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The Beginner’s Guide to Nexus Blitz

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Everything You Need to Know About Nexus Blitz

Nexus Blitz is a temporary for fun game mode that occasionally gets released for players around big events and launches. Right now, Nexus Blitz is on the live servers and part of the PROJECT event.

Nexus Blitz is a short game mode that lasts no longer than 20 minutes. Generally, games last around 15 minutes, but the game goes into “Sudden Death” at 18 minutes, forcing the game to end shortly afterwards.

In this Mobalytics article, we will break down everything there is to know about Nexus Blitz!

What is Nexus Blitz?

Nexus Blitz is a 5v5 game mode that consists of 2 Junglers and 3 laners. Generally speaking, the two Junglers will play together, and there will be 2 players in the bottom lane and one player in the mid lane.

In Nexus Blitz, players get empowerments such as Summoner Spell haste, additional mana regeneration, bonus magic damage, reduced recall timers, empowered recalls, home guards and more XP!

Nexus Blitz is intended to be a fun game mode where players have fun. However, some players take the game far too seriously! Have fun while it’s out, but don’t get burned out grinding games on it.

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Nexus Blitz Game Modes

Random Blitz events happen every 3-3:30 minutes, and on average, you’ll see 2 to 3 games. The first event is announced in the bottom left of the champion select- try and pick a champion that’s good in that game mode if possible.

Without further ado, let’s break down each game mode, starting with the final game mode!

Sudden Death

  • This game mode starts at 18 minutes. The Nexus moves towards the middle of the map and fights the enemy Nexus. Both team’s Nexus has empowered stats and deals damage. The team that kills the Nexus wins the game!


Tips: Don’t just focus on the Nexus. You may need to kill the enemy team first to get damage down on the objective. Avoid dying if possible, as you lose precious time which they could use to kill the objective.

Protect the Soraka

  • Two Soraka bots spawn. You have to kill the enemy Soraka to become victorious. The Soraka has tons of items and stats. She can heal herself and her team and use her E on enemy champions.


Tips: You need to group and take this objective. If you don’t, the enemy will easily be able to secure it.

Scuttle Racing

  • Two Scuttle Crabs spawn, and they race each other. The one that reaches the line first wins. You can briefly “kill” the Scuttle Crab to keep it from moving briefly. If you CC the Scuttle Crab, you will also stop them from moving.


Tips: Layer your CC to keep the Scuttle Crab locked in position for longer.

King of the Hill

  • A point appears on the map. Standing inside the area uncontested will grant capture progress. The team that fully captures the objective wins.


Tips: Kill the enemy, or be in the zone simultaneously as the enemy to prevent them from getting any points.

Prize Fight

  • Prize Fight is a 2v2, 2v2 and 1v1 game mode. To win this game mode, you must kill the enemy before they kill you!


Tips: In 2v2 matchups, make sure you focus on the same enemy champion. It will make this game mode a lot easier.

Push the cart

  • Push the cart into the nearest enemy structure. You will need to stand inside the zone to push the cart. For Push the Cart (Attack and Defend), 2 carts will push, stand inside your teams to prevent the enemy from pushing it!


Tips: Kill the enemy to prevent them from pushing the objective into your tower.

Loot the Teemo / Viegar

  • Simple game mode. All you need to do is kill the objective for the bonus! Both champions have additional stats and take a long time to kill. They are fast! So make sure you move around the map with them.


Tips: When trying to obtain the event’s gold, kill the enemy when trying to contest the objective.

URF Deathmatch

  • Everyone fights inside a circle. Everyone gets reduced cooldowns (just like standard URF). There is a best of 3, and the team with the most victories wins! To stop the game mode from lasting forever, champions who are out-of-combat start to lose their HP.


Tips: You can buy items in between each round. Upgrade your items to get more damage!

Bardle Royale

  • There are 3 versions of this game mode. Each game mode has a circle that becomes smaller and smaller. If you walk out of the zone, you start taking damage. If you die, you wait out the event until either team wins.
  • For the Juggernaut game mode, one person on your team is on fire and gains many stats.
  • For the Paranoia game mode, it’s pitch black, and you can’t see everyone. Stick with your team so you can see better!


Tips: Recall before this game mode starts so you can get additional items or stats to help you kill the enemy. You will also regenerate your health back, which helps to survive this game mode.

DPS Check

  • Randomly, a Practice Dummy spawns on the map. You have 75 seconds to deal more damage to the Dummy than the enemy team. The team that deals the most damage gets a bonus.

Tips: If you have AOE abilities, try to aim them to hit the Practice Dummy and an enemy champion at the same time!

Rewards and Buffs

When someone wins an event, they get a reward. Here is a breakdown of all the rewards up for grabs!



  • Click on the catapult, and you’ll jump inside. You can then launch yourself somewhere on the map. If you land on a champion, you knock them up and deal damage to them too.

Bless of Blitzcrank


  • Your allied cannon minions, super minions and turrets can pull nearby enemies towards them.

Poro King


  • Poro King pushes through the mid lane and helps you secure objectives.

Battle Sled


  • Arguably the funniest reward of them all, you can get on a sled and go across the map. Your whole team can get on the sled and ride with you. If you hit something like a champion, you will knock them back. If the sled hits a wall, you jump off the Sled.

Guardian Angels


  • Everyone on your team gets a GA for 90 seconds.

Statikk Shock


  • Your teams auto attacks become empowered and can zap nearby enemies.

BF Shields


  • Champions gain a huge shield that protects them from incoming damage.

Mega Cloud Drake


  • The winning team gets out of combat movement speed.

Mega Ocean Drake


  • For 3 minutes, you will restore health and mana rapidly when out of combat.

Aspect of the Dragon


  • Execute enemies that are below 20% health. It’s similar to an Elder Dragon buff.

Champion Buffs and Nerfs

There are a lot of individual champion buffs and nerfs on Nexus Blitz. For instance, did you know Ivern and “Daisy!” are disabled on Nexus Blitz? If you want to find every champion change on Nexus Blitz, including who is buffed and nerfed, then I would highly suggest you check out this LOL WIKI article.

Furthermore, Runes and items also have some changes on Nexus Blitz. You can find them in the above article too.

Jungle Camps

There are 2 Junglers in Nexus Blitz. They usually jungle together, and each takes it in turns to destroy the big monsters. Someone will Smite the first camp, and the other will Smite the second camp.


Usually, players will start on the top side of the map: starting the gromp and then taking the gromp and the wolves simultaneously. Afterwards, they will rotate to the golems, witches and then move elsewhere on the map.


Important things to note when playing the jungle role. When given the jungle role, you cannot swap with anyone on your team. Once you’re jungle- you’re jungle. Another important thing is that you need to farm the jungle together. For the most part, stick with one another and rotate around the map together: there is safety in numbers, after all. Do not just farm the jungle, and limit farming the jungle without your ally.

The enemy Junglers will be farming, ganking and skirmishing heavily with the enemy. Make sure you do the same to increase your chances of winning.

What champions are good in Nexus Blitz?

There are so many fun champions to play on Nexus Blitz. I would recommend trying a lot of different champions and see who you enjoy. Personally, I like Senna, Zyra, Morgana and Jinx on Nexus Blitz.

If you want to, look at the first game mode on the bottom right-hand side of the client and see what the mode is. Try to pick a champion that will do well in the first game mode to increase your chances of winning!

Honestly, play what you enjoy. There are definitely meta picks, but my advice is to pick who you want as you’re supposed to have fun after all.

My Opinion on Nexus Blitz

Nexus Blitz is a fun game mode, but it gets very repetitive quickly. It can also get very boring if you see the same champions over and over again. However, it is a fun game mode with friends. The good thing about this mode is that the games don’t usually last too long, so that you can play quite a few in the space of an hour.

Nexus Blitz is also a good game mode for learning new champions, new combos, and much more. For example, we posted a guide earlier in the month on learning how to play unlocked cam. Playing Nexus Blitz will help you master it!

For more cool guides like this, check out Mobalytics!