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Milio Ability Reveal

Milio Ability Reveal

Milio is the 1st champion to hit Summoners Rift in Season 13 of League of Legends. He will be the first of many champions introudcued to League of Legends this year.

He should be making his debut during Patch 13.6!

His intended role is the Support role as he has a lot of utility abilities.

Stick around and learn about Milio’s Passive, Q, W, E and his Ultimate. When the champion page is up for him, we will link the latest and greatest build(s) for him as well!

Milio’s Ability Names:

  • Passive: Fired Up!
  • Q: Ultra Mega Fire Kick
  • W: Cozy Campfire
  • E: Warm Hugs
  • Ultimate: Breath of Life

Skin Spotlights Milio Ability Reveal

Milio’s Passive is Fired Up!

He empowers his allies making their next damaging source empowered to deal extra damage and burn the enemy.

What we think
His Passive is pretty cool because it can empower his poke, which I like. It’s similar to a Bard empowered auto-attack.

Milio’s Q is Ultra Mega Fire Kick

He kicks a ball that knocks back the enemy it hits. The ball hits and then falls towards the enemy: dealing damage and slowing them.

What we think
His Q is also cool because it is a CC and poke tool. I guess you’d focus on poking with autos rather than your Q, though, as it’s your only real CC tool to help you fight, and if you waste it the enemy could all-in you.

Milio’s W is Cozy Campfire

He empowers a zone that heals allies and increases their attack range. It also follows allys closest to its cast point.

What we think
Milio’s W is unique and cool. I like that it heals his allies and that it moves around the map and follows the nearest champion. I think this is a unique ability.

Milio’s E is Warm Hugs

He gives an ally a shield, which increases their movement speed and offers them some protection.

What we think
His E is a standard ability, nothing special in League.

Milio’s Ultimate is Breath of Life

He heals all nearby champions and removes crowd control effects.

What we think
The final ability is the best thing about his kit. This ability is a counter-engage tool that protects his allies from CC. I imagine it can be quite strong and also a hard counter to certain champions. Overall, his Ultimate is really cool.

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