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LoL Skin Sale: 9th April-15th April

League of Legends Weekly Skin Sale (9th April-15th April)

Every week, Riot game releases a new list of champions that can be purchased at a discounted rate. You can pick up skins and cosmetics for your favourite champions at a discount. Every week, 15 different skins are put on sale, ranging in value and discount.

This page will be continually updated every patch to show you which skins are currently available for purchase. Note that you cannot buy any of these skins unless you already have the champion permanently unlocked.

Furthermore, there is no way to test out any of the skins before buying them, so we suggest looking on YouTube for gameplay with your desired skin so you do not get disappointed.

If you like any of these skins and want to learn how to play any of the champions on the list, make sure you head over to our Mobalytics Champion Page.

La Ilusión Ziggs- 975RP (-27%)

Coven Nilah- 975RP (-27%)

HEARTSTEEL Aphelios- 975RP (-27%)

Cafe Cuties Jinx- 975RP (-27%)

Star Guardian Senna- 944RP (-30%)

Inkshadow Yone- 877RP (-35%)

Shan Hai Scrolls Bard- 877RP (-35%)

Faerie Court Ezreal- 810RP (-40%)

Arcade Sona- 742RP (-45%)

Ocean Song Nidalee- 742RP (-45%)

Omega Squad Fizz- 675RP (-50%)

Pool Party Graves- 540RP (-60%)

PROJECT: Zed- 540RP (-60%)

Scarlet Hammer Poppy- 487RP (-50%)

El León Gnar- 412RP (-45%)

That’s about it. If you like any of these skins, make sure you pick them up before they leave the store. Remember if you want to learn how to play the champion you’ve just brought a skin for, make sure you head over to the Mobalytics Champion Page.