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New LoL Champion: Nilah Abilities

All Of New LoL Champion Nilah’s Abilities

Nilah, The Joy Unbound is the fourth champion to hit Summoners Rift in Season 12.

She will be making her debut during Patch 12.13.

Her intended role is the ADC role, we expect her to see more play in this role than any other.

Strick around and learn about Nilah’s Passive, Q, W, E and her Ultimate. When her champion page is up, we will link the latest and greatest build(s) for her too.

Nilah’s Ability Names:

  • Passive: Joy Unending
  • Q: Formless Blade
  • W: Jubilant Veil
  • E: Slipstream
  • R: Apotheosis

Nilah’s Reveal Video

Skin Spotlight’s Nila Ability Reveal

Passive – Joy Unending

When she kills a minion, her and the nearest ally gain XP that would’ve been lost to sharing.

She receives 10% increased healing and 20% bonus shielding. The effectiveness works on allies who heal or shield her too. If the allied heals or shields themselves, she gains the same amount too.

Q – Formless Blade

Passive Nilah gains armor pen, her basic attacks and her Q heal her for the damage she deals. Excess healing becomes a shield.

Active Deals damage to all enemies she struck with her whip.

Casting her Q while in her E causes a wave to be sent to the end location.

If she hits a target, her Q becomes empowered, granting extra attack speed and additional range.

W – Jubilant Veil

Active Nilah becomes ghosted while dodging basic attacks and reducing incoming magic damage taken.

While active, touching allies envelop them into the mist while gaining the same effects.

E – Slipstream

Passive Nilah stocks a charge, up to a maximum of 2.

Active She dashes a fixed distance through a unit dealing damage to them.

This ability is an auto-attack reset. She can cast her Q and R while using this ability.

R – Apotheosis

Active Whirls her whip dealing damage to all nearby enemies. She pulls them towards her and slows them.

Nilah heals herself and her nearby allies. Excess healing is converted into a shield.

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