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Worst Champions in League of Legends 2v2v2v2 Arena Mode

Worst Champion Picks in League of Legends 2v2v2v2 Arena Mode

The new game mode that Riot plans on releasing in late July 2023 is a big hit on the PBE. There are many cool champion combinations you can play with your friends, from amazing duos to extreme fighters- the list of good duos is endless.

While there are some amazing champions or champion duos you can play in Arena Mode, there are some champions in this new game mode that are so bad that I would avoid playing, period.

We will list 5 of these champions and the reasons why they are not a suitable pick for you. But before we begin, if you like these champions- then play them! This game mode is supposed to be fun, and you do not need to try hard. You can try these champions out for yourself and see how you feel with them.

If you like any of these champions on the normal Summoners Rift map but want to up your game, why not head over to their champion page for tips and tricks to help you climb!

5 Worst Champions in Arena Mode

  1. Quinn
  2. Yuumi
  3. Nidalee
  4. Gangplank
  5. Xerath

1. Quinn

Quinn is one of the worst champions in Arena Mode for several reasons. I would avoid playing her in this new game mode. Firstly, she doesn’t have 4 abilities like every other champion. This is a big issue in the later parts of the game.

Quinn is also a champion that is quite squishy and has to commit to fights. She lacks CC, and she lacks a lot of things that some S-tier champions have. For instance, she must commit to fights, whereas other champions will poke first or play around CC.

I’d advise against playing Quinn, as there are so many better marksmen you can play instead, like Vayne.

2. Yuumi

Yuumi has been completely gutted lately due to her strength in both solo queue and professional League of Legends. Because of her overall current game state, it is not worth picking Yuumi in Arena Mode.

Yuumi doesn’t have a great build in this game mode. You must pick her with certain champions who will benefit from her heals. Similarly, as you’ll be attached, there will be 2 enemies attacking your partner, which means they will die faster.

If you like “Supports” in this game mode, make sure you pick Lulu instead. Funny enough, she works great with Vayne!

Yuumi Splash 1

3. Nidalee

Nidalee is similar to Quinn as they both do not have an Ultimate. Due to this lack of ability, she will deal less damage and have a harder time at getting kills. While she does have poke abilities with her Q, they’re harder to hit than many other champions like Brand or Syndra.

Just like Quinn, she needs to all-in the enemy to get kills. She cannot just rely on poke. Her Q has a long-ish cooldown, too and if the enemy plays around the heals, then it will be impossible for you to kill them just by poking.

A Nidalee alternative is Syndra, as they both have poke, all-in potential (with Syndra R), and an opportunity to execute the enemy.

4. Gangplank

Gangplank isn’t a good champion in the game mode. One of Gangplank’s benefits in solo queue is that he has somewhat unlimited scaling and can upgrade his Ultimate and be stronger in the late game. Gangplank doesn’t have this luxury in Arena Mode, so he is in fact weaker in this game mode.

Furthermore, Gangplanks usually poke with Q or their barrels. He may not get this opportunity to do this, and the enemy could keep destroying his barrels before he can activate them. Something else that can be considered is that if he is versus a double poke matchup, like Zyra + Heimerdinger, which we mentioned in our best comps for Arena Mode guide, you’d be useless and lose every time.

Ganplanks equivalent could be Fiora, who isn’t too bad in Arena Mode.

5. Xerath

The last champion on our list is Xerath. Xerath is quite hard to play in general due to the amount of skill shots he has. Hitting mobile champions that are abusing the plants makes it even harder for you to land those skill shots.

When you have your Ultimate, you need to channel it, and the enemy will just abuse this to hit you for free or take down your ally while you’re nowhere near them, and then you’ll die after they kill them. I would advise against playing him due to how hard he is in this game mode.

A champion that is similar to Xerath, who is a lot easier, is Zyra.


Thats it. That’s the worst 5 champions (in my opinion) in Riot Games’ brand new game mode Arena Mode. While this article is overall negative, remember that you can pick whoever you want and enjoy in Arena Mode. At the end of the day, you might do worse and win fewer games when you pick these champions. Let us know what other champions you struggle to win games with.

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