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Top 5 Worst Halloween Skins in League of Legends

Top 5 Worst Halloween Skins in League of Legends

It’s that time of year again where Riot releases new Halloween skins. Every year or so, Riot releases skins that are supposed to be related to Halloween, but they stay away from directly calling them Halloween skins.

In recent times, these spooky skins have become better and better, and the splashes have been improving all year round. While the skin lines and splashes have been improving, some of the skins do not represent Halloween the best, and in this Mobalytics article, we will discuss 5 of the worst skins in the game.

If you want to learn how to play any of the champions on the list, head over to the Mobalytics site.

Top 5 Worst Halloween Skins in League of Legends

Before we begin, I would just like to say that this guide is purely going on aesthetics and my own personal opinion. I feel these skins are not very nice compared to some of the other Halloween skins, or other skins for the champion Riot has recently created. BTW, we also created a separate article on the best Halloween skins in LoL!

Bewitching Elise

The first skin on our list is Bewitching Elise. I don’t really understand this skin. Her other skins are far superior to this skin, and the only good thing about it is the splash artwork.

The animations on this skin are not the best, and the colour scheme is a little funky too. If you choose any other Elise skin, the colour schemes in-game are far superior too.

As I said, the only good thing about this skin really is the artwork. It does look good, but just not in-game. I much prefer Death Blossom, which has a similar Halloween feel to it.

Bewitching Elise Splash Crop

Underworld Twisted Fate

Underworld Twisted Fate is the second skin on our list. If you’re a Twisted Fate main, you’re not using this skin at all, as we all know which TF skins are pay to win.

The best thing about this skin is the Q animation. As someone who is actually colourblind, it is quite difficult for me to see the W animation. I much prefer the base skin or another skin where the W is much easier to read.

Unfortunately, I don’t even like the splash artwork for this skin, sorry Riot.

Underworld TF Splash Crop

Nosferatu Vladimir

The third skin on our list is Nosferatu Vladimir. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, I don’t really have anything to say about this skin. It is a very old Vladimir skin, and the splash art and gameplay do show its age.

With that said, I will admit that this skin best suits Vladimir’s concept and really brings his true character to light. Do I like it? No, but if you’re a Vladimir player who loves his concept, this skin may be for you.

This skin was originally released in October 2010. It’s been out for 12 years, which is longer than most plates have been playing.

Nosferatu Vladimir Splash Crop

Reaper Soraka

When we talk about Soraka skins, we usually think of Star Guardian or Cafe Cuties. However, she does have a Halloween or evil skin too! Reaper Soraka was first released in 2014.

The skin is actually quite cool. The animations on her Q and her Passive are pretty cool and fun to use, but why is she on our list? The theme doesn’t really suit a Halloween skin. Soraka is supposed to be a fun and energetic champion, but this is an evil skin.

The other thing that I don’t like about her skin is her actual model. It’s not that fun and is pretty basic compared to some of the other cute Soraka skins.

Reaper Soraka Splash Crop

Death Sworn Zed

The final skin on our list is Death Sworn Zed. I don’t really know why Zed got this skin. The colours are cool on the shurikens, but apart from that, none of the other animations really stand out to me.

Nothing about this skin screams out to me or makes me want to invest my RP into it. Yes, the colours are cool, but the model itself isn’t even that cool. If you want a good Zed skin, Shockblade Zed is the way to go.

I am not sure why Riot decided to make this skin. It does suit him, but they took the wrong approach, in my opinion. The execution wasn’t quite right and this skin should’ve stayed on the drawing board.

Death Sworn Zed Splash Crop

Ending Comments

That sums up our article on my opinion of the worse Halloween skins in League of Legends. What did you think of our list? Are there worse Halloween skins around, or were we spot on? Let us know your thoughts, and as always you can find any of the champions in this article over on the Mobalytics champion page where you can learn how to play as and against them.