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Best Heroes in Marvel Rivals: Tier List Rankings (Alpha)

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Marvel Rivals 2 Tier List Rankings – The Best Heroes

Welcome to our tier list of the best heroes in Marvel Rivals!

This list is based on the game’s Alpha, so expect changes to hit before the beta and eventual release.

As always with our tier list, we recommend starting with whatever you feel most comfortable with within your personal playstyle and strengths.

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Without further adieu, here are our rankings for the best heroes in Marvel Rivals:

Tier Marvel Rivals Tier List
S Hela, Dr. Strange. Star-lord, The Punisher, Luna Snow
A Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Loki, Scarlet Witch
B Magneto, Storm, Spider-man, Mantis, Magik
C Peni Parker, Hulk, Iron Man
D Namor, Black Panther

For a visual reference of our Marvel Rivals tier list, check out our infographic below:

best heroes in marvel rivals tier list (alpha rankings)

Marvel Rivals Tier List Commentary

S-tier: Top Tier

The top-tier heroes are the strongest not only in their own roles but also the strongest overall in Marvel Rivals. Having multiple S-tier heroes is practically a requirement of every competitive team composition.

Expect to see them in most of your ranked matches as their kits have the highest potential and provide the most consistent value of the entire roster.


hela icon

Hela has the most carry potential of any hero in Marvel Rivals. For mechanically skilled players who are confident in their aim, there simply is not a better pick than Hela. Landing headshots deals massive damage, two shots every non-Vanguard hero and she still gets AoE damage as well.

Contesting her long-range damage is nearly impossible for any other hero. The Goddess of Death ult gives her a get-out-of-jail-free card which instantly activates and places Hela in a first-person bird’s eye view with its own 800 extra HP.

She also has one of the strongest Team-Up abilities because when paired with Loki, Hela instantly resurrects him if she lands a final hit during his respawn timer.

Doctor Strange

dr strange icon

Having a strong Vanguard on your team is extremely important, and Doctor Strange easily takes the spot as the best Vanguard hero in Marvel Rivals and can be considered a must-pick.

Strange’s Shield of the Seraphim is the only 1-second damage mitigation cooldown in the game and can be used on reaction to survive entire ults from the enemy team.

Players are also currently able to animation cancel his primary fire with his shield allowing for continual high damage output with brief moments of blocking woven in between. Having the unique ability to reposition himself and his entire team anywhere on the map allows for playmaking that is simply not possible without him.

If you hear, “The Eye of Agamotto!” and you weren’t preemptively ready for it, you can pretty much go AFK and wait for respawn.


star-lord icon

For players with lightning-fast reflexes who love to skill diff their opponents, Star-Lord is absolutely lethal! When the enemy has a skilled Star-Lord on their team, it feels like there is nothing anyone can do to stop them.

The fact that Stellar Shift instantly reloads his guns while providing a burst of movement and brief invulnerability makes it a totally broken ability.

Consider this in light of knowing that good tracking on a target’s head can one clip in a game where securing kills in a team fight can feel like it takes forever.

Add an ult that is literally flying aimbot and you have the recipe for an extremely oppressive hero in the skilled hands.

The Punisher

the punisher icon

If one crazy strong machine gun just isn’t enough for you, press Q while playing as The Punisher and enjoy melting your enemies’ health bars. Punisher makes for easy wins and easy climbing in ranked mode as his first-person-shooter type kit is simple to understand but incredibly powerful.

The pairing of his assault rifle and shotgun allows him to be effective at any range and in every situation. When Punisher has Rocket Racoon on his team (as he typically will), fast fire and infinite ammo shotgun obliterates Vanguards.

Luna Snow

luna snow icon

While going for kills and damage is great, every team needs sustain and utility to even have a hope of winning. Luna Snow provides the highest amount of average healing to both herself and her allies.

When she has a high mobility hero on her team or someone who wants to play behind enemy lines, Share the Stage’s healing aura allows her ally to stay in the fight longer and gain a crucial advantage in dueling their targets.

Fate of Both Worlds is by far the best defensive ult in the game and can counter almost every other ult that threatens Luna’s team. Her self healing paired with her stun makes Luna incredibly difficult to kill.

A-tier: High Tier

Heroes placed in A-tier tend to be just as popular as the top heroes but tend to have slightly less impactful utility. The high-tier ranked heroes are notably stronger than the rest of the cast placed below them.

The power gap between A-tier and B-tier is the largest of any two tiers in our list of the best Marvel Rivals heroes.


groot icon

Groot gets paired with Dr. Strange in almost every single team composition. The talking tree has decent damage output but his power lies in his incredible survivability and ability to manipulate the environment.

When only one team has a Groot selected and is using his wood walls to cut off choke points and isolate heroes from their allies, that team is at a major advantage.

Moreover, Groot can use his walls to protect and save his teammates from enemy attacks while simultaneously healing himself and damaging the attackers.

Rocket Raccoon

rocket raccoon icon

Do you want to be a team player while maintaining the ability to aggressively go on the offense? Rocket Racoon is the Strategist with the ability to quickly switch between offensive and defensive gameplay.

The strongest aspect of his kit is the way he provides multiple types of utility for his team. Deploy B.R.B. just behind some cover near the objective to resurrect an eliminated ally without having to even notice they were defeated.

His ult gives a huge damage boost to every ally in its AoE allowing them to make huge plays. Additionally, Rocket has great Team-UP abilities with two of the strongest and most commonly played heroes.


loki icon

Even if the rest of Loki’s kit was weak, being able to become any hero on either team in a match with instant access to all their abilities including their ult would still make Loki a strong pick. The rest of his abilities are also crazy good.

Regen Domain not only provides temporary immortality but converts would-be damage into healing! The ability to put out a single Regen Domain would be good, but Loki can also use his Illusions to put out multiple at separate locations.

Don’t worry if you are bad and die a lot if you have a Hela carry on your team, you’ll just keep getting brought back to life!

Scarlet Witch

scarlet witch icon

Players with bad aim who dream of being a god-gamer can pick Scarlet Witch and finally fulfill that dream. Equipped with a very forgiving self-tracking primary fire, she excels at countering the crazy amount of movement abilities in Marvel Rivals.

When she catches enemies off guard, her ult instantly kills any hero in its large blast radius. Scarlet Witch makes great use of an AoE stun which can stun multiple enemies at once.

When in danger she can easily escape with not one but two invulnerable flying Mystic Projections.


In B-tier for our Marvel Rivals tier list, we have heroes who are strong but not broken, overpowered, nor cheap. These heroes get substituted in place of the top and high tier based on team synergy, map, or preference. They also each make for good specialist choices.


magneto icon

As one of the most powerful mutants in existence, Magneto makes his presence known on the battlefield. Magneto has great mid-range damage, and his primary fire’s AoE explosions allow him to excel at dealing with grouped up teams.

Metallic Curtain is a good shield with infinite health, but the long 15-second cooldown makes it far easier for enemies to play around compared to Doctor Strange’s shield. Magneto’s primary weakness lies in his need to absorb damage in order to power up his ult and Mag-Cannon which makes him unable to be constantly at full power.

The Metallic Fusion Team-Up ability with Scarlet Witch that gives Magneto access to his sword is actually quite strong and damages at range and through shields. Had his greatsword been a permanent component of his kit, he would have been considered a higher power rank.


storm icon

Storm currently holds the spot as the only Duelist with strong team-empowering abilities. She can use Weather Control to provide an AoE speed boost or damage boost to her allies.

Both auras can have huge power potential in a match, though when considering the reality of solo queue and casual experience, it can be difficult to get meaningful value from either.

Omega Hurricane is one of the best ults in the game and is strong on its own but even stronger when allies take advantage of its trapping effect.

Flying as a primary ability is just not very strong at this moment as the air mobility Storm has is a bit slow which makes her an easy target for the meta picks like Hela and The Punisher.


spiderman icon

Everyone’s favorite web-slinger, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, swings his way into the action. Spider-Man has the highest skill floor and skill ceiling out of every hero currently in Marvel Rivals.

He has more abilities than average, difficult movement, needs to get into melee range and his Spider-Tracer alters the qualities of his abilities. Due to his difficulty of use, Spider-Man could be stronger than we realize and just needs to be further optimized.

Players are already pulling off sick combos for high burst damage and finding creative ways to Web-Swing to engage and escape from encounters.


mantis icon

Mantis is a resource-focused hero with strong ally-empowering abilities. Where she struggles is the fact that landing headshots with her primary fire is the requirement to farm her Life Orbs

Every hero is technically better when they land a lot of critical hits, but Mantis relies on them to enable herself and her allies. Soul Resurgence provides a good amount of healing but is basically a weaker version of Luna Snow’s Fate of Both Worlds.


magik icon

The Soulsword wielder slashes through the enemies she slays – for a melee hero, Magik has huge hitboxes and is really strong, but is rather difficult to use. Some of her moves require the use of her Stepping Discs portal to prime, but each of her abilities are powerful.

The only thing Magik can’t do is afford to make mistakes or miss her initial attacks on her target. Magik needs to be constantly generating shields from inflicting damage or she gets destroyed in a fight.

Melee heroes are struggling right now and Magik’s movement ability doesn’t give her enough distance to reliably escape from danger and if the enemy lands a stun on her, it’s a death sentence.


The heroes placed in the C-tier are situationally competitively viable but struggle to find value in many scenarios. They fulfill very specific functions but are strong in their niche.

Peni Parker

peni parker icon

Sp//dr and Peni Parker transform the map into a literal minefield. Understanding where the enemies want to be is crucial for Peni to get max value from her various traps.

Although she lags behind a bit in pick potential and damage output, her ability to control space and battle on the objective is unmatched.

Having the time to set traps before the enemy team arrives at a location is a very tough resource to acquire, but when the opportunity presents itself, Peni’s mines become extremely annoying to have to deal with.

She doesn’t have great mobility, but her self-heal from Cyber-Webs and ability to damage opponents with mines from safety are a fair trade-off.

Hulk / Bruce Banner

marvel rivals hulk icon

The Incredible Hulk smashes enemies with his fists while quickly traversing great distances with his Incredible Leap.  A well-timed Indestructible Guard can not only save himself and his allies, but also build ult charge to become Monster Hulk with a ridiculous 1550 HP.

He also has access to a stun while in both Hero and Monster Hulk form. Where Hulk struggles in every match-up against the rest of the Vanguards is being a Melee hero.

In most scenarios, Hulk takes a good amount of damage before he can deal his own and needs to effectively utilize Incredible Leap to get into strong positions.

Iron Man

iron man icon

Similar to Storm, Iron Man’s main weakness is being a flying hero in a game where flight movement is slow, and hitscans are meta. In map areas that have vertical cover for Iron Man to play around, he becomes very strong and much more difficult to eliminate.

Iron Man has some of the best mobility in the entire game allowing him to reposition and catch his targets off guard. The Invincible Pulse Cannon ultimate is one of better Duelist ults and is fairly easy to get kills with given its large death zone blast radius.

D-tier: Bottom Tier / Needs buffs

Struggle and frustration await users of the D-tier heroes. In general, these heroes need a variety of buffs in order to be ranked among the best heroes in Marvel Rivals, let alone be seen on a level playing field.

They can still be a lot of fun to play as but need to work much harder than average and tend to be inconsistent in their ability to provide value to their team.

You can still absolutely win tons of games with these heroes so don’t let their placement discourage you from playing them if they are who you enjoy!


namor icon

The trident-throwing king of the seas is plagued by low damage output and some of the weakest abilities of any hero. Compare Namor to the meta picks and one quickly notices just how inconsistent his primary fire is in comparison. He also has one of the worst escape abilities if you can even call Blessing of the Deep an escape tool.

The power of his kit lies in his octopus turret, Aquatic Dominion, but the slow fire rate and low HP make it relatively easy for enemies to destroy.

Namor’s Team-UP ability with Luna Snow is actually pretty strong considering Luna’s dominance in the current meta. Frozen Spawn gives Namor a 3rd turret and empowers each turret with ice energy, inflicting a freeze effect.

He still cannot summon all three turrets simultaneously, however, but the third effectively decreases the cooldown time between summons.

Black Panther

black panther icon

The king of Wakanda, but certainly not the king of Marvel Rivals. Black Panther unfortunately takes the title of weakest hero. High risk and low reward pretty much sums up T’Challa’s playstyle.

He actually has great movement but heavily relies on his Vibranium Mark mechanic to be effective in battle. Mistakes as small as landing a hit on someone without the Vibranium Mark can be fatal for Black Panther.

Nevertheless, you will still undoubtedly run into Panther users who will be demolishing you as his hard-to-use kit still has great potential if you don’t mind having to work way harder than average to get similar value as the rest of the heroes.