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10 Best Supports in Season 14 League of Legends

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The Top 10 Best Solo Carry Supports for Season 14 in League of Legends

The Support role can be one of the most impactful roles in League of Legends. There are a lot of different champions being played in this role. From tanks, healers and utility, to damage dealers and those off-meta picks that somehow perform well.

With such a variety of champions being played in this role, you may wonder which champions are strong in Season 14- especially with the new warding changes and items for Supports. In this article, we at Mobalytics will discuss 10 of the best solo carry Supports you should play in Season 14 to climb quick and carry games.

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Rusty Blitzcrank Splash

Blitzcrank will is one of the best Supports you should play in Season 14 of League of Legends. He is an extremely obnoxious Support who can get kill after kill by landing his Q on a miss-positioned target. One kill in the early game, or forcing the enemy to blow their Flash can result in your team killing them over and over again with or without the Jungler.

That isn’t his only strength, though. Blitzcrank has a lot of utility tools to keep himself and his allies alive. For instance, he has his E, a knockup, and his Ultimate, a silence. These tools can be used to peel, protect and catch unexpected targets.

Blitzcrank stats for Patch 14.2:

  • Blitzcrank’s win rate was 53.34%.
  • On Patch 14.2, Blitzcrank had a 8.34% pick rate.
  • He used to be my go-to ban back in the day, but I usually ban Rell nowadays. Blitz has a very high ban rate of 28.53%.


Rell Splash

While Rell saw a lot of play in Season 13 in the Jungle role, she can still be a dominant Support to help you climb in Season 14! Her main strengths come from going head first and jumping on her enemies. She can do this from early in the laning phase, especially at levels 1, 2 and 3. Getting an early health advantage over the enemy can enable you to snowball your lane, pick up kills and enable your ADC to carry in the later stages of the game.

Rell is great in the laning phase and in team fights, too. Thanks to the large AOE radius on her Ultimate, which can CC multiple enemies at once. She loves to team fight, and as Season 14 requires a lot of team fighting action in closed areas of the map- Rell can really shine. She has great pick potential, like many other champions on our list. So if you like to play pick/ engage champions, Rell might be for you!

Rell stats for Patch 14.2:

  • Rell’s win rate is only 52.7%, but don’t let that fool you. Playing against her is hard.
  • On Patch 14.2, Rell’s play rate was 2.99%.
  • Like I just said, Rell is my go-to ban, but many don’t agree: she is sitting at an overall 1.37% ban-rate in LoL.


Rakan base Splash

The third champion on our list is Rakan. Like Blitzcrank and Rell, Rakan has excellent pick potential with his W and Ultimate. Using these tools on targets that are over-extended or mispositioned will almost always result in a kill. Like those previous champions, he can also play aggressive at levels 1, 2 and 3.

In team fights, Rakan can get in and out and survive. He can pick off an enemy, lock them down with CC and then escape by pressing E on an ally. All-in-all, he has a lot of play-making potential which is good for anyone trying to climb this season! As you don’t have to rely on your team mates as much, playing a champion that can carry.

Rakan stats for Patch 14.2:

  • Unsuprisingly, Rakan’s win rate this patch was 52.61%.
  • With a good win rate, he also had an 6.58% play rate.
  • He was banned a total of 2.14% of games in the previous patch.


Cafe Cuties Soraka Splash

Soraka is the first champion so far who is purely a utility champion. She doesn’t have any form of engage, which means she cannot exactly make plays or start fights like those champions. But what those champions lack is where Soraka shines!

She has a lot of sustain, which she can use to heal and protect her allies. The sustain is unmatched, allowing her to replenish the health of her ADC after every trade. In the mid and late game, she can keep her whole team alive and topped up on health with her W and Ultimate.

Soraka stats for Patch 14.2:

  • Her win rate on Patch 14.2 was 51.14%.
  • On Patch 14.2, Soraka also had a 3.4% pick rate.
  • While Soraka can be annoying to deal with, she only had a 1.17% ban rate on this patch.


DJ Sona Splash

While Sona is another utility champion: focusing on healing and protecting her allies, her Ultimate offers her and her team a lot of play-making potential. Her Ultimate is a fantastic tool throughout all stages of the game, and can even be used to set up your Jungler. To climb with Sona, you need to find a happy medium between playing aggressive, and not getting killed because you’re so squishy.

Sona’s kit is amazing as it has many tools to help keep her allies alive. A good Sona who has mastered her Passive and her empowered autos is extremely potent. She can abuse her Passive in fights to catch out enemies, reduce Assassin damage output and also to make plays.

Sona stats for Patch 14.2:

  • Sona is sitting at a 53.13% win rate on Patch 14.2.
  • Personally, I am surprised that Sona only had a 2.54% play rate.
  • No one bans this champion. She was only banned 0.13% over the course of this patch.


Cystral Rose Zyra Splash

Zyra has shown to be one of the best champions in the current Support meta. She has benefited from the map and item changes, which allows her to snowball heavier than before. Unlike some of the other champions on our list, Zyra can deal a ton of damage which will allow her to get kills and win the lane.

Throughout all stages of the game, Zyra can make plays and get picks. She can play aggressively by poking the enemy at levels 1 and 2, and then she might even get a kill at level 3. From level 6 onwards, she can use her Ultimate to blow up targets and get kills. In the mid and late game, she can hide in a bush (while placing Seeds in the bush) and wait for an enemy to walk past her before using her combo and her Ultimate to one-shot them.

Zyra stats for Patch 14.2:

  • On Patch 14.2, Zyra had a 55.32% win rate.
  • I am surprised on how low her play rate is. Zyra only had a 6.58% play rate.
  • Zyra doesn’t get banned as much as some of the other champions on our list. She is only banned 5.98% of games.


Senna Base Splash

The 7th best champion on today’s list is Senna. Senna has received quite a few changes in recent seasons. Thankfully, she has remained strong throughout these changes and is on our list of best Supports to play in Season 14! What makes Senna so strong is her versatility. She is a Poke Support, but she can also carry the game too.

With her seamlessly neverending scalability, the longer the game goes, the more damage she can deal with as she becomes more and more empowered. In the mid-game, she will have a lot of stacks on her Passive, which means she will find it easier to take down mispositioned enemies. If she lands her W on them, she can keep auto-attacking them and chase them down.

Senna stats for Patch 14.2:

  • Senna is one of the most popular Supports right now with an 53.93% pickrate.
  • On Patch 14.2, Senna had a 12.04% pick rate.
  • Senna is a pain to deal with, and that’s why so many people ban her. She was banned in 12.79% of games.


Championship Thresh Splash Crop

There is no way that Thresh will not help you achieve your goals in Season 14 if you put practice into learning him. Thresh has been consistently one of the best Supports to climb with for many Seasons now due to his pick potential and his ability to impact the game. Like some of the other champions on our list, Thresh can make plays from the get-go and can be aggressive whenever his Q is up!

A good Thresh can be horrible and hard to play against as he can impact multiple lanes at once. He is an amazing roaming champion, so if you’re good at roaming and understand roaming routes and the concept of roaming, you will see yourself making plays all over the map.

Thresh stats for Patch 14.2:

  • Thresh’s win rate was 50.41%.
  • On Patch 14.2, Thresh had a 8.86% pick rate.
  • Even though he is a great Support, he doesn’t get banned a lot. He is sitting at a 2.85% ban rate.


xerath splash

The next AP champion on our list is Xerath. Xerath is a damage dealer and if you are a Mid Lane main who wants to swap to this role, why not give Xerath a try? His play style in the Support role is extremely similar to many Mid Lane champions in LoL, except that you do not need to last hit minions. Xerath is also a mage champion, so if your teammates pick full AD, you can just carry and deal with the AP damage!

Xerath is one of the most frustrating Supports to play against due to his long-range and poke from his Q and W. When playing against Xerath, you force the enemy to either adapt their build path, or invest in a lot of health potions to help them survive the lane. After he’s put a few points in his Q, his damage output can be quite high, which makes laning versus him a struggle. I would only recommend him if you’re in a good matchup, and your team isn’t already stacked in AP, and if you can land skill shots.

Xerath stats for Patch 14.2:

  • While Xerath is super annoying to play against and has a strong laning phase, he only had a 52.15% win rate.
  • Xerath’s play rate was 4.47%.
  • Even though he is annoying, he only got banned in 7.93% of games last patch.


Leona DWG Splash

The final champion, who is far from the worst is Leona. Leona is a fantastic engage champion in League of Legends. She can play aggressive from level 1 and is really strong whenever the enemy miss positioned. She has a few CC tools in her kit, which makes it hard for people to escape her.

Like Thresh and other tank or champions with CC, Leona is a fantastic roamer in League. She can impact multiple lanes while her ADC plays safe in the bottom lane. If you learn how to roam, you can master her easily! During the mid-game, she can get picks with her Ultimate. She can just throw it out whenever she wants, due to its lowish-cooldown which can help her team get picks and kills then take objectives afterwards.

Leona stats for Patch 14.2:

  • With a super strong kit, Leona’s win rate was 54.14%.
  • On Patch 14.2, Leona had a 5.01% pick rate.
  • Finally, Leona’s ban rate was 3%.

To Conclude

The Support changes for Season 14 are very impactful, so you’ll have to adapt your playstyle quickly in Season 14! We hope this article will give you an idea of who is strong and who we recommend you play. Don’t agree with our list? No worries! We recommend you play someone you enjoy and are good at instead.

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