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How to Play Ahri in Season 14

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How to Play Ahri in Season 14

Ahri is one of the most popular champions in League of Legends. She is a fan-favorite champion and one of the few poster children of the game. She is very popular in the Mid-lane, and can be played in the Support role as well.

Very soon, Ahri will be receiving a brand-new skins. This skin honors Faker and his legacy, with him moving into the Hall of Fame for Esports. It is to honor him and the work he has put into LoL and the entire Esports scene. The new Ahri skin comes in 3 styles: Risen Legend Ahri, Immortalized Legend Ahri, and Signature Ahri skin, with the latter costing nearly 60,000RP (which is around $500, depending on location and currency).

While I’m not condoning anyone spending this money to buy this Ahri skin, I do feel like it is a bit of a waste of money, but with that said, the LoL Whales will be buying it fast! With this new skin, we expect to see a new range of people playing her, so if you’re interested in buying this skin, or playing Ahri, or learning any other champion in LoL, make sure you sign up for a free Mobalytics account to help you climb!

Immortalized Legend Ahri Skin Splash

Ahri Ability Breakdown

Here is a breakdown of Ahri’s abilities in League of Legends. As you can see, her abilities make her a mage, and she also has a lot of burst potential too. This means you can assassinate targets who are caught out of position too.

Ahri’s Passive is Essence Theft

Occasionally, Ahri gains a heal and deals additional damage. She can obtain this by killing minions or enemy champions. You will naturally gain additional healing throughout all stages of the game.

Ahri Passive

Ahri’s Q is Orb of Deception

Ahri throws an orb forward that deals damage to anyone it hits. On its return, it deals true damage. You will use this ability to poke and clear waves. Generally speaking, after you have got some levels, or maxed this ability out, and combined with your first item, you’ll have quite a bit of poke and wave clear as this abilities damage output can be quite high.

Ahri Q

Ahri’s W is Fox-Fire

She gains movement speed and deals damage to some nearby enemies. If she hits the enemy with her E, the flames will prioritize that enemy.

Ahri W

Ahri’s E is Charm

She blows a kiss in a direction that charms the enemy, bringing them towards her. When you want to commit to all-ins, it is important that you land this ability first. If you land this ability, you can easily follow up with your W and Q damage. If you miss, then you’re going to be an easy target for the enemy.

So it is important that you only throw it out if you feel like you’re 100% going to land it, as a good enemy, like Zed or Kata, will just all-in you while it’s on cooldown.

Ahri E

Ahri’s Ultimate is Spirit Rush

Spirit Rush allows Ahri to dash 3 times. She can gain additional recasts with Essence Theft. You can obtain this by getting kills on targets, which offers her a reset. You can use her Ultimate to close the gap between her and the enemy, used to get over walls, or escape dangerous situations.

If you want to use this ability aggressively, then I would check the mini-map before going in. Otherwise, you might get collapsed on by the enemy.

Ahri Ultimate

Ahri’s Best Season 14 Build

This is the best build for Ahri in Season 14. With the Mobalytics App, you can import it directly into the client!

Ahri Tips and Tricks

Here are some basic tips and tricks to play Ahri in the mid lane. If you’re already an expert on Ahri or played her a lot before her slight update, then you are good to go and you can skip this section! Here’s 5 tips to play the Ahri in Season 14.

  • To get the most out of your Passive, use your Q as you can get multiple heals from it rather than just one, which you might get from your W or E.
  • Look for flanks in team fights with your Ultimate as you can get in and get out again after getting a kill as you can have multiple stacks on your Ultimate.
  • If you can’t get a kill in the mid lane, look to roam around the map and help your allies. You have good pushing power with your Q and can easily push the wave and roam to get kills.
  • When using your Ultimate, try not to get super close to the enemy as it makes it easier for them to turn the exchange around. Keeping a safe distance while being close is key.
  • If you’re uncertain you are going to kill the enemy with your Ultimate, save at least 1 cast so you can back out after going in. It is not only good at shortening distance but gaining distance too.

ahri Splash 3

Ahri Champion Synergy (Best Champion Combos for Ahri)

As a Mid-Laner, Ahri has a lot of carry potential, and she can carry even more when she gets some early assistance from her allies. Pairing Ahri with any champion on our list will make her easily able to follow up with their ganks, and the two of them combined have great kill pressure and can snowball from there.


Malphite is the first champion we recommend pairing with Ahri. Malphite’s most popular role is Top, but he can also be played in the Jungle. Anyway, Malphite is often picked as a full tank and played into tank matchups.

It can be hard for him to use his Ultimate effectively in some matchups, so he could rotate to the mid lane and use it on her Mid laner instead. Ahri can also roam top, and her good roaming potential will help him in his lane, too.

Malphite Splash 2


Nocturne is a skirmish-heavy Jungler. He will want to invade and fight the enemy Jungler as often as possible. A good thing about Ahri is that she can match his early pressure by pushing the wave in, and then following him into their Jungle.

Another benefit to Nocturne is that post 6, he can use his Ultimate to gank and help her. The two of them have a lot of kill pressure, and as long as she can bully the enemy down first, they can get a kill again and again.

Haunting Nocturne Skin 2

Jarvan IV

An early advantage could be really beneficial for Ahri, which is why picking a champion who can gank often early could be helpful. Ahri and Jarvan work quite well together as he can repeatedly gank her over and over again.

As Ahri has good follow-up and good follow-up damage as well, Jarvan can go in with either his E>Q combo, or his Ultimate, and she can all-in them too. Once the enemy is locked down, she can use her E to continue the CC and quickly take them down.

Victorious Jarvan IV Splash

In Conclusion

Ahri’s new skin hits the live servers on patch 14.12 so be on the lookout for the new 9tails skin hitting summoners rift soon! If you have any other tips to play her, or want to ask us any questions, leave a comment and let us know!

As always, you can find more information to play Ahri or any other champion in League of Legends with the Mobalytics App.