Marvel Snap: High Evolutionary Decks and Synergies

Marvel Snap: High Evolutionary Decks and Synergies

How to Play High Evolutionary in Marvel Snap

Welcome to another installment in our series where we cover new card releases and how to use them. Series 5 is continuing to add cards to the game, and this week we have High Evolutionary.

High Evolutionary has been hyped up for quite a while now, and his release is already shaking up the meta. High Evolutionary provides a ton of “fun” value by giving other cards effects. This makes deck building more vast and unique, making him a great purchase for 6000 tokens.

High Evolutionary Effect

Marvel Snap High Evolutionary

At the start of the game, unlock the potential of your cards with no abilities.

  • Colorist – Ryan Kinnaird
  • Artist – Eduardo Mello

High Evolutionary will give regular effects to cards without them, like Misty Knight or Cyclops. Here’s a quick rundown of all of the effects.


High Evolutionary Synergy

It’s quite difficult to list all of the possible synergies with High Evolutionary, as there are essentially 7 different card effects to consider. However, the two main synergies are with reducing power (through cards like Wasp, Cyclops, The Thing, and Abomination), or with unspent Energy (like with Misty Knight, Shocker, and Hulk).

With these in mind, here are some of the most synergistic cards to pair with High Evolutionary.


Marvel Snap Sunspot

At the end of each turn, gain +1 Power for each unspent Energy.

Half of the High Evo cards utilize unspent Energy mechanics, so Sunspot naturally fits into those archetypes. The main bonus you get from unspent Energy is with Hulk, who gains +2 Power per turn with unspent Energy.

Assuming you play Sunspot on 1, and Hulk on 6, you have 4 turns to buff up Hulk, making him a 6/20. With Sunspot also soaking up Energy, you can effectively turn 1 Energy per turn into 3 Power.


Marvel Snap Lockjaw

After you play a card here, swap it with a card in your deck. (once per turn)

Lockjaw is now also becoming more popular as Wasp now has actual text on top of being 0 cost. This means  you can inflict -2 Power on your opponent’s cards, and then proceed to swap her out for a better card through Lockjaw. Hulk is also another big body you can include in these Lockjaw decks as a target to swap into from Lockjaw.


Marvel Snap Hazmat

On Reveal: Afflict all other cards with -1 Power.

The other half of High Evolutionary decks utilize cards that inflict -Power. The main payoff is with Abomination, who costs 1 less for each enemy card with minus Power. Hazmat is a great tool in these decks as she efficiently inflicts negative Power onto every card on the board.


Marvel Snap Scorpion

On Reveal: Afflict cards in your opponent’s hand with -1 Power.

Much like Hazmat, Scorpion is another card that efficiently afflicts enemy cards with negative Power. The main draw to Scorpion is that you can play him early while still getting a lot of value, where as Hazmat you want to save for later.


Marvel Snap She-Hulk

Costs 1 less for each unspent Energy last turn.

She-Hulk is another great card you can utilize alongside Hulk in the unspent Energy decks. In normal situations, you won’t be able to play She-Hulk and Hulk on turn 6, but having two options is valuable. She-Hulk will also synergize with Sunspot as he will soak up a bunch of Energy if you skip turn 5.

High Evolutionary Decks

For this section, I’ll be mainly going over some decks that synergize with Iron Lad.

Keep in mind that these decks are all first impressions, so things can definitely change rapidly. As new discoveries are made with High Evolutionary, I will be updating our Full Tier List, rather than update this article.

Be sure to check it out to see what the best decks are, or if High Evolutionary is even in the best decks at all.

Thanos Lockjaw High Evolutionary Deck

Marvel Snap Thanos Lockjaw High Evolutionary


This first deck is a creation by Lamby, a top Marvel Snap player and Thanos Lockjaw die hard. With Wasp and Hulk being added to the deck, we see the deck have a bit more Power that it lacked post nerf. Wave and Leech are also two good counters to decks that flood the board on turn 6.

High Evolutionary Basic Deck

Marvel Snap High Evolutionary Deck


This deck simply looks to use all of the High Evolutionary cards along with some other synergistic pieces. Luke Cage is also becoming a staple in decks simply to counter High Evolutionary decks. This deck plays both with unspent Energy and negative Power, making it have a lot of flexible plays.

Toxic Sera High Evolutionary

Marvel Snap Toxic Sera High Evolutionary Deck


Next up, we have a Toxic Sera deck that’s been adjusted to fit in the High Evolutionary package. While this deck doesn’t necessarily excel at flooding the board like Bounce or Stature decks, it has a a lot of solid and synergistic cards.

You can also simply look to play Toxic Sera in the current meta as a way to counter High Evolutionary with Luke Cage and also fill up enemy boards to counter Bounce or Moon Girl combo decks.

High Evolutionary Counters

Luke Cage

Marvel Snap Luke Cage

Ongoing: Your cards can’t have their Power reduced.

Luke Cage is the main counter to High Evolutionary as this turns off Abomination and also saves your cards some Power. With High Evolutionary being so popular at the moment, Luke Cage is being slapped into just about every deck.


This wraps up our quick little guide on High Evolutionary. This new release has been hyped up since the data mines came out, and for good reason. High Evolutionary is already shaking up the meta and becoming a top tier deck.

While initial impressions are already strong, I have no doubt that players will continue to innovate and find even more powerful combos or more consistent decks.

Hope this guide helped you out a bit, good luck in your games, and snap away!

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Good luck in your games, and thanks for reading!