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Top 5 Halloween Skins in League of Legends

Top 5 Halloween Skins in League of Legends

It’s spooky season, and Riot has released another set of Halloween skins. While the skin line is not exactly dedicated to Halloween or is called the Halloween skin line, these skins are very Halloween-like.

Every year, Riot releases new skins, and the art department and design team have come up with some amazing skins this year. However, I feel like this years Halloween skins fall short compared to previous years.

With that being said, this years theme is pretty good and I do quite like the Draven skin. However, compared to previous years, they’re not as Halloween-y.

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Top 5 Halloween Skins in League of Legends

Before we begin, I would just like to say that this guide is purely going on aesthetics and my own personal opinion. The list is also in no order. I just feel like these skins are very nice and some of the best Halloween skins that Riot has created.

Zombie Brand

The first skin on our list is Zombie Brand. This is an old skin but has stood up to the face of time and is one of Brands’ better skins. The walking animation and the fact that he drops green goo as he walks around the map are pretty cool.

The animations on his walk and the noises he makes are really cool for a skin. I wish that Riot would do more Halloween-themed lines, and him shouting BRAINS every 5 seconds is pretty funny.

His abilities are all pretty cool. The colour adjustments on them compared to his other skins offer Brand players a unique experience to Brand.

Zombie Brand Splash Crop


Lollipoppy is a very old Halloween skin. It has been in the game for a long period of time, and before she got reworked (if you were playing around that time). This skin is hideous. The old splash was insane and really played into her gameplay and style.

If you don’t know what this skin looks like in-game, she’s basically dressed up as an Oompa Loompa. She has a huge lollipop which she uses to deal damage to enemies in and out of the lane.

This skin is probably one of my favourites out of all of the Halloween skins in League of Legends because of its nostalgia and the meaning behind the skin. If you’re an OG player, then this skin probably has some meaning to you too.

LolliPoppy Splash Crop

Haunted Zyra

Haunted Zyra is the third skin on our list. Now as a Zyra player, I couldn’t really not add this skin to the list, but it is one of her best skins in the game. Haunted Zyra is a very good Halloween skin that offers a different animation style than her other skins.

The animation of the plants are very Halloween-esque. They look very good, attack in a special way, and they combined, make this skin one of the best Halloween skins in the game.

Thankfully, unlike some of the other skins on our list, it is available all year round and anyone who wants to learn or plays Zyra can get it. That’s another thing we forgot to mention earlier. Some skins are just unavailable and are only released around this time of year for people to buy.

Haunted Zyra Splash Crop

Count Kledula

The fourth skin on our list is Count Kledula. If you know what Sesame Street is, then this skin might remind you of one of the characters in that show. This is quite an old skin now, but it still feels incredibly new.

The animations on this skin are a lot different, and the colour scheme is very unique compared to his other skins. Use this skin with a different chroma and then it will make this skin even more unique.

I think that this skin, on paper is really nice. The splash is amazing, the animations are unique, and everything about this skin is cool. But with that said, I don’t think many people use this skin and I believe that the base Kled skin is probably the easiest to use in-game.

Count Kledula Splash Crop

Little Devil Teemo

We couldn’t create a list of Halloween skins without adding this unique and amazing skin called Little Devil Teemo. I really like this skin and I think that Riot did an amazing job with everything for this skin.

First off, let’s talk about the animations. They’re just amazing. Everything looks great regarding this skin. The shrooms are unique, his costume is unique, and all of the animations are good.

I would also like to note that Riot really played up to this skin. They used the communities inspiration and the things they hate about Teemo (he’s the devil champion etc.) and really played up to it to create this amazing skin.

Little Devil Teemo Skin Crop


That sums up our brief article on some of the best Halloween skins in League of Legends; and just in time for Halloween 2022! Check back next year to see if we create another list for 2023! As always you can find any of the champions on todays article over on the Mobalytics champion page where you can learn how to play as and against them.