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New LoL Champion: K’Sante Abilities

All of the New LoL Champion K’Sante’s Abilities

K’Sante: The Pride of Nazumah is the fifth champion to hit Summoners Rift in the 12th Season of League of Legends. He should be the last champion to be released this year, but Riot does have some other champions in the works to be released soon™.

He will be making his debut during Patch 12.22.

His intended role is to be played in the Top lane. However, expect some players to play him in the Jungle role too.

Stick around and learn about K’Sante’s Passive, Q, W, E and his Ultimate. When the champion page is up for him, we will link the latest and greatest build(s) for him as well!

K’Sante’s Ability Names:

  • Passive: Dauntless Instinct
  • Q: Ntofo Strikes
  • W: Path Maker
  • E: Footwork
  • Ultimate: All Out

K’Sante Reveal Video

Skin Spotlights K’Sante Ability Reveal

K’Sante’s Passive is Dauntless Instinct

His damaging abilities mark enemies. His basic attacks against marked enemies consume the mark and deal additional damage.

All out bonus: Consuming a mark deals additional damage.

K’Sante’s Q is Ntofo Strikes

K’Sante slams his weapon, dealing damaging and slowing enemies. If he hits an enemy champion, he gains a stack, which can stack up to twice. At max stacks, his next cast is empowered that pulls enemies towards him.

All out bonus: The cooldown is reduced and it no longer applies a slow.

K’Sante’s W is Path Maker

Active: He charges, entering a defensive stance that grants him damage reduction and immunity. He can recast this ability:

Recast: he dashes in the target direction, dealing damage and knocking back and then stunning enemies.

All out bonus: The cooldown is refreshed, the damage reduction is increased and it deals more damage. The speed is also doubled.

K’Sante’s E is Footwork

He dashes, but not through terrain or walls. He gains a shield while dashing. He can cast this ability on allies to increase the range and also give them a shield.

All out bonus: Footworks dash speed and range is increased, and he can also dash through terrain.

K’Sante’s Ultimate is All Out

He roots and knocks back a target a fair way. He then blinks behind them. If the target hits a wall, they go further and over the wall. At the end, he deals damage and they will be stunned if they hit a wall. After that, he goes “All Out”, and the ability can be recast within the duration.

All out bonus: He loses a percentage of his health, armor and magic resistance, but he gets additional damage and omnivamp while empowering his abilities.

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