Season 11 Sona Rework (Old Vs New Ability Comparisons)

Season 11 Sona Rework (Old Vs New Ability Comparisons)

Sona S11 Rework Infographic

Season 11: Sona Rework Guide (Old Vs New Ability Comparisons)

Sona has finally received the rework that Riot had promised for what seems like an internity. The new Sona is very similar to the old Sona: only her Passive, Q and W have received some form of major changes.

This rework is more of a mini-rework rather than a full-blown rework like Dr Mundo’s, Graves or Fiddlesticks. Nonetheless, the new Sona is a welcomed sight among Supports, but maybe not for Sona one tricks.

In this guide, we will go over the basics of the “new” Sona, including Sona’s Runes, Sona’s build, general tips and tricks and much more. Find more information about Sona on Sona’s champion page. If you’re interested in learning how to counter Sona, check out our how to counter Sona guide, which outlines 5 champions that counter Sona.

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Here are the things we will be covering in this guide:

Sona’s Reworked Abilities

Sona’s major changes come to her Passive, Q, and W. Here is the breakdown of each of Sona’s new abilities.

Sona’s Passive is Power Chord

Sona New Passive

Accelerando: Sona generates stacks for using her basic abilities. Every stack generates 0.5 ability haste, which stacks up to 60 ability haste. When she reaches 60 ability haste, she will reduce her Ultimate’s cooldown.

Powerchord: After using 3 abilities, her next attack deals additional damage and has additional effects.

  • Q: Extra damage
  • W: Target deals less damage
  • E: Target is slowed.

The main difference to her Passive is the introduction of Accelerando. Other than that, it’s basically the same.

Sona’s Q is Hymn of Valor

Sona New Q

Sona sends out 2 bolts that deal damage to targets. She gains a stack for each enemy champion she damages.

Aura: Sona and tagged allies deal bonus damage on their next auto-attack.

Powercord: Sona’s auto attack deals additional damage to the target.

I like this change. If you’re aggressive on Sona, then it shouldn’t be a big change, but if you’re playing very passive, then I think you’ll miss out on a lot of free stacks during the early game.

Sona’s W is Aria of Perseverance

Sona New W

Heals herself and the most wounded nearby ally. She gains a stack when she heals an ally and more stacks if the shielded ally takes a lot of damage.

Aura: Sona and her allies gain a shield.

Powercord: Reduces the targets damage output briefly

This is a pretty good change to be honest. She can get tons of stacks during skirmishes in the mid and late game. This will reduce her cooldowns by a ton.

Sona’s E is Song of Celerity

Sona New E

Sona gains bonus movement speed briefly.

Aura: Tagged allies also gain bonus movement speed.

Powercord: Sona slows the target.

There are no major changes to this ability.

Sona’s Ultimate is Crescendo

Sona New R

Sona damages and stuns targets in a lane, forcing them to dance briefly.

There are no major changes to this ability.

Sona Rework Build (Runes and Items)

The new build for Sona is the same as the old Sona. She will take the same Runes and build the same items as before.

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Sona Tips and Tricks

Sona hasn’t changed much, so she still can do many of the old things that she could do! Here are 5 tips to help you play as Sona.

  1. Be proactive as you can in the lane. The earlier you get the stacks, and the more you get, the stronger you will be in the later parts of the game.
  2. Try your hardest to harass the enemies with your Q, and use your empowered Q on the enemy for extra damage. It will help you win the game.
  3. Post 6, play around your Ultimate. You have great gank setup and kill pressure whenever it’s available to you. Request Jungler assistance if you can’t 2v2 in the lane.
  4. Use your empowered W on assassins like Katarina or Talon to prevent them from dishing out tons of damage in team fights.
  5. During the mid-game, make sure you’re staying with your team and not getting picked off by enemies moving around the map. You’re an easy target as Sona is very squishy.

Final Thoughts on the Rework

I think the new Sona is okay. I think it’s very easy to compare Sona to Seraphine because their kits are quite similar. While the new Sona’s quite interesting, she does require more productivity by the player playing her.

The old Sona allowed (to some extent) the player to be “AFK” in the lane and just play safe, while the new Sona actively rewards players who are playing aggressively in the lane.

Personally, I like the new rework. The Q and W interaction seems pretty interesting.


Sona’s rework hits the live servers on patch 11.16. What do you think of the new Sona? Is she any better than old Sona? Let us know what you think!

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