5-cost: Sera


Sera Miracle needs to change now that Mobius is in the game. Firstly, having your own Mobius is pretty good. Secondly, having Rogue or Enchantress to hit the enemy Mobius is important. Otherwise, Sera will be useless and the deck will become much weaker.

This strategy can be decent in Ladder, but in Conquest, the deck can suffer a lot if the enemy saves Mobius for turn 5.


The old Sera decks ran Invisible Woman/Killmonger/Nova over Mobius/Rogue/Jeff. You can still opt to run the Nova Killmonger package, but I would keep Rogue to ensure you don’t lose to an enemy Mobius.

Thanos Ongoing – A-Tier

Marvel Snap Thanos Ongoing

Thanos Ongoing Decklist:

  • 1-cost: Ant-Man, Ghost
  • 2-cost: Luke Cage, Armor, Jeff
  • 3-cost: Jean Gray
  • 4-cost: Ka-Zar
  • 5-cost: Blue Marvel, Professor X, Valkyrie
  • 6-cost: Spectrum, Thanos


Thanos Ongoing has seen more play as the combination of Control tools and Ongoing Power can be quite strong. Cards like Valkyrie can help counter Shuri decks which are seeing more play.

The only change to this deck I made was adding in Mobius over Ghost. This way, you can avoid being Waved if you want to play multiple cards on turn 6, and he’s also Ongoing.

Hela – B-Tier

Marvel Snap Hela

Hela Decklist:

  • 2-cost: Invisible Woman
  • 3-cost: Magik, Crystal
  • 4-cost: Iron Lad
  • 5-cost: Iron Man, Modok
  • 6+-cost: Hela, Onslaught, America Chavez, The Living Tribunal, Giganto, The Infinaut


Hela is another deck that looks to prey on Loki decks. The game plan is still mostly the same. You have two basic plans:

  • Invisible Woman into Modok -> Hela.
  • Magik into Iron Man + Onslaught + The Living Tribunal

Unfortunately, the release of Alioth makes Hela suffer a lot. It’s very easy for Alioth to snipe your Hela on the final turn, making your deck useless.


Electro can replace Crystal, but he plays more into the Iron Man + Onslaught combo than Hela. Crystal helps you hopefully draw into either combo, as playing her on 3 does not ruin your curve in your combos. She also draws an extra card that Modok can discard for Hela.

Thanos Destroy – B-Tier


Thanos Destroy Decklist:

  • 1-cost: Nova, Yondu
  • 2-cost: Bucky Barnes, Carnage, Wolverine
  • 3-cost: Killmonger, Venom, Deathlok
  • 4-cost: Shang-Chi
  • 6+cost: Knull, Thanos, Death


Thanos Destroy is less common than Ongoing, but still has merit. Instead of control tools, this deck simply looks to out power other decks while having utility through the Infinity Stones.

Even still, the deck is vulnerable to just about every tech card out there like Shang-Chi, Armor, Cosmo, Shadow King, Rogue, etc.

Darkhawk and Friends – B-Tier

Marvel Snap Darkhawk and Friends

Darkhawk and Friends Decklist:

  • 1-cost: Korg
  • 2-cost: Spider-Ham, Zabu, Jeff
  • 3-cost: Killmonger
  • 4-cost: Darkhawk, Shang-Chi, Captain Marvel, Enchantress, Rock Slide, Iron Lad
  • 5-cost: Legion


Darkhawk has fallen quite a bit. The nerf to Rockslide is quite rough, and Loki just goes over the top compared to this deck. While the deck still functions, you’ll definitely have a harder time beating other decks.

You can get some wins beating other synergy decks, but Shang-Chi and Enchantress are less valuable tech cards compared to Shadow King, Cosmo, and Armor. This makes the Zabu archetype much weaker than before.


Stature and Black Bolt can definitely be added into the deck to put more Power onto the board in exchange of dropping tech cards.

Negative – B-Tier

Marvel Snap Negative Deck

Negative Decklist:

  • 1-cost: Bast, Kitty Pryde
  • 2-cost: Angela, Zabu
  • 3-cost: Ironheart, Morph, Mystique, Hit-Monkey
  • 4-cost: Mister Negative, Darkhawk
  • 5-cost: Iron Man, Jane Foster


Negative had an ok time in Ladder against Loki decks if you hit your perfect curve. However, Mobius is a card that shuts down this deck pretty hard. I don’t expect to see much Negative in the meta going forward.

Cerebro 2 – B-Tier

Marvel Snap Cerebro 2 Deck

Cerebro 2 Decklist:

  • 1-cost: Iceman
  • 2-cost: Goose, Luke Cage, Mister Sinister, Scorpion, Spider-Ham
  • 3-cost: Cerebro, Mystique, Brood, Magik, Storm
  • 5-cost: Blue Marvel


Cerebro 2 has been on the rise recently as well. Cards like Goose and Storm can lock off enemies, and Luke Cage also helps make sure the deck can’t be disrupted by things like Soul Stone.

While the deck isn’t quite as strong as other top decks, it’s still quite a solid deck.

Ongoing – B-Tier

Marvel Snap Ongoing Deck

Ongoing Decklist:

  • 1-cost: Ant-Man
  • 2-cost: Luke Cage, Mojo, Lizard
  • 3-cost: Mister Fantastic, Cosmo, Jean Grey
  • 4-cost: Super Skrull
  • 5-cost: Iron Man, Klaw
  • 6-cost: Spectrum, Orka


In the past, Ongoing decks relied on Professor X and Destroyer to win games, but that has been too weak for a long time now.

With the release of Jean Gray, Ongoing decks now have a different win condition. You lock your opponent into a lane with Jean Gray and Cosmo, and you win another lane with Orka or Spectrum.

While the deck isn’t amazing, it’s still competitive enough to be played, and with more support, we may see the deck rise up the tier list.

On Reveal – B-Tier


On Reveal Decklist:

  • 1-cost: Sunspot, Iceman
  • 2-cost: Scorpion
  • 3-cost: Ironheart, Wolfsbane, Storm
  • 4-cost: Wong
  • 5-cost: White Tiger, Black Panther
  • 6-cost: Arnim Zola, Doctor Doom, Odin


This deck is honestly more of a Tier 4 deck, but I thought I should include at least one deck that is more budget friendly for newer players. The deck doesn’t use any many Series 3 cards, and doesn’t have any Series 4 or 5 cards.

While this deck isn’t amazing compared to the others, it can definitely still win some games.


We’ve tried our best to evaluate these decks based on a few key factors:

  • Overall Win %: This looks to see simply how often a deck wins. It doesn’t matter if you only win 1 cube a game if your win % is 70%. You can simply spam games to Infinite.
  • Consistency: Consistency is quite hard to determine for Snap due to the snap mechanics. You can always retreat and make up for it if what your deck does is extremely powerful, albeit difficult to pull off. Even still, being able to enact a similar game plan repeatedly leans to an overall smoother climb.
  • Flexibility: For Marvel Snap, flexibility is somewhat equivalent to “surprise factor.” A deck is flexible if you have a multitude of options that your opponent cannot easily counter/predict. This means you aren’t always enacting 1 gameplan every game, but can adapt based on the situation.

Note: For numbers like win %, we would like to credit sources like and for their statistics and tracking.


This wraps up our Marvel Snap Tier List for the “Loki For All Time” season.

Stay tuned as we update this tier list as more time passes.

Good luck on your climb and snap away!

If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out our other resources for Marvel Snap. These can help you wherever you are in the Collection Track.

Good luck in your games, and thanks for reading!