Upcoming New LoL Champion Tracker (Nilah)

Upcoming New LoL Champion Tracker (Nilah)

New LoL Champion Preview (Confirmations, Leaks, and Rumors)

Looking for the latest news in relation to upcoming new Lol champions?

We’ve got you covered with confirmations, leaks, and rumors for the next League of Legends champs to come to the Rift.

This article will be updated continuously over time so be sure to check back often!

Who is the next LoL champion?

The next LoL champion is Nilah, The Joy Unbound.

She’ll be the fourth new League champion of Season 12 and will make her PBE debut during Patch 12.12, which is projected to launch June 23, 2022.

Based on her unique kit, she’ll be an AD Carry in most cases.

When will the next LoL champion release?

Nilah could be released during Patch 12.13, which would mean July 12, 2022.

Who were the most recent LoL champion releases?

Here are the champions that were released before Nilah:


Bel’Veth, The Empress of the Void, was released June 9, 2022. She is only played as a Jungler.

Renata Glasc

Renata Glasc, The Baronness of Chemistry, was released February 17, 2022. She is only played as a Support.


Zeri, the Spark of Zaun, was released January 20th, 2022. She is only played as an ADC.


Vex, The Gloomist, was released September 23rd, 2021. She is primarily a mid lane but sees some play as a Support.

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